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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 22: Fake Fan

Jiang Huai did not even bother to look at her. He frowned slightly. “Speak normally. My hair is standing on end. Our meat is not even enough for us to eat. Find someone else or think of another way!”

Yuan Jing didn’t expect Jiang Huai to be so merciless to her this time. Her face was pale. The cameraman understood the audience, so when he saw this scene, he specially moved closer to record it.

When Yuan Jing saw that the cameras were aimed at her, she hated herself but did not dare to stay any longer. She did not want others to say that she was entangled in this awkward situation and embarra.s.s her in the live-stream chat.

“I dare to bet a bag of chips that this woman is definitely a fake fan! Listen to that voice, my G.o.d! She’s shamelessly trying to seduce my Brother Huai openly!”

“Jingjing’s nickname is Sweet Song Queen! Her voice is always so gentle. It’s just that you fans are too hostile and always feel that Jiang Huai belongs to you. You don’t like anyone!”

“The comments aboveā€¦ don’t find excuses. I’ll bet two packets! This Yuan Jing definitely has ulterior motives towards Brother Huai. Miss An’an was at the scene. Her reaction is enough to explain everything.”

“Hahaha! Miss An’an’s reaction perfectly portrayed what I felt just now. She’s just like me, I can’t stand such pretentious girls. I love this! I’m part of Team An’an!”

“Do all of Jiang Huai’s fans fantasize so much? What’s wrong with our Jingjing liking Jiang Huai in her own way? She’s a sweet girl to begin with!”

“Sweet girl? I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Sisters, I’ve found some rumors. Yuan Jing debuted two years ago and has never been popular. Her song that became popular at the beginning of this year was s.n.a.t.c.hed from Song Meng of the same company, who was actually more capable than her! The resource allocation after that is worlds apart from before. All the resources in their company are being put towards a new singer. I don’t believe there’s nothing fishy about it.”

“Hehe, there’s an 80-90 percent chance she slept her way through!”

“What evidence do you have? You want to spread rumors with just speculation? Your Jiang Huai is not even gentlemanly! Everyone saw him reject the girl just now. The evidence is conclusive!”

“Of course, chivalry shouldn’t be spent on a scheming woman. My Brother Huai saw your idol’s true colors at a glance. That’s why he’s so direct. Brother Huai definitely won’t have such an att.i.tude towards fans who really like him!”

“Are you deaf? Brother Huai has already clearly said that they didn’t have enough for themselves to eat! This is basically a simplified version of a deserted island survival program. It has survival and compet.i.tive elements. If you can’t accept that, go ahead. If your Yuan Jing wants to eat, then everyone else should have to give her food, is that right?”

“Are you kidding me? Can Jiang Huai’s lie be any more fake? There’s such a big box of meat. The amount of food they took is enough for four people!”

Chaos instantly began in the live-stream.

No one could say whether the ‘sweet girl’ was really sweet or scheming, but it was soon confirmed whether Jiang Huai was lying or not.

After the tomato pasta was cooked, Tan Ming asked Jiang Huai to take his portion first. The aluminum lunch box Jiang Huai used was not small. He only stopped after taking one-third of the pot.

Tan Ming was worried that Jiang Huai didn’t have enough, so he picked up a pair of chopsticks made of tree branches and gave him more. “Brother, take more.”

Jiang Huai shook his head and refused. “I really have enough. I’m going to join a production team next month. That role requires the actors to be thinner. I still have to slim down. It smells really good and I’ve already taken more. This amount is already a little too much.”

Seeing this, Tan Ming put the noodles back into the pot and did not force him.

Everyone watched as Tan Ming used the pot and Jiang Huai took the lunch box and finished the pasta for four people. There was not a single sc.r.a.p of meat left in the can of luncheon meat. The two of them ate half of it each.

“Miss An’an’s actions are really unexpected!”

“Sisters, what should we do? I think I’m turning gay for Sister An’an!”

“I’m used to seeing female celebrities in the entertainment industry eating really little just to maintain their figures. My An’an is really a breath of fresh air. The commenter above, don’t be afraid. I’m gay too. Let’s secretly betray Brother Huai together and cheat occasionally!”

“I’m a fan of Bai Ling. I was attracted by the entertainment news of An’an climbing the tree. Now that I’ve witnessed her extraordinary behavior, I suddenly don’t want to go back. I’ll continue squatting in the live-stream here! I’m sorry, Sister Ling!”

“Previous poster, I’ll accompany you! I originally wanted to come and see Zhou Yan and his wife, but in the end, I settled down here!”

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