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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 18: Pure Image

Director Han ignored everyone’s ugly expressions and continued, “Next, please listen to the rules of this round. There are five resource packs in the forest, and inside them are everyone’s ingredients for lunch today. You have one hour to find them. Please start working hard for today’s lunch! Begin!”

From the moment everyone got off the boats and saw the living environment, to the confiscated luggage, to the intense compet.i.tiveness and to the reward and punishment points system, they had yet to completely recover from it. Now, they were going to start fighting for lunch. The guests were at a loss and shocked. The fast-paced style of the program made the audience cheer in approval!

“Looks like Director Han is changing. It’s completely different from the style of casual variety shows in the past.”

“Isn’t that so? I feel like it’s more like a compet.i.tion program!”

“You don’t say. I’m used to watching entertainment and leisure programs. This style is a little interesting. I’ve decided to continue watching.”

Director Han was sitting in the temporary surveillance room. When he saw the rising popularity on the Internet, he smiled in satisfaction.

Because it involved lunch and there was a reward and punishment system, the guests couldn’t care less about the desolation of this place and immediately threw themselves into the forest to begin their search.

In order to ensure safety, the production team had already gone in to investigate in advance. There were no large wild animals. They were just rabbits, pheasants, and other harmless small animals.

Tan Ming was wearing casual pants and a T-s.h.i.+rt. She was wearing special sneakers that Li Mei had specially prepared. They were effective in reducing soreness in her legs caused by the long journey. It was very easy for her to walk.

Tan Si and w.a.n.g Li, who were not far away, were in trouble. Although the mother and daughter were also wearing pantsuits, in order to have the effect of promoting their figures on camera, they still chose shoes with a little height.

Tan Si was a little anxious when she saw this. “Mom, what should we do? They’re all in sneakers or cloth shoes. We have no chance.”

w.a.n.g Li thought for a moment, took off her shoes and broke the heels off. “It’s fine. Mom is here!”

“Si Si’s mother is so good! Our Si Si is indeed treated like a little princess.”

“Of course, Si Si is different from other female celebrities who rely on their bodies to get to where they are. Her family background is very clean.”

“I’m afraid there aren’t many actresses in the entertainment industry who are as clean as our Si Si. She’s a rich second-generation heir. She doesn’t need to rely on her body to find a sugar daddy to get opportunities. She deserves the t.i.tle of a pure and innocent girl.”

Jiang Huai’s manager, Song Xin, had been paying attention to Tan Si’s live-stream. When he saw that everyone was talking about their private lives, the corners of his lips curled up slightly. “Don’t you know what kind of person you are? Why must you market such a persona that doesn’t even match your actions? You’re simply giving us something to use against you.”

Song Xin did not know how Tan Si had provoked Jiang Huai. Two days ago, he had suddenly instructed him to find a group of high-quality ghostwriters and get them to cause trouble during the live broadcast of the show. Seeing that the time was right, he began to let everyone start the first wave of action.

“Hasn’t Tan Si’s image as an innocent girl been tarnished? Last month, there was even entertainment news saying that she got pregnant out of wedlock.”

“Hey you, where did you come from?! You’re spreading rumors! Sisters, we have to protect Princess Si’s reputation and report the person who spread the rumors!”

“Are Tan Si’s fans all so cruel?! I’m just a pa.s.serby. I casually clicked on it when I saw that the program was quite popular. I’ve also seen the news that the netizen mentioned just now.”

“That’s the marketing account’s slander. Pa.s.sersby, don’t misunderstand Si Si’s character. She has been protected very well since she was young. She’s a gentle and innocent girl. How can she get pregnant before marriage?”

“That’s right! Si Si’s upbringing is very strict. A few months ago, she even replied to her fans on Weibo that she was 23 years old and hadn’t even had a boyfriend before.”

“We have to believe what Si Si said! Everyone, don’t be led by the nose!”

Tan Si’s fans had been using Tan Si’s family background and her parents’ love to counter the netizens’ words. However, there were still people who kept talking about last month’s news extensively. Many pa.s.sersby also joined the discussion.

Although Tan Si’s fan group leader managed to suppress the negative comments temporarily, many pa.s.sersby were still on the fence about believing Tan Si’s innocent persona.

At this moment, in the small forest, Tan Ming and Jiang Huai had found a supplies bag, but it was placed on a small wooden board that marked the swamp in the middle of it.

The wooden plank was about one or two meters away from the edge of the safe zone. The two of them could not find any branches that were long enough around them, and they did not dare to take the risk so casually. After looking at each other, they decisively gave up and jogged forward to continue searching.

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