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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 19: Climbing Trees

Fortunately, the two of them were quite lucky. A few minutes later, they saw a bag of supplies placed on a tree branch.

Jiang Huai looked up at the supplies bag that was at least three to four meters above the ground and frowned. “An’an, why don’t we pick up a two-meter-long branch and return to the swamp?”

At the side, Tan Ming also raised her head and stared at the supplies bag. Then, she rolled up her sleeves, lowered her head, and spat on her palms. She rubbed her palms together a few times and started to find a stable branch with both hands to use as a fulcrum. Then, she used her hands and feet to climb up.

“Hahaha, little sister, you really don’t have the burdens from ambition to become an idol at all!”

“That ‘Pui’ was very spirited. She looks like a soft girl, but I didn’t expect her to have the spirit of a rough man. This contrast is too cute!”

“I love this straightforward personality. Brother Huai, I’m sorry. I’ll cheat on you for three seconds!”

At this moment, Jiang Huai decided to return to the swamp just now. He retracted his gaze and looked to the side. He saw that there was no one on the ground where Tan Ming was standing. In his fright, he scanned the area a few times before he saw Tan Ming, then realizing that his sister had already climbed to the point where she was only one-third of the distance away from the supplies bag.

This scene made Jiang Huai’s heart tighten. He wanted to call his sister down quickly, but he was afraid that if he suddenly made a sound, she would get shocked and fall. It was no joke to fall from such a high position.

There was a 10-meter-tall lychee tree in the Tan family’s garden. Every year, when the lychees were ripe, Tan Si would instruct Tan Ming to pluck them. She would even deliberately instruct Tan Ming to pluck the lychees at the top of the branches or on the thinner branches. If she did not do as she asked, Tan Si would starve.

As Tan Ming was usually in a half-starved state, her figure was thin and light. In addition, she was cautious enough. That was why she had climbed for so many years without any mishaps and had mastered this skill well!

This height was not difficult for Tan Ming. After getting the food on the main trunk, she excitedly showed Jiang Huai the spoils of war. “Brother, I got it!”

When Jiang Huai saw Tan Ming holding onto the tree trunk with one hand, his heart was almost in his throat. His face was filled with anxiety. “Throw the thing down, then quickly hold onto the tree trunk and slowly climb down!”

Tan Ming smiled nonchalantly. “Don’t worry, climbing trees is like walking to me.”

The bright smile on the girl’s bright and moving face made many male audience members’ hearts itch, including Si Cheng, who was thousands of miles away.

For the first time, Si Cheng realized that Tan Ming had become so dazzling without her submissive aura. Just her smile could make him feel a little unstable. When he came back to his senses, he could not help but curse, “This d.a.m.n woman! Who gave her the guts to show her face in public with another man!”

“When did she join this show?!”

Ning Gang shook his head. “I don’t know either. This program just began broadcasting today. It’s currently the most popular variety show in the entertainment news. At that time, I saw that Tan Ming was on the front page of the promotional photo, so I clicked on it and took a look. Then, I told you immediately.”

At the thought of Tan Ming displaying her smile in front of so many people, Si Cheng felt suffocated. “Change the last meeting in the afternoon to the morning. Then, speed up the progress on everything else. You can book a flight back to the country tonight.”

Ning Gang was a little surprised.

Ever since Si Cheng recovered, he had always put work first. This time, in order to rush back in advance, he actually forcefully changed his original plan. Although the two of them were good friends in private, he was only an a.s.sistant at work. He could only agree. “Okay.”

Tan Ming still did not know that her actions had made the already tortuous path of divorce even more difficult. The siblings, having obtained the supplies bag, were rus.h.i.+ng to complete their mission by submitting it.

Director Han waited for Jiang Huai and Tan Ming to arrive at the venue at the same time before announcing unhurriedly, “Jiang Huai and An’an took 36 minutes and are ranked second.”

The first place was won by Tan Si and w.a.n.g Li. It was actually a blessing in disguise. Tan Si accidentally sprained her ankle in her high heels and fell down a small slope. She accidentally saw the supplies bag hidden in the cave beside her.

Tan Ming muttered softly, “Looks like this still requires some luck.”

“If you’re not capable enough, admit it honestly. Why do you have to find an excuse?”

“What a joke. The supplies were randomly placed by the production team. There are no clues or traces to follow at all. You can forcefully talk about strength and capability when it’s obvious that you rely on luck. You Tan Si fans just have to call the kettle black, right?!”

“Our Si Si lacks capability?! When several of her television dramas were released, they had the highest viewers.h.i.+p ratings at the same time, alright? We’re letting the numbers speak!”

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