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Chapter 1744: He’s an old, dried-up piece of cured meat

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Sheng shuangxue didn’t want to accept Gu Yunhao’s good intentions, but there were so many people in the office. She didn’t want to be the subject of gossip.

She picked up the takeaway and said,”thank you!” Thank you, Captain Gu, and thank you all! By the way, my name is Sheng shuangxue. I don’t know what you guys are  doing.”

Everyone hurriedly introduced themselves. The handsome boy said, ‘ everyone calls me little white. You’re new here, and I’m your senior brother. You can’t call me that!

“Then why don’t we call him handsome!” Someone jeered.

“Yes, yes, yes, call him handsome!”

The little handsome boy scratched his head,”I’m white handsome Yingluo.” pfff … Sheng shuangxue laughed. is he really handsome?

Handsome White’s face turned red.

shuangxue, there aren’t many people at my place, ” Xiao Mianmian hurriedly said. why don’t you come to my place for dinner? ‘

“Alright.” Sheng shuangxue was famished, but she was too embarra.s.sed to eat in front of so many people, so she immediately followed her.

After entering the archive room, Xiao Mianmian cleared out a s.p.a.ce for her, and she laid on the table and started eating.

Xiao Mianmian sat next to him with a worried expression. “Yingluo, what do you think of the handsome white man? Is he handsome?”

“Handsome! He’s already called handsome!”

“Yingluo, how does she compare to Captain Gu?”

“He must be much more handsome! He’s a standard young fresh meat. Captain Gu, he’s a dried old cured meat, the kind that’s been roasted in the sun and is dripping with oil.”

Xiao Mianmian frowned and became even more worried.

At this moment, the door of the archive room was suddenly pushed open. Sheng shuangxue looked over and saw Gu Yunhao. She spat out the rice in her mouth.

Gu Yunhao said,’so it’s my fault that my body has turned bronze? Still dripping with oil?” cough-” he heard her.

Gu Yunhao’s face turned cold. come out if you’re done eating!

Sheng shuangxue looked up. He had already left.

Xiao Mianmian patted her back gently. She coughed and looked at the rice that had spurted out on the table, embarra.s.sed.”l’m sorry, Yingluo, for dirtying your place.”

She helped to clean up the table and went to look for Gu Yunhao.

Captain Gu is a good person, ” Xiao Mianmian said sympathetically. don’t be afraid.

“Yingluo, yes.” It’s fine if you don’t say it, but I’m starting to get scared.

When Sheng shuangue went out, Gu Yunhao was standing in the corridor on the phone.

He turned his head and glanced at her, as if to say “keep up.” Then he turned around and walked forward, saying, ” let me know if you have any news. I’m hanging up.

Sheng shuangxue followed him slowly. He said, ” your office is just next door to the criminal Police unit …

Sheng shuangxue’s eyes brightened, and she immediately rushed to his side. Her true love was the office!

She actually had her own office?

It must be a dissection room. Wouldn’t there be a lot of human specimens? There must be a lot of bones and eyeb.a.l.l.s.

Sheng shuangxue walked in with great expectation and found a man in a white coat and

The man’s hair was a little long, covering half of his eyes. There was a beard on his chin, and a crumpled t-s.h.i.+rt under his white coat. He looked dirty, a little like the perverted killer in horror movies, Chi Chi.

Sheng shuangxue hid behind Gu Yunhao.

Gu Yunhao said,”this is your colleague, Zhao Qianqian.” Zhao what?

The man pushed up his and smiled nervously. ‘Zhao Xiaobing, everyone calls me Zhao Siyan.”

Of course, Gu Yunhao knew that everyone called him Zhao Si Yan, but as the brigade leader, how could he randomly call someone by their nickname?

He coughed and asked,”how is it?” Will you be able to handle it?”

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