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Chapter 1743: Don’t you think he’s very handsome?

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Sheng shuangxue glanced at Gu Yunhao. The word ” like ” made her blush inexplicably.


How could she be blus.h.i.+ng?

It was definitely too hot!

Yes, it was too hot. Although there was central air-conditioning here, it would still take a while for her to relieve the heat poison in her body. She almost had a heat stroke just now. Awoooo! So hungry! Why didn’t director yang ask if she had eaten? She was still hungry!

Gu Yunhao was really a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He didn’t even take her to dinner!

Old Yang told her some things and then pa.s.sed her to Gu Yunhao like a boss who did nothing. “If there’s anything you need, you can look for him directly!’

Sheng shuangxue glanced at Gu Yunhao and thought, ” Me? looking for him? Even in the middle of winter, he would get a heat stroke!

After leaving old Yangs office, Gu Yunhao took her to the archives room.

There was only one person in charge of the archive room, and she was a young girl.

Sheng shuangxue pondered. He should have a baby face. He couldn’t be younger than her. However, it wasn’t a good idea to ask about his youth.

Gu Yunhao introduced her. her name is Xiao Mianmian. In the future, if you have any past cases to investigate, you can look for her!

He then introduced Sheng shuangxue to Xiao Mianmian. Xiao Mianmian’s eyes widened, and there was a little anxiety in her eyes.

Sheng shuangxue had seen all kinds of women since she was a child. She could guess what was going on with her. In fact, along the way, he had already felt many such gazes.

It seemed that what Gu Yunhao said was true. There were many women who were blind and liked him!

Did Xiao Mianmian see her as a love rival? Did he think that she would have something going on with Gu Yunhao?

Tsk girl, you’re really blind. Gu Yunhao is a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Gu Yunhao glanced at his watch and said to Xiao Mianmian, ” I have something to do. Take shuangxue to go through the procedures and familiarize herself with the environment.

“Alright!” Xiao Mianmian straightened her back and nervously agreed.

Gu Yunhao left without looking back.

Xiao Mianmian looked at Sheng shuangxue, feeling a little shy and helpless.

Sheng shuangxue coughed and smiled at her.

“Then let’s go,” she said with a smile.

On the whole, Xiao Mianmian was a soft-hearted and kind girl, who was especially considerate to Sheng shuangxue.

Sheng shuangxue thought, such a good girl actually fell in love with Gu Yunhao. She must be confused!

After handling the procedures and returning to the criminal Police unit, Xiao Mianmian timidly asked, ” “Shuangxue, what do you think of Captain Gu(”

“Him?” Sheng shuangxue furrowed her brows. She looked down on Gu Yunhao.

However, since Xiao Mianmian liked it, wouldn’t it be bad to say bad things about someone else’s sweetheart to his face?

But if he complimented her, would Xiao Mianmian think that she liked Gu Yunhao?

Sheng shuangxue immediately realized that Xiao Mianmian was trying to test her!

“I think it’s quite annoying!” She immediately said.

“Don’t you think he’s very handsome?” Xiao Mianmian’s eyes widened. “Yingluo has a bad personality, so what’s the use of being handsome?”

Xiao Mianmian was deeply worried.

When she walked into the office of the criminal Police unit, a handsome young man vxith a particularly gentle and fair face ran over. Hi, Mianmian. Is this the new forensic doctor, Sheng shuangxue? ‘

Xiao Mianmian blushed and nodded, secretly observing Sheng shuangxue’s expression.

Sheng shuangxue saw a takeaway on the desk in front of her and swallowed her saliva with her eyes wide open. She didn’t see Xiao Mianmian’s reaction.

by the way, ” the little handsome boy quickly said, ” Captain Gu asked me to order this takeaway. He said that you haven’t eaten yet and told you to remember to eat!

“He ordered it?” Sheng shuangxue was stunned.

“Yes.” The man scratched his head. hurry up and eat. It’s already quite late..

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