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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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However, upon thinking carefully, it seemed that it was also reasonable.

Though Su Jianan appeared to be pretty smart, she actually was one who was stubborn and of one track mind. She made a clear distinction between what she liked and what she didn’t. It was highly possible that she would hold the posture of not changing her att.i.tude at all for her entire life.

Luo Xiaoxi had asked her once. “Is there any possibility that you and the one you like could end up being together?”

And she said, probably there was none.

Then what should you do? Luo Xiaoxi persuaded her that whether would she like to try hanging out with someone else? It would be good if she could give herself one more option.

She shook her head and said flatly, he was the only one I liked and it was impossible for me to be together with other people. At the worst, I could live on my own for my entire life, which actually was not something horrible.

Being a girl at the age of 20, she just cast off her own immatureness and was at her best times. There were a lot of boys courting after her. And Su Jianan actually said she would like to lead her entire life on her own.

From Luo Xiaoxi’s perspective, this was pretty much horrible than the ringing at midnight.

But soon, Su Jianan suddenly said that she was going to be married to Lu Boyan.

Luo Xiaoxi was surprised as well as happy. She once thought that Su Jianan finally had got over it and was now willing to take other people in.

But that was how matters stood, it turned out that Lu Boyan was exactly the one she liked.

It was due to the fact that the one whom she would get married to happened to be the one she liked that then she was willing to get married and be protected in this way.

If seen from this aspect, then Su Jianan was lucky.

After leaving the hospital, Luo Xiaoxi drove her little Ferrari racing car which was of the highest degree of coolness back home.

She was pretty good at driving cars at fast speed. The red racing car darted on the road nimbly like the leopard. The taillights were converged into a streak of light which was fleeting and as slim as the meteors. The scenes along the road were left far and far behind by her.

However, even driving at the speed like this, she could not stop the memory at noon emerging in her head.

Those ambiguous touching replayed in her head. Luo Xiaoxi still could almost feel the temperature of Su Yicheng’s both lips.

If it had not been for the call from Xue Yating, would she and Su Yicheng have had…

But even something had really happened, then so what? In Su Yicheng’e eyes, she could only be cheaper and more degrading.

When she was almost home, Luo Xiaoxi got a call from May.

“Ah, Xiaoxi, could you come to the company tomorrow? Boss Peng decided to sign a contract with you. Congratulations! You soon could make your debut officially and finally be a model!”

Luo Xiaoxi sneered. “Am I going to be a model, or just becoming a periphery girl who provided illegal s.e.xual service? I am no longer interested in “Huaxing”, don’t you ever call me again.”

At all times, it was always the agency who could say no to the actor. Luo Xiaoxi was the first one who had refused Huaxing’s deal in such an ungrateful way.

May snorted. “Don’t ever pretend to be aloof! You just accompanied them to drink the wines and hit on Su Yicheng on your own initiative yesterday, didn’t you? As for you, if you really want to be famous, you have far more people than only one Su Yicheng to accompany. For those ones who are elder and uglier than Su Yicheng, you still have to sleep with them!”

“You can keep them to yourselves. You’re welcome.”

Hanging up the phone and dragging May into the blacklist, Luo Xiaoxi jammed on the brake. Then the Ferrari stopped at the front of a deluxe villa.

Father Luo was playing chess with himself in the dining room. Seeing that, Luo Xiaoxi felt a bit sad.

She actually was so unfilial. Never bearing what her parents had said in mind, she acted wildly outside all day long. She even negotiated the terms with her parents if they would like her to come back home to have dinner. And now her father had no choice but to play chess with himself.

“Dad! I am back.”

Having already long heard the sound of the racing car, her father lifted his head and gave his daughter a look. “Ow? Have you signed a contract with Huaxing?”

“How did you know that the agent of Huaxing had got into touch with me?” Luo Xiaoxi sat down gloomily and changed the tea leaves for her father. After was.h.i.+ng up the tea leaves, she added more water into the teacup. “Their agent who had called me a moment ago was blacklisted by me.”

“What is it? You are finally fed up with the playing? Aren’t you?”

“Dad, I am serious this time, OK?” Luo Xiaoxi served tea for her father adeptly, “Why do you all doubt that I am just acting out of just a spur of the moment again?”

“Hey, are you serious?” Father Luo patted on his chest and said, “To my surprise, you actually become serious! You are going to scare your dear father to death.”

Luo Xiaoxi laughed out with a “Puff”, clung to her father’s arms and acted affectionately, “I know that you have been so disappointed at my brief period of enthusiasm while doing things previously. But now I really want to be an amazing model. Dad, I will prove it to you!”

“Come on.” Father Luo gave Luo Xiaoxi a despising look and said, “Haven’t I known you too well? Hasten it up. Don’t disgrace yourself even on TV. You should come back to the company and study management. In the future, you will inherit the Luo Enterprise. The T-shaped platform is not your stage.”

“Why should it be me who to inherit the enterprise? From my perspective, the office indeed is certainly not my stage!” Luo Xiaoxi twitched her mouth, “When you retire, the Luo Enterprise can hire the professional managers to be your successor. But I want to be a model and no one can replace me regarding that. The reason why you make so much money is to let me have the option to choose my own life, isn’t it? Why do you always ask me to go to your company and work, work, work, it’s so annoying, OK?”

Father Luo let out a sigh, “I will let you be a model. But if within two years, you made no progress at all, you would have to come back. Moreover, you have to give up on Su Yicheng. It’s OK that you have gone after him, but you even are still not able to gain his heart after more than ten years’ efforts. You have lost even my face.”

“No, I can’t!” Luo Xiaoxi refused it without any hesitation, “Dad, I will definitely be famous within two years and I will become the best domestic model. Till then I will make you feel extremely honored and dignified! But, I can’t give up on Su Yicheng. Since I have been after him for more than ten years, if I could give it up, I would have done it early. Anyway, I have lost your face, it doesn’t matter if I lose it for a more little bit.”

Father Luo was speechless.

Luo Xiaoxi patted on her father’s shoulders and said, “Lao Luo, your daughter will definitely become famous. Su Yicheng will also be your son in law! You can rest a.s.sured.”

If hearing her talking further, Father Luo would soon be stricken with a heart attack. He waved his hands and said, “Then can you somehow promise me to meet one person? The brother from the family of your Uncle Qin whom I have met for a few times was back from abroad half a year ago. He is a man of striking appearance. Also, he is no less capable than Su Yicheng. You go and meet him.”

“A blind date…” Luo Xiaoxi thought for a while and said, “Ten thousand! If you give me ten thousand, then I will be there.”

Biting his teeth, Father Luo wrote a cheque and gave it to Luo Xiaoxi.

Flipping the cheque contently, Luo Xiaoxi said smilingly, “Dad, I will live at home for some time. After I have spent all the money, how about you then reactivating my card? I have not bought any new clothing for two weeks. Don’t you think I am miserable?”

“What had Su Yicheng done to you again?”

No one knew a woman better than her own father. Every time when she either had a fight with Su Yicheng or was hated by Su Yicheng, Luo Xiaoxi would come back home and live at home for some time. As for that, her father had figured out the pattern long ago.

Luo Xiaoxi sighed and groaned. “Dad, life is already hard, so don’t expose the truth anymore. Is my mother upstairs or not? I will go up to see her.”

Luo Xiaoxi ran away as soon as she finished her lines. Father Luo shook his head, sipped some tea and ordered the servants to tidy the room up for Luo Xiaoxi. Then he told the housekeeper to inform the chief that the Young Miss had already been back and he should cook the breakfast ready according to her preference.

Luo Xiaoxi was right. The reason why he had made that much money was to give his daughter the best and give her the freedom to choose her own life.

As for the only thing that he could not give her, perhaps, it was only Su Yicheng.

On the second day, Lu Boyan got the business thing of his branch company done and arranged Xu Youning to work in the Bianlu Shop. Then, he brought Su Jianan back to A City.

At the airport.

Su Jianan slept through the whole flight. After getting off the plane, she was completely puzzled and let Lu Boyan hold her hands to lead her outside. The hustling and bustling of the airport were all distant in her ears. She only wanted to sleep.

After getting on the car and seeing the familiar things skittering by the car windows, Su Jianan finally came to her senses. She sat up and asked Lu Boyan, “I should go to work tomorrow, shouldn’t I?”

“No need.” Lu Boyan said, “I have already asked for leave for you from the Chief. You rest at home for a few days. I will take you to a place the day after tomorrow.”

Su Jianan also did not ask where Lu Boyan was going to take her. She replied with a “Hum” and then closed her eyes to have a sleep. When the car made a turn, her body was accordingly dangling around with the car. However, she still was not willing to open her eyes.

Never had Lu Boyan known that Su Jianan could be such a great sleeper. While seeing her almost falling down, he stretched out his hands, held her over and let her lean on his shoulders in the end.

Perhaps either Su Jianan had been accustomed to his caressing or perhaps she had lost her consciousness and had no idea about what had happened at all, she had not stood on ceremony with Lu Boyan at all. She held his arms, rubbed against them and then fell asleep comfortably.

Lu Boyan’s hands brushed through her long hair. A whispering sigh flew out from his breath.

What would she do if it were the other person beside her? Would she rub against him all the same?

It appeared that he needed to keep a vigil eye on this little monster.

The airport was not far away from Dingya Villas. The car arrived at the front door of the house within less than half an hour. Lu Boyan called Su Jianan. Then she woke up, rubbing her eyes. The thing first popped into her eyes was the familiar three-storeyed villa. Warm lights reflected through the windows, which looked like they had been looking forward to their return.

Su Jianan smiled towards Lu Boyan. “We are home.”

For these lines, the driver had said them to Lu Boyan for a lot of times already. “Mr. Lu, you are at home.”

However, it was a completely different feeling when hearing these lines uttered out from Su Jianan’s mouth.

This place seemed to have become a home of a real sense, a home to return to which could offer shelter from the rain&wind and where the one he wanted to take care of most lived. For every gra.s.s and every tree inside it, they all had been animated and all had held the temperature. It was not simply a place for sleeping, which actually held no big difference from the apartment in the city center.

“Hum.” He raised the corner of his mouth slightly and said, “Let’s get off the car.”

Uncle Xu walked forward and said, “Young Master, Young Madam, Mr. Su is here.”

“My brother?”

Su Jianan felt it a strange thing. If not for urgency, Su Yicheng should not have come here at such a late time.

She ran back to the living room. “Brother.”

Su Yicheng stood up, stared at Su Jianan up and down smilingly. “How do you end up being thinner?”

Su Jianan touched her cheek and replied, “Not at all! It is already that late, are you here for me or for Lu Boyan?”

“For Boyan.” Su Yicheng saw through the concern in Su Jianan’s eyes. “Don’t worry, I just have some things related to business to discuss with him.”

Su Jianan turned her head to have a look. Lu Boyan accidentally came inside at that same time. She smiled, “Then you two talk with each other. I now go back to my room. Oh, by the way, are you available tomorrow noon? How about eating lunch together?”

Of course, Su Yicheng would say yes to her. “Wherever you would like to have lunch, just send me the relative address.”

Su Jianan nodded smilingly, turned her back and ran upstairs.

It was until Su Jianan’s figure was out of sight that Su Yicheng turned back and talked to Lu Boyan, “I have a favor to ask of you.”

Being a no ordinary figure in the business field and even the whole A City, Su Yicheng seldom asked favors from other people. Lu Boyan signaled him to sit down and said, “What’s up?”

“You have to promise me first that you won’t reveal it to Jianan.”

Lu Boyan meditated for a short while. “No problem.”

Hearing out Su Yicheng’s so-called “Favor”, Lu Boyan did not say yes immediately. Instead, he stared at Su Yicheng with his deep and serene eyes. “Contract signing is easy. But for the task in later periods, it is very difficult.”

“I know it. You won’t do me a favor in vain.” Su Yicheng smiled and sold out Su Jianan without hesitation, “Jianan holds a big secret which is related to you. If you still can’t figure it out three months later, I will let you know what it is.”

Lu Boyan moved his tips of brows. “Deal then.”

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