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After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

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Chapter 4

Going Home

Was there a need to make such a clear distinction between the bonds of nurture or the ties of blood?

Shen Yunci was furious. “You know nothing! Do you even know what she did…”

Before she could finish, Lu Zhi interrupted her.

“Yunci, calm down. Little Ning will be here soon, don’t scare her.”

Shen Yunci simmered down when he mentioned Little Ning.

She was a young lady from a rich family, and was intellectual and elegant. She never would have thought she would be yelling like this, much less at others. After living here she had really learned a lot.

Lu Jingzhi was looking at them, and eventually he raised his head to look at Lu Qing. “Brother, don’t pull such a long face. Even if you don’t like Sister you still need to behave; after all, she didn’t do this. Neither did she want to be mistaken for someone else’s baby the moment she was born.”

He looked at Lu Qing with an appearance of one wise beyond his years, and his words were irrefutable.

Lu Qing took a deep breath and did not say anything else.

Shen Yunci said sarcastically, “That’s right. Even a five-year-old can tell you were wrong, I don’t know how I gave birth to a idiot like you.”

Lu Qing: “…”

Lu Jingzhi hurriedly interrupted them. “Mommy, I heard noises, I think Sister is here.”


Shen Yunci immediately headed to the stairs and craned her neck to peer down the steps.

Lu Zhi held onto her, afraid she might fall.

There really were sounds coming from downstairs. Shen Yunci’s heart beat faster and faster as she heard the footsteps coming closer and closer.

She was nervous and on edge.

Lu Ning lifted her suitcase and climbed up the cement stairs. Many adverts and graffiti defaced the walls, and the smell of rust stung her nostrils.

As she walked, she turned to look at the stair railing. It was mottled with rust and a little dirty. They must be used to it; after all, the residents here had not bothered to polish and clean it up.

There was no disdain in her eyes; in fact, there was even a hint of novelty.

She turned the corner with her suitcase, and when she looked up she was met with Shen Yunci’s eager gaze.

She froze for a moment. She knew she had to greet her, but her mind suddenly went blank and she did not know what to say.

In a way, this was the first time they had officially met, so she was a little tense.

Seeing her carry her suitcase, Shen Yunci hurried down.

“Is it heavy? Mommy will carry it for you.”

She subconsciously said, “There’s no need, Auntie Lu…”

As soon as the words left her mouth she was startled. She was so accustomed to calling her that.

“Let me, let me.”

Lu Zhi also ran down and reached out to take Lu Ning’s suitcase.

Lu Ning looked at them and did not procrastinate any longer. She said softly, “Thank you… Dad, Mom.”

Her words were a little stiff.

Shen Yunci was overjoyed. “Yes, my dear daughter, it’s fine. Take your time and get used to it. Come, come. I’ve prepared food. You must be hungry. Come home and eat.”

Lu Ning nodded and followed both of them, and at the top of the stairs she spotted two people—one tall, one short.

“Your older brother, your younger brother.”

After the brief introduction, Shen Yunci shoved Lu Qing aside and went in, pulling Lu Ning along.

Lu Qing, who was despised for being a hindrance: ???

Lu Ning was unused to this kind of enthusiasm.

Shen Yunci pulled her to the dining table and sat her down.

“Little Ning, see if there’s anything you like to eat; it doesn’t matter if there isn’t anything you like. Tell Mommy what you like, and Mommy will make it for you tonight.”

Lu Ning looked at the table overflowing with food; the appetizing display would make anyone’s mouth water.

When she had stayed at the Lù residence there was a chef in charge of the meals, so she had never eaten her mother’s cooking.

In fact, it was rare for her to see s.h.i.+ Qingyue’s face, let alone have her cook for her.

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