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After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

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Chapter 6

The Rose Manor

Lu Ning walked in and looked around her surroundings.

The entire room was filled with many colors, most of them warm. However, despite this it was not gaudy or overdone; each and every color was used appropriately. The entire room looked warm and inviting.

Lu Ning looked at the room but did not say anything, so Shen Yunci thought she did not like it.

“Look, I just knew that girls definitely prefer pink. Hold on, I’m going to tell the designer off! I’ll get her to change it all to pink for you tomorrow!”

As she spoke, she was about to take her phone out to make the call.

Lu Ning quickly held her back. “There’s no need, Mom! I like it a lot!”

Shen Yunci was a little skeptical. “Really?”

Lu Ning quickly nodded. “Really, I like it very much.”

Thinking about it, it would be a real pain if the whole room was pink.

“That’s good. Make yourself at home, Mommy will go and see if Daddy and the others have cleaned up.”

She gave Lu Ning some time to herself out of consideration, and even closed the door behind her when she left.

Lu Ning walked around the room, and looking around, she realized her room had its own bathroom. This meant that this was the biggest room.

Lu Ning sat on the bedside and could not help but sigh.

There were chicken, duck, fish, prawn, and even crab on the dining table—just about everything which could be considered a delicacy was served. Moreover, this room had been given a professional makeover, and professional designers did not come cheap.

She knew that her family was not well off. Based on what she knew, occasionally they even had to borrow money to pay off the expensive mortgage. Now she had suddenly arrived, and they even went out of their way to accommodate her; it probably cost them a lot of money.

Lu Ning did not want to worsen their already-struggling family finances.

She got up and flipped open her suitcase, and retrieved a box from a bag. It was locked with a pa.s.sword; after opening the box, she took out a bank card.

This card contained her salary from working part-time for the past two years. When she left the Lù family she returned all the cards which the Lù family had given her, keeping only this card.

At that time she did not want for money, but there were things she wanted to do; and so she went ahead and did them. It just so happened she had worked part-time, and while the money was not much, it could help solve this urgent family situation. At the least, the money they borrowed could be repaid, and they would not have to worry about the mortgage for a year.

However, how should she give it to her parents? She felt that if she gave it to them directly they would not accept it; best to think of a better excuse.

As she was thinking about what to say, she noticed two other cards in the box.

These were given to her before she returned to China.

[I heard that your biological parents are relatively poor. Take this card. Use it to improve your life, or don’t—I don’t care; it’s yours now, do whatever you want with it.]

[This card is for emergencies. Whether it’s for issues here in the Manor or there with your family, big issues, small issues, you can use it. You’re going to be the Boss from now on, so you need to have money with you all the time! So just take it if I tell you to!]

In the end, Lu Ning was forced to accept these two cards. The main thing was that there were too many people, and it would not be worthwhile if she was beaten up for not accepting them.

This all felt strange to her. For what reason did she take over the Rose Manor? She had yet to figure out what it was for, though it did look like it was not to be trifled with. Why did she hand over such a huge manor and all its affairs to someone she had only met a few times?

Did everyone in the Rose Manor agree to this, simply because she saved their boss?

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