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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 10: Playing Hard to Get

Of all the things he valued, Grandpa Si valued the company he had founded himself the most. Upon hearing Li Mei’s words, he slammed the coffee table in anger. “You vicious woman! How dare you curse our Si family!”

Si Cheng looked at Tan Ming coldly and scolded her sternly, “Tan Ming, I’ve really underestimated you. You’re indeed very scheming. You specially hired this woman to deal with us, right? Do you think I can’t do anything just because you’re registered in their household register? Ha, I’ll show you the power of the Si family in Sea City.”

Si Cheng didn’t make any preparations for Tan Ming’s delivery at all. However, based on what his grandparents said, he automatically a.s.sumed that Li Mei was hired by Tan Ming to take care of herself and, conveniently, deal with him. This was the only explanation to why Tan Ming’s att.i.tude towards him had changed so much after giving birth.

Si Cheng was amused by Tan Ming’s ploy of playing hard to get. After saying that, he left the house.

When the old couple of the Si family heard that Si Cheng planned to change the child’s surname back, they finally felt relieved. They looked at Tan Ming in disappointment before leaving with their grandson.

In the past, Tan Ming would care about every change in their att.i.tude towards her. However, now that she had experienced true familial support, Tan Ming no longer had any illusions about these fake familial ties, let alone care about them.

However, when she saw Si Cheng’s confident att.i.tude towards changing the household register, Tan Ming felt a little uneasy. She looked at her mother worriedly. “Mom…”

Li Mei quickly covered Tan Ming’s mouth with her hand and gestured for Auntie Zhang to go into the kitchen. Hearing her daughter’s concern, Li Mei comforted her. “Don’t worry, the household register is under the control of the public security system. Your second brother isn’t just there to slack. I’ll let him handle it.”

Tan Ming was slightly relieved.

On the other hand, Si Cheng was in no hurry to leave after sending his grandparents back to the villa in the suburbs. He parked the car by the roadside in frustration and lit a cigarette. He thought about Tan Ming’s transformation again.

In the past, Tan Ming was cowardly and timid. Just looking at her made him feel annoyed. But now, she actually dared to look him in the eye and even refute him. There was a radiance in her eyes that he had never seen before.

Si Cheng could only attribute it to Li Mei. After smoking a few cigarettes, Si Cheng realized that he had actually spent half an hour on Tan Ming. “This woman has really become stronger. She successfully made me notice her.”

Then, he slammed the steering wheel hard. “d.a.m.n it, I almost let their scheme succeed!”

Si Cheng calmed himself down and called his good friend to come out for a drink. He did not want his mind to be occupied with Tan Ming.

Knowing his wife and daughter were in Sea City, Jiang Hai’s heart longed to be here with them. After arranging his work in Jingdu City, he rushed over.

Although it had only been half a month since Jiang Hai decided to set up a Tianqi branch, the implementation was extremely efficient. The location had already been chosen and the renovation works were nearing its end. There were no advertis.e.m.e.nts, but the news of it had already spread among the upper-cla.s.s society in Sea City and the surrounding cities.

Zhou Yun came to the Tan Family to visit Tan Si, who had just given birth and was recovering. “I received news that Tianqi’s branch is opening in Sea City.”

Tan Si’s eyes lit up and she sat up straight on the bed. “Really?! Doesn’t their family only open shops in select super first-tier cities?”

Zhou Yun was also very puzzled about this. Tianqi was a rare luxury brand in the country that was also famous internationally. Although it had only been established for less than 20 years, its unique style had made it a dark horse. After surfacing in the fas.h.i.+on world, it quickly became a brand that was on par with many long-established luxury brands.

Zhou Yun guessed, “Maybe it’s a problem with the Jiang Corporation’s development plan. The economic development of Sea City is only average among first-tier cities. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t lower their status. I don’t understand.”

Tan Si chuckled. This was a good opportunity for her. “Sister Yun, think of a way to help me get their opening invitation.”

Zhou Yun was Ying Xin Entertainment’s top manager, and Tan Si was currently the most promising celebrity under her. When she heard Tan Si’s words, she couldn’t help but mock, “I thought you were planning to wash your hands all day and make soup, weren’t you preparing to be a housewife?”

“I’m really angered to death by you. If the news of you getting pregnant out of wedlock is exposed, how many fans will leave the fandom? How can you continue to survive?! You have the image of a pure and innocent girl to the public now!”

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