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Chapter 169

“Fortuneteller Baba, what are you doing here?”

Muyang was stunned. He actually saw Fortuneteller Baba in the Other-World. As he took another look at the soul body wearing a hat beside Fortuneteller Baba, it was her palace employee.

“The Earth is too unsettled, so I hide in the Other-World to be safe.”

Fortuneteller Baba floated over to Muyang’s side. She seemed to be even more surprised than Muyang, “Muyang, you are… not dead. Why did you come to the Other-World? Oh, it’s Annin; how are you!”

Fortuneteller Baba looks like she was familiar with Annin. It was nothing new, as Annin was the G.o.d guarding the Earth’s Other-World pa.s.sages, and Fortuneteller Baba was in and out of the Other-World for years.

It was just that Fortuneteller Baba, who had been fighting for the good of the Earth, actually hid in the Other-World immediately after she saw that the Earth was in danger.

It was too enviable… too shameless.

 Perhaps she was the only one on Earth whose ability was useful. 

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Fortuneteller Baba. Let’s stop chatting for now. I’m taking Muyang to meet King Yemma.” Annin greeted Fortuneteller Baba and then took Muyang towards King Yemma’s palace.

Fortuneteller Baba knowingly made her way out of the road. She didn’t bother to follow and looked at Muyang’s back thoughtfully.

Soon, Muyang and Annin arrived in front of a towering palace. Not far from where there were countless ghosts maintaining order, allowing rows of suspended souls to enter King Yemma’s palace in an orderly fas.h.i.+on.

“Ah, Annin, what are you doing here?”

One of the ghosts that looked like the group leader straightened up in a very respectful manner when he saw Annin.

Annin was a third-level dimensional G.o.d, whose status was only below King Yemma, but much more n.o.ble than them.

As for the human beside her, although he didn’t know what his status was, the subtle dimensional pressure that emanated from him was real.

“I’m bringing a person to meet King Yemma.”

“King Yemma is inside the palace; both of you, please enter.”

“Let’s go. If you enter the front door of the palace, you will be able to see King Yemma!” Annin waved her hand and dismissed those ghosts. She then walked into the palace with Muyang.

As soon as they entered King Yemma’s palace, they saw King Yemma sitting at a huge desk with his chin in his hand.

He was holding a book in his hand to pa.s.s sentence on the souls. Next to him, several staff members were busy sorting through the doc.u.ments with their hands and feet.

Upon seeing Muyang and Annin walked into the palace, King Yemma put down the book in his hand and asked in surprise, “Why is Annin here? I’ll talk to you after I’ve dealt with these souls!”

Annin was instantly a lot more restrained, standing quietly with Muyang and waiting.

Soon, King Yemma’s work was taken care of, and only then did he hold his head high and smile, “Do you have free time? Why do you come over today? I haven’t seen you make a few trips in the previous few hundred years.” At this time, he noticed Muyang next to her. He then said in amazement, “Hey, who is this human next to you? He’s strange. He’s not like a human at all. He actually has dimensional pressure and great merit…”

“King Yemma, his name is Muyang. He is the savior of the Earth.” Annin briefly introduced.

“Muyang? This name is somewhat familiar… He’s the earthling who applied for training on Kai’s Planet some time ago… It’s completely different from the information you reported!” King Yemma flipped through the books in his hands strangely, but he couldn’t find Muyang’s name, “Oh my, what happened to earth that 90% of its life died?”

“Earth has been invaded by the demons. That’s why we would like to ask King Yemma for the coordinates of the Planet Namek.” Muyang walked up to King Yemma.

“So it’s the demons. No wonder I don’t have any souls to report here. The souls of all those killed by the demons will float directly over h.e.l.l and will never be able to rest in peace.” King Yemma came to a sudden realization.

All those who were killed by the demons would automatically be covered in the demon’s ki, so they wouldn’t enter the Other-World and go straight to h.e.l.l.

However, because they weren’t sinful souls themselves, they would only be able to float in the borders above h.e.l.l until their consciousness was annihilated, which could be said never to transcend.

“You’re looking for Planet Namek for the Dragon b.a.l.l.s there. I’ll tell you that for the sake of saving the planet.”

King Yemma always gave preferential treatment to people with great merit.

He then looked through the information and told the coordinates of Planet Namek, which Muyang carefully remembered.

After everything was done, Muyang and Annin walked out of King Yemma’s palace.

Overall, Muyang felt that King Yemma was still easy to talk to, and he didn’t know why Old Kami was so afraid of King Yemma. Even the grinning Annin had become restrained in front of him.

On the way back, Muyang ran into the Fortuneteller Baba again. When he remembered what King Yemma had said before, that the souls of all those killed by the demons would suffer torment in the skies above h.e.l.l.

Muyang thought of the strange appearance of Mexia before her death. Suddenly, he felt a little uneasy in his heart.

“Annin, can we go to h.e.l.l to see Mexia and the others?”

Annin was a bit concerned and said, “Muyang, h.e.l.l isn’t for everyone. It’s against the rules.”

Muyang turned to Fortuneteller Baba. This old lady was so magical that she seemed to be able to get through the Other-World and Heaven, “Fortuneteller Baba, do you have a way to go to h.e.l.l?”

“Well, leave it to this old woman!” Muyang was surprised that Fortuneteller Baba actually agreed to it.

He then saw her riding a crystal ball and communicating with the ghosts next to her for a while and returned, “There is no more problem. They allow me to take you to h.e.l.l, but remember, you must not cause any trouble.”

It really worked. Fortuneteller Baba was mighty.

Muyang had once again learned Fortuneteller Baba’s power.

Next, led by the ghosts, Muyang and the others boarded an old car. They drove forward along the pa.s.sable road, gradually entering the barren region.

h.e.l.l was different from Heaven. Most of the area was filled with b.l.o.o.d.y pools of water and hot steam.

Only some of the villains targeted by King Yemma would create the most loathsome torment place according to their personalities. Such as Frieza in the original story, who entered a paradise-like world after death, where he sang a song every day and suffered miserable mental torture;

Another example was Dabura, who died outside the Demon Realm. Even his personality was distorted entirely, and his kindness was pushed!

Led by the ghosts, Muyang saw countless dead souls floating in the sky above h.e.l.l.

They were not guilty, but because they were tainted with the demonic ki, they were sent down to the Other-World to suffer and never find peace.

Suddenly, a turquoise and black and purple figure intertwined attracted Muyang’s attention.

It was Mexia’s soul!


There was strange, and low chirping sounded. At this time, Mexia’s soul was very helpless.

Her body curled, the green, black and purple light interlaced and entangled. A little bit into the depths of her soul… seemed to swallow her completely…

Muyang called out Mexia’s name, but she didn’t respond. She was still curled up and trembling uneasily.

“What’s going on?” Muyang’s face changed drastically.

Fortuneteller Baba even asked the ghost man beside her, and the ghost man said, “That person was wrapped with countless demonic ki before she died. The demonic ki has penetrated deep into her soul. Now the two are continuously devouring each other as if cursed; the demonic ki has fused with his soul.”

“So what should we do? Do you have a way to separate the magic?” Muyang’s eyes were red as he looked up at Mexia’s fragile soul. His whole heart was dripping blood.

The ghostly man said, “There is no way out. The soul is the highest level. Even King Yemma only has the authority to p.r.o.nounce the soul. Now we can only wait, there are two results: either the demonic qi completely engulfs that soul, and she becomes an unconscious evil demon, or that her soul can support on and devour the demonic qi ……”

“But even if you succeed in devouring that demonic ki, she will only turn into a demon in the future and then enter h.e.l.l to suffer!”

“d.a.m.n it! How did this happen!” Muyang clenched his fists hard. His fingers white and his nails deep into his skin.

“I didn’t protect her!” Upon seeing his wife suffer such tribulation, Muyang’s heart was like being cut with a knife, possessing a strong sense of guilt.

Annin was busy consoling, “Don’t worry, we have to believe in Mexia. She will definitely be able to defeat that demonic ki. As long as she can hold on, we can then reincarnate her. She will be able to cleanse herself of the demonic ki.”

“Is reincarnation… already the best conclusion?”

Muyang was a bit discouraged after hearing this while simultaneously unable to break out in a cold sweat.

Fortunately, he had a sudden desire to enter h.e.l.l to check on Mexia’s state; otherwise, he would have missed the chance to help Mexia, making her soul completely disappear or degenerate, which he would regret for the rest of his life.

“Right, there’s also the Dragon b.a.l.l.s. Planet Namek’s Dragon b.a.l.l.s are stronger than Earth’s Dragon b.a.l.l.s; they can help Mexia!”

Now he couldn’t wait to get to Planet Namek. He didn’t want to resurrect the earthlings but to have Planet Namek Shenron to help Mexia through this dark time.

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