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After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

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Chapter 5

Second Brother

Lu Zhi put the suitcase to one side; after closing the door, he urged the other two children along and took a seat.

“Don’t pressure your daughter, let her take her time to adapt. You’ll know what she likes after spending more time with her.”

“Yes, yes, Mommy is too anxious. Daughter, quick, try and see which of these you like.”

Shen Yunci looked at her with antic.i.p.ation.

Lu Ning picked up her chopsticks awkwardly. “Dad, Mom, after you.”

s.h.i.+ Qingyue and Lù Chuan did not go home often, but there was the Old Master. During mealtimes, the elders would always begin eating first before the juniors like Lu Ning could eat.

Lu Ning had adhered to these etiquettes for almost 18 years. It was engraved into her bones.

However, the Lu family had never fancied having so many rules, so there was no such etiquette to follow in this family.

Lu Qing dismissed her with a glance. “Not that there’s poison; how pretentious.”

With that, he picked up his chopsticks, casually grabbed a dish and bit in.

Shen Yunci rolled her eyes at him, then turned to Lu Ning and gently asked, “Little Ning, when you were at the Lù residence, did the Old Master always start eating before the juniors?”

Lu Ning nodded.

Shen Yunci looked at her and smiled lovingly. “Etiquette is good for cultivating manners, but our family doesn’t have such stiff rules. It doesn’t matter, eat when you want. We’re all family, Mommy and Daddy won’t mind such things, so eat up.”

Although she said that, she was still afraid Lu Ning was not used to it. She picked up her chopsticks and took a bite, and, after getting Lu Zhi to take a bite as well, looked at Lu Ning warmly.

Only then, did Lu Ning start eating silently.

Lu Qing knew he was wrong. The corners of his mouth twitched awkwardly, but he did not say anything.

The first meal of the family could be considered harmonious.

Shen Yunci kept talking to Lu Ning, and for the first time in her life Lu Ning found it very lively.

In the past, even when everyone ate together they would not speak during their meals. There was no conversation, and there was no such ambiance.

In her heart Lu Ning was actually happy, but after not expressing it for so many years she had forgotten how to, and so she simply appeared calm and distant.

“Let’s go, Little Ning. Mommy will show you your room.”

Lu Ning looked at the mess on the table and wanted to help clean it up with everyone.

Shen Yunci understood her intentions and hurried over to hold her hand. “Don’t worry about this, let them clean up. Come, let Mommy show you the room.”

With that, she tugged Lu Ning away.

She even helped bring her suitcase up.

Only now, did Lu Ning have the time to see the house in its entirety. The wooden floor was clean and glossy, and the whole house emanated a sense of cleanliness and warmth.

Shen Yunci dragged her further inside. Before Lu Ning could come to her senses, she noticed a painting hanging behind the sofa in the living room and a porcelain vase on the table.

“Little Ning, here.”

Lu Ning came to her senses and walked over, and kept walking towards the end of the corridor.

“That’s your older brother’s room; that’s your little brother’s room; your second brother’s room is next to yours. And this is your room.”

Lu Ning looked towards the directions Shen Yunci had pointed out, then she took another look at the room next to hers.

“Is Second Brother not at home?”

“He went out to study and he hasn’t been coming home much recently, but Mommy has already told him the news about you coming back. He’ll definitely be back to see you once he’s done, just don’t get scared of him then.”


Lu Ning was confused.

However, Shen Yunci did not explain too much and opened the door for her.

“Good girl, let’s see if you like it.”

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