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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Su Yicheng was just about to push Luo Xiaoxi away. But she already had ripped off his tie and then planted her kisses on his cheek.

With a remarkable height of 173cm and also another pair of high-heel shoes which were of 10cm’s height worn on her feet, still having a few more centimeters to go, then she would be almost as high as him. So it was simply a piece of cake for her to kiss him. Moreover, she was somewhat experienced at doing this.

While during the first year at college, Luo Xiaoxi made up her mind to give her first kiss to Su Yicheng. She watched a lot of videos about kissing online and studied over the tips of kissing carefully. After a long planning and preparation, she finally threw herself on Su Yicheng. Hardly had she kissed him forcibly for just once when she was pushed away by Su Yicheng repulsively.

She also kissed him on her own initiative many times later. However, they all ended up getting in touch with Su Yicheng’s lips only. So it could be regarded that she actually had no experience of kissing at all. She consequently had no idea at all about how was she going to kiss him next and she could only stick her lips tightly on those of Su Yicheng’s clumsily.

Su Yicheng felt that he seemed to be bitten. Scowling his face, he intended to push Luo Xiaoxi away again. However, as if having known what he was going to do, she held him tightly instead and gnawed at him more forcibly.

While during her movement, her dress slipped off and her soft part stuck on his chest between the thin s.h.i.+rt. The light fragrance exuding from her body crept into his nose. All of a sudden, his breath became noisy and heavy.

“Su Yicheng.” Hatred seemed to exist in Luo Xiaoxi’s voice. “Why are you not willing to fall for me? Why?”

“Knowing that I don’t fall for you, you actually would still like to sleep with me?” A hint of cold ridicule showed up in Su Yicheng’s eyes.

Luo Xiaoxi held him tightly and just would not let him go. “After all, whatever it is heart or body, I have to get either one first. Or is it just that you dare not to try it, isn’t it?”

She smiled and moved with her long fingers. Then the red dress slipped down rapidly as if the diamonds went down from the silk…

She was as perfect as the one specifically forged out by G.o.d in accordance with the Golden Ratio. Whatever part of her would drive men crazy. While now, she was frank and open in such a way. It was difficult for Su Yicheng to have no reaction at all.

A cl.u.s.ter of flame blazed up in Su Yicheng’s eyes.

Circling around his neck, Luo Xiaoxi kissed him. “Su Yicheng, ever since I was little, whatever it was the dress in the showcase windows or the hairpin in the boutiques, as long as I liked it, I could have them all in the end. The same also goes with you. You will definitely be mine eventually.”

“I am not that kind of merchandise listed in the shop which you can buy with cash.” Su Yicheng said.

“I know it.” Luo Xiaoxi ripped at the b.u.t.tons of his s.h.i.+rt with hatred, “If you could be bought with cash, you would have been mine head over heels a long time ago! Then as for those so-called girlfriends of yours, they did not even try to think about touching you!”

“What exactly do you like about these women? Because of their smartness and capability? Don’t you know that I have held the double master’s degree in the International Finance and Accounting at Columbia University? As for what they have understood and what they have been able to do, I know them all and I can do them all. It is just that I don’t like them and I don’t want to stay in the office wearing the ugly suits of black, white and gray colors. And that is all!”

It was not clear whether it was the alcohol that had kept her courage up or not, Luo Xiaoxi today was like a little lion, which had sworn to take Su Yicheng, her prey down.

“Xiaoxi, then what exactly do you like about me?”

“I don’t know.” Luo Xiaoxi hated it the most when other people asked her this exact question, “It is not that there exists n.o.body higher, more handsome and better than you in this world. At least they also like me and are willing to be nice to me. But I just like you.”

After some pause, Luo Xiaoxi smiled suddenly as if she were self-deprecating. “Maybe you say it right. I am just degrading myself.”

There existed hopeless self-ridicule which was like dead ashes in her eyes. Suddenly lowering his head, Su Yicheng seized her both lips, broke open her teeth and devoured her flavor.

Being good at kissing, Su Yicheng easily extracted Luo Xiaoxi’s power out with a few simple sucking motions. Clutching at his hands, Luo Xiaoxi did not know how to react. She could only enjoy his plundering-like kisses.

“Su Yicheng…” She could not help herself calling out his name.

Su Yicheng suddenly made a determined effort and pushed her against the wall. His kisses loitered around to her neck and shoulders…

He should not treat Luo Xiaoxi in this way. Su Yicheng knew it intellectually. However, she entangled him up with her hands. She tightened him up just like a tempting coquettish young girl and gave herself completely out to him. However, her kissing action was as awkward as that at her teenager’s age. She looked also that terrified even calling his name out.

He intended to swallow her into his belly all of a sudden.

The whole bathroom quieted down. The flame of ambiguity kept piling on. Luo Xiaoxi smelt out a flavor of another special kind and she knew what was going to take place next.

She did not say no to it.

It even was something that she had been looking forward to for a long time.

With her hands circling around Su Yicheng’s waist, she kissed him back. And it was at the right moment that his mobile suddenly rang.

The ambiguity should have been interrupted by the ringing sound which had come unexpectedly. However, Luo Xiaoxi had put her hands into Su Yicheng’s pocket in advance and took his mobile out. “Don’t answer it.”

She had intended to flush Su Yicheng’s mobile into the toilet. But she accidentally caught sight of the name displayed on the mobile screen.

It was Xue Yating.

She was his current girlfriend as well as the cousin of the little girl who had a one-night-stand with Qin Wei. Luo Xiaoxi had seen her twice.

Luo Xiaoxi seemed to be awakening from a dream. Su Yicheng now was a man who already had a girlfriend. Then what was she doing now? Getting involved in other people’s relations.h.i.+p?

Pus.h.i.+ng Su Yicheng away all of a sudden, she gave the mobile back to him, picked up the dress on the floor to shroud herself well and walked out of the bathroom hurriedly.

Su Yicheng’s eyes were still as deep as the ink which had not been ground out yet. It was until he had seen Xue Yating’s name that he started to have a headache, what was he doing just a moment ago?

He had been saying no to Luo Xiaoxi for more than ten years. If it were not for this call from Xue Yating, what would he do to her?

The tie was falling on the floor. The s.h.i.+rt whose b.u.t.tons were wide open was messy. The smell was burning torridly. Without exception, all of these had told Su Yicheng that he had crossed the line.

He tidied his clothing up and walked out. The door was wide open and Luo Xiaoxi had already been out of sight.

It was good that she ran away. He needed to straighten out all these things on his own.

After taking a cold water shower and getting changed, Su Yicheng was the one who was the calm business elite again. He dialed through Xue Yating’s mobile and asked her to have dinner together tonight.

While in the western restaurant located beside the river, one could view the surging river and the prosperity on the opposite side of this city. Xue Yating arrived while wearing a mini dress of Dior. Her makeup was delicate and refined. The slight smile on her face revealed the tenderness which was just perfect.

She was the same as all of his previous girlfriends, who were without any errors to be picked out.

“Are you done with your work today?” Xue Yating asked.

“Yes, I am.” Su Yicheng pushed one envelope to the front of Xue Yating. “While for the key to that apartment on Huaxi Road, the relative procedures of gifting are still undergoing. My a.s.sistant will bring some doc.u.ments over for you to sign tomorrow. Once done, the house property certificate will be mailed to you.”

“Yicheng…” Xue Yating smiled, “I heard that those young masters from rich families would offer housing and cars as gifts while going after their girls, in order to ingratiate themselves with the girls. Why would you also adopt this move?”

With his hands both crossed, Su Yicheng leaned against the couch. For that exact instant, he was seemingly far away. “Yating, you are the smartest one among those girls who I had known and you should know what I mean.”

The smile on Xue Yating’s face froze. She then collapsed completely all of a sudden. “Why? Aren’t we on good terms?”

Su Yicheng stood up and buckled up the b.u.t.tons of his coat gracefully. “We won’t have any future together. It will be best for you if we end up breaking up. Your spending today will be charged to my account, goodbye.”

He walked out of the restaurant without ever turning his head back. While looking at his back, Xue Yating finally understood why somebody would say that the degree of his cruel-heartedness could be comparable to that of Lu Boyan.

At normal times, he was both calm and refined. But when it came to breaking up, he would act out in the same way as he was striking out in the business field, fast, accurate, merciless and leaving no hope behind.

However, for these a few months when they had been together, they had been on good terms all along. She had been trying her best to be a perfect girlfriend. Then what on earth had gone wrong?

Xue Yating suddenly thought of the time when she had gone to the hotel along with her cousin to confirm whether her cousin’s boyfriend had been having an affair or not. At that time, she dragged her cousin and left. While Su Yicheng… he seemed to have gone to look for the girl wearing the bathrobe.

Her heart was fully set on her cousin at that time. Now upon thinking back carefully, she found out that Su Yicheng’s expression at that time was simply not normal at all. His expression had become that sullen all of a sudden. He even suddenly struck out to beat others, which was not the things that Su Yicheng would do at all.

She had to seek the girl out!

At the same time, Luo Xiaoxi was in the hospital which had coffee shops, western restaurants inside and was with speedy wifi covered. Jiang Shaokai just had been transferred here the day before yesterday.

“Tut, tut, tut!” Luo Xiaoxi played with the fresh flowers of the patient ward and said, “Jiang Shaokai, you being a patient actually live in a much better environment than me.”

“Are you jealous of me?”Jiang Shaokai replied, “Then you move to the next door and be my neighbor.”

“I can not afford the hospital expenses here now!” Luo Xiaoxi gnashed her teeth in anger, “Then it is all my father’s fault! For almost one week, I have not bought any new clothing and new shoes!”

“You can go home and kneel to beg for forgiveness.” Jiang Shaokai advised her out of good intention, “Your father has been tampering on your playing for these many years. But if you want to play in the modeling field, you indeed have really gone too far.”

“Even you also think that I am just playing games?” Luo Xiaoxi stared at Jiang Shaokai and said, “F**k, I have said that I am not! I am serious, I am serious and I am super serious! I want to be a model!”

“Even if you became a model, Su Yicheng might not like you for sure.”


It was somewhat abnormal for Luo Xiaoxi to be silent all of a sudden. If at previous times, she must have rushed forward, poked at Jiang Shaokai’s wound and made him shut up his filthy mouth.

Jiang Shaokai thrust her. “What had happened between you and Su Yicheng?”

“Nothing.” Luo Xiaoxi became somewhat melancholy. “Jiang Shaokai, for these years, I have been living extremely like a degenerated young girl who makes no effort to seek progress, haven’t I?”

“Though holding a double master’s degree, you are only good at shopping crazily, indulging in the bar, going to parties and going after Su Yicheng. You are not willing to do anything except going after Su Yicheng. Luo Xiaoxi, is it till now that you start to realize that you are degenerating yourselves?”

“F**k off!” Luo Xiaoxi gave Jiang Shaokai a kick, “But I am not interested in the things happening in the business field. Could it be only counted as upward mobility that if I wore the suits and sat in an independent office? I now really want to be an amazing model. You and Jianan actually doubt my determination, which simply means that we can not be friends anymore.”

When it came to Su Jianan, Jiang Shaokai’s eyes flickered a bit. “When will she be back?”

“I have no idea. Boss Lu had carried her away that day and flew to G City.” Luo Xiaoxi turned her head smilingly, “Jiang Shaokai, I think you should be careful. The reason why Boss Lu had been that angry must be that Jianan had cooked the soup and sent the meal to you every few days. It seemed that some progress had been made between them during their stay in G City.”

“It’s a normal thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“The one who Jianan falls for is exactly Lu Boyan. Hasn’t she told you that yet?”

“…I feel as if having been stricken by the thunder.” Luo Xiaoxi was completely at a loss, “How could it be Lu Boyan? It actually is Lu Boyan! What the f**k…”

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