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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 20: Forget About Comeback

“Previous poster, you’re asking to be humiliated. Tan Si has been in the industry for four to five years and has filmed at least 20 television dramas. With just two of them being famous, you dare to come after our Best Actor and talk about his ability. 95% of our Brother Huai’s works were number one!”

“I’ve finally seen it for myself. Is this the quality of Jiang Huai’s fans? Are they looking down on hardworking people?”

“Everyone, come and take a look. Hard work has actually become a point for Jiang Huai’s fans to attack and mock others. Does Jiang Huai have the talent to look down on people who work hard for their dreams?”

Tan Si’s fans deliberately expanded the attack range on Jiang Huai’s fans, causing a small number of pa.s.sersby to be led astray.

“Even scientists don’t dare to say that hard work is unimportant. What right do you have to look down on hardworking people?!”

“That’s right. I originally thought that Jiang Huai’s personality was quite likable. Fans follow the likes of their celebrity. Now that I think about it, Jiang Huai is just so-so.”

Jiang Huai’s fan group leader did not expect Tan Si’s combat strength to become stronger. He frowned slightly and immediately organized people to activate their defense and counterattack.

“Don’t deliberately twist our words. We’re just saying that Tan Si was lucky to obtain the supplies bag so quickly today. Luck and hard work are two different things. We’re simply expressing our opinions on what happened just now.”

“There’s nothing wrong with our comments. We’ve never belittled or looked down on people who work hard. I’ve already recorded the video and posted it online just now. I’ve also gotten our fans to repost it. Tan Si’s fandom, we don’t cause trouble but we’re not afraid of trouble. Let the netizens comment on your provocative att.i.tude!”

“Brother Huai has never said that he relied on his talent to win so many awards. Every interview, he would clearly say that he was the hardworking type. It was only because he had a little luck that he received the support of so many viewers. How can someone who speaks like this look down on hardworking people!”

The two sides fought verbally, but Jiang Huai’s side still had the upper hand.

Jiang Huai was at the peak of his career. He had never failed in so many years. Those who stood at their peak would naturally be slandered by their compet.i.tors. His loyal fans were basically people with ten years of experience defending him. It was not a problem for them to deal with these trivial issues.

At this moment, everyone found the supplies packs within the specified time and gathered again.

Director Han began to announce the points. “First place, Tan Si, gets five points. Second place, Jiang Huai, gets four points. Third place, Zhou Yan, gets three points. Fourth place, Yuan Jing, gets two points. Fifth place, Bai Ling, gets one point.”

Although Tan Si had rolled on the ground and her clothes were a little shabby, she was still in a good mood when she saw she had the top score.

Tan Si looked at Tan Ming, who was not far away, and a malicious smile appeared on her lips. So what if she hooked up with Jiang Huai? So what if she was prettier than her! If she could suppress her in every way in the past, she could do so in the future. Tan Ming could forget about making a comeback in this lifetime!

On the other hand, Tan Ming had never paid attention to Tan Si at all. The purpose of joining the variety show cast this time was just to show her face.

Director Han glanced at his watch. “It’s already half past eleven. Everyone’s lunch break is two hours. Guests, please begin to enjoy your lunch. This is everyone’s first meal on the island. I hope everyone has a good meal!”

Everyone woke up early today, so they had breakfast early. From the long boat ride to looking for supplies, the food in their stomachs had long been digested. After hearing Director Han’s words, they opened the packages excitedly. Jiang Huai and Tan Ming got a bag of pasta, a bottle of ketchup, and a box of canned luncheon meat.

The Bai Ling group received two boxes of self-heating braised pork rice noodles and two bottles of energy drinks that could replenish their strength. The host couple received a box of large pizza that was still hot. The sister and her younger brother received a catty of rice and a handful of vegetables.

Tan Si’s good luck did not extend to the food this time. She only obtained six slices of bread and a large box of milk. However, in order to maintain their figures, the mother and daughter had always eaten plainly. Therefore, even though they knew that their food was inferior to Tan Ming’s, they did not cause any more trouble.

Although the quality of the lunch varied, at least the portion was enough. Tan Ming and the siblings still needed to cook for themselves.

The production team provided them with unlimited fresh water, and the boys from the two groups went to get water.

Although it was early summer, the ultraviolet rays of the afternoon sun were still a little strong. Tan Ming started a fire under a tree that could provide shade. Bai Ling specially went towards them.

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