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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 9: Registration

Jiang Yan: The most important thing now is to register the two babies and prevent Si Cheng from making a move as their father.

Changing one’s household register was different from changing one’s name. The former only required a birth certificate and other doc.u.ments that could verify one’s ident.i.ty. Changing one’s name required the consent of both parents.

Li Mei expressed in the group chat that she would speed up. Tan Ming’s heart warmed when she felt her family’s unconditional support.

After a heated discussion, the boy would be called Jiang Yi and the girl would be called Jiang Yu. This symbolized the hopes that they both had wings and could fly freely in the sky when they grew up.

Li Mei was also very fast. Jiang Xun found a contact, and Li Mei took out a few hours that day. After receiving the information, she directly found an acquaintance to register the household register.

The baby was going to be one month old soon. Grandpa Si and Grandma Si specially called their grandson home to discuss the naming.

Tan Ming carried the child at one side and said indifferently, “The children’s household registers are completed. They’re taking my surname.”

Si Cheng turned around and glared at Tan Ming in shock. “Tan Ming, are you crazy?! Why should my child take your surname?”

Tan Ming smiled faintly and replied unhurriedly, “Based on the fact that the children came out of my body, based on the fact that you wanted to force me to have an abortion back then, based on the fact that you used them as a bargaining chip to force me to get a divorce! We’re about to get a divorce. You also have your own son and wife, but I only have two children. I advise you not to be too greedy.”

When Grandma Si saw this, she hurriedly stood up and held Tan Ming’s hand. She persuaded her gently, “Tan Ming, I know you have grievances, but you can’t talk about divorce anymore. Don’t you want to give the children a complete family? Don’t worry, I’ll definitely think of a way to keep Si Cheng under my watch. I definitely won’t let him look for Tan Si!”

Si Cheng’s thoughts of divorce did not change, and he ignored Grandma Si’s words. “Tan Ming, it’s fine if the children had been aborted, but now that they’ve been born, my child has to take the surname Si. The children taking the mother’s surname?! Our Si family can’t afford to lose face like this! As for the matter between Tan Si and me, don’t interfere!”

When Grandma Si heard this, she was so angry that she slapped Si Cheng’s arm forcefully. She glared at her grandson and smiled at Tan Ming. “Don’t mind Si Cheng. I promise you that I’ll definitely break them off. The child’s surname is a big deal. Who doesn’t take their father’s surname?”

Grandpa Si originally thought that Tan Ming was jealous and was deliberately throwing a tantrum. He didn’t expect her to act first and report later. He sat on the sofa and frowned tightly. With a solemn expression, he said, “Tan Ming, the child’s surname must be Si. It’s indeed too much for Si Cheng to find a lover and target your sister. Don’t worry, I’ll help you in this case. I won’t let him fool around. In two days, we’ll bring Tan Si’s son over for you two to raise together. Let the two of them completely cut off contact. The two of you are not allowed to mention the divorce again.”

“It’s normal for a man to change his appet.i.te occasionally outside. You have to understand that successful men are all like this. No matter how they fool around outside, as long as they know to come home, it’s fine. Tan Ming, Grandpa will also give you a guarantee. Si Cheng will stay at home obediently to accompany you after work for at least half a month.”

Grandpa Si felt that his arrangement was already very considerate of Tan Ming. Grandma Si also revealed a satisfied smile and felt that her husband’s arrangement was very suitable.

Tan Ming looked at the two elders who had always shown exceptional love for the younger generation in front of her in the past three years. They chose Si Cheng without hesitation once she had a conflict with Si Cheng. These two faces made Tan Ming sneer in her heart.

Li Mei was once again shocked by the Si family’s values. If her son had committed adultery, not only would she side with her daughter-in-law, but she would also personally teach her son a lesson!

Li Mei looked at the two shameless old men and said sarcastically, “Are all successful men like this? From what I know, the boss of the Jiang Corporation doesn’t seem to be like this. Si Cheng is more successful than Jiang Hai?”

Jiang Hai was famous in the business world for doting on his wife. The old couple of the Si Family were instantly stumped by these words.

At this moment, Grandma Si suddenly remembered what had happened in the parking lot. She pointed at Li Mei and asked, “You’ve been stirring up trouble in our house and egging my granddaughter-in-law on to cause trouble. Who are you? w.a.n.g Li said that the Tan family doesn’t have a distant relative like you.”

Li Mei revealed a mocking expression and retorted, “The two of them are about to get a divorce. Why do you care who I am? If you have the time, teach your grandson how to be a person first! However, I don’t think there’s much hope. After all, how could the apple fall far from the tree? Your morals are so corrupt that it really makes people suspect that your Si Corporation is run by black-hearted businessmen. You might fail in this era!”

Yi means wings.Yu means feathers.

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