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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 21: I’m Your Fan

Yuan Jing placed their things beside Tan Ming and asked politely, “An’an, can I cook next to you?”

Tan Ming glanced at them and nodded with a smile. “This is a public place. Everyone can use it. It’s fine as long as you don’t find it too hot.”

Yuan Jing smiled warmly and started to fiddle with the furnace she brought as if she was very familiar with her. She said, “You’re so lucky! You can team up with Jiang Huai.”

Tan Ming touched her nose somewhat guiltily and smiled. “I was lucky that day.”

Jiang Huai came back with a bottle of 10L of water. An’an wanted to take it, but Jiang Huai quickly avoided her. “Don’t do it. I’ll do the heavy work, in case you accidentally pull a muscle.”

Tan Ming smiled blissfully. She felt that ever since she found her relatives, she had become spoiled and useless because of them. “Brother, it’s fine. I’m very strong!”

Tan Ming had been used to doing heavy work since she was young. This kind of physical work was peanuts to her.

In the end, Jiang Huai did not let Tan Ming do anything. He poured the water into the pot himself, and Tan Ming quickly boiled the water.

Yuan Jing’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Jiang Huai’s gentlemanly and considerate look. She felt that he was very inconsistent with the vicious-tongued image she had seen on the entertainment news online. She was even more certain that she could use her ident.i.ty as a fan to gain his favor.

At the thought of this, Yuan Jing calmed herself and took a few steps forward shyly. “Jiang Huai, I’m your fan. I’ve seen every movie you’ve filmed before. I’m especially happy to be on the show with you this time!”

Jiang Huai looked up at Yuan Jing and tried hard to recall who she was. He vaguely remembered that she was a young singer who had suddenly become popular this year. Jiang Huai had a sharp tongue, but he wasn’t so insane he would attack anyone and everyone. He looked at Yuan Jing and nodded with a faint smile before continuing to tear the packaging.

When Yuan Jing saw Jiang Huai acknowledging her, she immediately covered her mouth with her hand and looked at Jiang Huai, who was working, with a smile. Her face was filled with satisfaction, and her every move was imitating the reaction of real fans when they saw their idols.

Many people in the live-stream felt that Yuan Jing had purposely chased her idol to the show, successfully earning her some fans who liked Jiang Huai.

“I’m so envious! One of the highest realms of idol-chasing girls is probably to be able to work with their idols!”

“When I see Yuan Jing, I feel like I’m seeing myself in person. However, if it were me, my reaction would definitely be even more exaggerated than hers! Jiang Huai is the first celebrity I liked. If there really comes a day, I’ll faint from happiness!”

“The motivation for me to major in screenwriting is that I hope that one day, I can write a phenomenal work for Brother Huai that will shock the world and make him win all respectable awards there are for actors internationally!”

“Best of luck, sisters above! It’s a pity that this young lady has a younger brother who pretends to be pure on the outside but is actually scheming. I still don’t like her very much. She might be here to ride on Brother Huai’s popularity.”

There were all kinds of comments in the live-stream, but because Yuan Jing didn’t do anything abnormal, no one attacked her.

Jiang Huai thought of Tan Ming’s appet.i.te and decisively poured in all four portions of pasta. Tan Ming was so hungry that she wanted to cry. When she saw this, she could not help but lick her lips and reveal an expectant expression.

The rest of the cooking was Tan Ming’s job. Jiang Huai’s culinary skills were not good, but he did not slack off. He consciously helped with some ch.o.r.es and helped prepare other food.

Seeing that the two of them were getting along well, Yuan Jing wondered how she could subtly approach Jiang Huai. When she saw the only handful of vegetables in her group, she had an idea.

Thinking of Jiang Huai’s gentle att.i.tude towards her just now, Yuan Jing still had some confidence in her heart. Although she was not a bright and beautiful woman, she fit the ideal of a cute and gentle girl. Perhaps this was Jiang Huai’s type.

This time, her goal was even clearer. Yuan Jing deliberately softened her tone and said coquettishly, “Brother Jiang Huai, can you share some of your luncheon meat with me?!”

After saying that, Yuan Jing even looked at Jiang Huai with her big eyes.

Tan Ming was using a lunchbox as a ladle to take out the cooked pasta. When she heard the soft sound of Yuan Jing’s feathery voice brus.h.i.+ng against her skin, she couldn’t help but have gooseb.u.mps. Her hand trembled and the lunchbox fell into the pot.

Jiang Huai was publicly acknowledged by his fans as an expert at identifying b*tches. When he heard Yuan Jing speaking, he immediately understood Yuan Jing’s intentions with him. Not to mention that she was not his fan, even if she was, he had to take care of his own sister first!

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