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Chapter 1742: Captain Gu has a girlfriend?

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ah! Sheng shuangue screamed and kicked his car door. do you have any sympathy? ” I came all the way from the capital, took a plane, a taxi, and a car. There was no air conditioning in the car, so I was sweating all the time. The uncle next to me took off his shoes, and I was covered in smoke the whole way! Yet, here you are, making me climb such a long ladder. Forget it if you have no sympathy, you even laughed at me! I haven’t eaten yet! The sun is so bright, 1 feel like I’m going to get a heat stroke!”

Gu Yunhao felt that it was indeed tragic. If he wanted the cow to plow the land, he couldn’t tire it to death, right? If he showed her kindness appropriately, she would listen to him and work hard in the future! (Don’t think of getting any preferential treatment with your status!)

He pushed the door open and got out of the car. Sheng shuangxue was startled. She stepped back and looked at him warily.

However, her eyes were not as bright as before.

Gu Yunhao was shocked, did he really get a heat stroke?

“Get in the car first!” He said hurriedly. She went to get her suitcase.

“What are you doing?” Sheng shuangxue screamed. I’ll put it in the trunk for you, ” Gu Yunhao said helplessly.

“Yingluo, are you really a police officer?”

Gu Yunhao sighed, took out his phone, made a call, and handed it to her after the call connected.

She picked it up in confusion and heard old Yangs voice”Yunhao, have you picked up miss Sheng?” eh? ” Sheng shuangxue asked, embarra.s.sed. chief yang? ” Are you chief yang?”

“Eh? Shuangxue?” Old Yang heaved a sigh of relief. Yun Hao picked you up? That’s good, that’s good. The weather is hot, so you should rest well. Your dormitory has been arranged, and Yun Hao will take you there.”

“Alright, thank you, chief yang.”

Sheng shuangxue hung up the phone and returned it to Gu Yunhao.

Gu Yunhao had already put her luggage away and said, ” “Alright, get in the car and go eat first. What do you want to eat?”

Sheng shuangxue had no appet.i.te now. She said weakly, ” “l don’t want to eat anything, Yingluo.”

Gu Yunhao opened the car’s storage compartment and took out a bottle of cold water for her. “Drink some water first, you’ll want to eat later.”

Sheng shuangxue glanced at her. She was still upset about what had happened just now, so she turned her head away and ignored him.

Gu Yunhao gritted his teeth. He really wanted to turn off the air conditioner in the car!

He put down the water and started the car.

The county wasn’t big, so the car stopped outside the police station in less than ten minutes.

Sheng shuangxue’s body heat had not subsided yet. She stretched her head and took a look. “This is the place, Yingying” “Did you bring your id? Do you want to go through the formalities first?” “Sure!” Sheng shuangxue was stunned.

Her identification doc.u.ments were all in her bag, so she didn’t get out of the car with a suitcase.

Everyone in the police station had finished their lunch break and started working. When they saw Gu Yunhao-who usually had the worst temper-come in with a beautiful woman, they were all shocked-Oh my G.o.d! Captain Gu has a girlfriend?

How many men were indignant-how could a person like Captain Gu have a girlfriend? Wasn’t he just a little more handsome? Women were all superficial creatures!

Many women were heartbroken,”Captain Gu actually has a girlfriend, but I’m not the one who ran ran.’

Gu Yunhao brought Sheng shuangxue to old Yang first. Old Yang was overwhelmed by the favor.”Why are you here as soon as you got off the car? It won’t be too late to come back tomorrow!”

uh, if you have the time, then get it done first. Otherwise, we’ll be delayed for half a day tomorrow. Sheng shuangxue said. She really wanted to get back to work and didn’t want to delay it at all.

hahaha Yingluo! old Yang happily patted Gu Yunhao’s shoulder.. look, you’ll definitely like such a dedicated subordinate!

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