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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 11: G.o.d of Variety Shows

Tan Si smiled nonchalantly and said, “Sister Yun, I have you. I believe in your ways. Besides, marrying into the Si family will be helpful to my career.”

Zhou Yun thought of the Si family’s local influence and didn’t say anything else. She took out a contract and handed it over. “There’s a new variety show on Fruit Channel. It’s called ‘Bringing XX to the Wild’. The celebrities partic.i.p.ating can choose anyone to partic.i.p.ate with them. The other details are still confidential now. They’ve already become popular on the Internet before the celebrities partic.i.p.ating have been confirmed. Moreover, they’ve invited the most famous variety show director in the country, Han Yu, to personally do it.”

“You’ve been lying low to hide your pregnancy for the past few months and have lost a lot of fans. It’s just perfect timing for you to make a comeback on this variety show that will definitely become popular.”

Tan Si was so excited that she double-checked. “It’s the G.o.d of Variety Shows, Director Han?!”

Seeing that Tan Si had not lost her fighting spirit in the entertainment industry, Zhou Yun’s expression improved a lot. She nodded and said, “Your image to the public has always been that of a daughter of a wealthy, harmonious family who has doted on her since she was young. Bring your mother along. Showcasing your mother-daughter relations.h.i.+p will be quite appealing to audiences. I only managed to just beat out other managers to s.n.a.t.c.h this opportunity. You have to seize the chance to perform well!”

Although Tan Si was already a popular celebrity, who in the entertainment industry would complain about becoming more popular? Tan Si smiled ingratiatingly at Zhou Yun. “Thank you, Sister Yun. I knew you would care about me the most.”

“Also, please pay attention to the opening of Tianqi’s shop. My wardrobe has always been a little limited. If I can attend the opening ceremony this time, my popularity will definitely increase again. Marketing myself as a high-level persona will also be beneficial for me to take on big-name endors.e.m.e.nts. Otherwise, some blind pa.s.sers-by will always attack me and say that I’m not presentable enough to be the face of any luxury brand.”

Tan Si gritted his teeth and said spitefully.

Zhou Yun pondered for a moment. “It’s not that easy to get their invitation. I can only promise that I’ll try my best.”

Hearing this, Tan Si praised Zhou Yun again. She said a bunch of worthless and beautiful words to make Zhou Yun feel good about herself.

Because Jiang Hai was coming to Sea City, Li Mei planned to buy a place in Tan Ming’s current apartment building so that she could come take care of her daughter every day.

Tan Ming lived in an apartment building. There were two apartments per floor, each with more than 300 square meters of area, five bedrooms and two living rooms. However, all of them had been sold. Li Mei and Tan Ming decided to have a chat with their neighbors.

There was a family of four and a maid living next door. The husband and wife were both executives of foreign companies, and their average annual income was more than a million yuan. When they heard Li Mei and Tan Ming’s intentions, their first reaction was to reject them. “I’m sorry, we don’t intend to sell the house.”

Li Mei did not say anything else and went straight to the point. She said with a smile, “I’m willing to pay a higher price than the current market price.”

The couple’s faces stiffened. Who did they think they were looking down on? After all, they were high-income earners. This property was considered a high-end property in Sea City. They had picked this place, worth 20 million yuan back then, without hesitation.

The mistress frowned and refused again. “Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you have money. Our family doesn’t lack money.”

Li Mei smiled calmly. “The market price of the houses in this neighborhood is now 23 million. I’ll pay double, 46 million, and pay in full.”

The mistress subconsciously wanted to reject her and scold her away. Before she could say anything, her mouth was covered by her husband’s hand. A familiar voice sounded in her ear. “Deal.”

Li Mei revealed a satisfied expression. “Then let’s sign the contract now. I’ll pay a third of the deposit first. Tomorrow morning, we’ll go through the real estate transfer procedures. After it’s done, I’ll pay the rest in one go. There’s one more thing. I hope you can vacate the house tomorrow.”

At this moment, the mistress also came to her senses. 46 million yuan was enough for them to buy a higher-end villa. Perhaps they could still have some money left after paying in full. When she looked at Li Mei again, her att.i.tude was much more enthusiastic.

However, when they heard Li Mei’s request to move, the couple was indeed in a difficult position. “Sister, it will take some time to find a temporary house to stay in. How about we move out in three days?”

Li Mei was afraid that something would happen in the three days. She thought for a moment and said, “If you can move out tomorrow, I’ll add another 500,000 yuan. If not, I’ll have to trouble you to do it as soon as possible.”

This was the first time the couple felt that money was so easy to come by. They took out 50,000 yuan from the 500,000 yuan and asked the housing agent to help them search. They would probably find a suitable house for them to move in after working overtime tonight. With this one expense, the rest of the money would be theirs to spend.

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