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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Noon of the second day. At a restaurant.

Su Jianan flipped through the menu as well as waited for Su Yicheng. Her left shoulder was suddenly patted by somebody. She was so familiar with the strength that she looked to the right, “Luo Xiaoxi, why are you here?”

“I had intended to ask you the same question.” Luo Xiaoxi smiled in an ambiguous way, “You are having lunch here with your Boss Lu? Where is Boss Lu?”

“No, the one I have asked out is my brother.” Su Jianan asked, “Have you eaten yet? Would you like to have lunch together?”

Luo Xiaoxi considered it extremely discreetly for a while and said, “I don’t want to see Su Yicheng. So no lunch together!”

“Why don’t you want to see him?” Su Jianan was curious, “To have lunch with him, you should be so happy that you could jump to the height of three feet, shouldn’t you?”

Luo Xiaoxi stroked her long curly hair and replied with a “Huh”. “What can I do? I am no longer that Luo Xiaoxi in previous times!”

Su Jianan said, “Have you signed the contract with your agency?”

“Uh huh!” Luo Xiaoxi sat on the opposite side of Su Jianan and looked excited, “Moreover, you have a guess at with which agency I have signed the contract with?”

Su Jianan did not need to guess from the start. “Is it Lu Enterprises Media?”

“Well? You have got the right answer out upon guessing!” Luo Xiaoxi snapped her fingers loudly and said, “You are right. I have signed a contract with Lu Enterprises Media! From now on, you are my lady boss! I have to go through three months’ training first, then the agent will arrange me to make a debut officially. I will be the best domestic model within two years!”

“What has your being a model to do with not seeing my brother? Are they related?”

“He does not think that I can be a good model.” Luo Xiaoxi’s voice was stubborn as well as tough. “I have made up my mind, I will not see him before I have made small progress. Having haunting him for more than ten years, I am always that beautiful every day when he sees me. He should have been fed up with me already. I will show up in front of him with a brand new ident.i.ty next time. Then he will make an impression and flip at me!”

To gain Su Yicheng’s heart, Luo Xiaoxi had used various kinds of remarkable methods. However, only this method was out of Su Jianan’s expectation.

Su Jianan nodded. “Then I should remind you that my brother will be here within five minutes.”

Luo Xiaoxi stood up all of a sudden. “Then I will leave! Oh, by the way, don’t let him know that I have signed a contract with Lu Enterprises Media. Oh, here is your mobile.”

She put down Su Jianan’s mobile and ran out of the restaurant hurriedly. Soon, Su Yicheng showed up in the restaurant while wearing western suits and leather shoes.

Su Yicheng was pretty tall. His exercising and working out at the regular time made his originally outstanding stature more stalwart and straight. Even if wearing ordinary business suits, he was also such eye candy. His refinement was along with a few hints of aloofness which would not go so far as indifference; He was always of graceful bearings. With his good-looking and deep facial features, whenever he went, he would charm the girls to death without bearing the consequences.

Su Jianan thought that if Su Yicheng were not her brother, if she had not run into Lu Boyan, it would be highly possible that she could not help falling for her brother, the same way like Luo Xiaoxi did. Moreover, she would be unable to extricate herself.

Su Yicheng sat on the opposite side of Su Jianan. “Have you ordered the courses yet?”

“Yes, I have.” Su Jianan told the waiter that they could serve the courses now. She cupped her chin with her both hands and stared at Su Yicheng.

Su Yicheng readjusted his sitting posture and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with me today?”

Su Jianan shook her head. “You are still the same as what you were before, without any errors to be picked out. What I want to ask you is that you still came to look for Lu Boyan at such a late time last night, was it anything urgent?”

Su Yicheng leaned backward. He stared at his own sister up and down with leisurely expression, “Are you worrying about Lu Boyan or me?”

“I am worrying about neither of you.” Su Jianan raised the corner of her mouth and smiled, “I am worrying about Xiaoxi. I came across her here a moment ago. She just signed an agency contract with Lu Enterprises Media.”

Su Yicheng stayed calm and kept collected. “So?”

Instead of answering, Su Jianan drank the water slowly as well as stared at Su Yicheng.

She doubted that as for Lu Enterprises Media’s signing a contract with Xiaoxi, it was Su Yicheng who had played a role of fueling during the process. But Su Yicheng didn’t hope it to be known to others.

She had minored in psychology. She could speculate out what this person was thinking about based on his delicate change of countenance. Normally as soon as she looked at a person’s eyes, she would know whether he was with a guilty conscience or not, or whether he was lying or not.

However, those bits of hard-core knowledge could do nothing to Su Yicheng. She could not seek any weak points out from his face.

Su Yicheng and Lu Boyan shared shocking similarities when it came to this aspect. Their gestures were always elegant and aloof. For the smiles floating in the bottom of their eyes occasionally, they were also too profound to be understood. Other people could not figure out whether they were happy or angry at all.

Su Jianan surrendered. “I have to admit that your expression is flawless.”

Su Yicheng smiled then. “The problem is that why should you deal with me in such a beating around the bush way?”

Su Jianan paused for a while and said, “Lu Enterprises recently does not have any plan to cultivate any newbies. Moreover, they normally only sign the contract with actors in the film and music industry. They don’t act as the agency for models.” She raised the corner of her mouth and smiled more brightly than Su Yicheng, “So before you came to look for Lu Boyan, there were no agents from Lu Enterprises who were looking for Xiaoxi.”

“So you doubted it was me who had given Luo Xiaoxi a hand?” Su Yicheng’s leisurely countenance made no change at all. “When you are solving a case, you have to pay special attention to the evidence. You can not convince the judge via verbal speculations only.”

Su Jianan shrugged. “I don’t have actual evidence. Lu Boyan definitely would not tell me the truth. But deep inside my heart, your flawless expression a moment ago was the exact evidence. If not guessed right by me, why would you be in a state of negotiating with your opponents? I am your sister, not the businessman who do business and fight for profit with you. Your defensive look a moment ago meant that you were with a guilty conscience.”

The smile in the bottom of Su Yicheng’s eyes deepened gradually. At that time, the soup accidentally was served up. He filled Su Jianan’s bowl with the soup and said, “Then you interrogate me after you dig out the evidence. Now can we eat first? Oh, by the way, how is the trip to G city of you and Lu Boyan’s going?”

Those ambiguous and shameful clips and touching swept past Su Jianan’s eyes again. She cowered her head and drank the soup, “How, how could it be?”

Su Yicheng knew Su Jianan too well. She dared not to raise her head, which meant that she was blushed and with a guilty conscience. “As expected, something did happen between you two.”

Su Jianan raised her head all of a sudden. “Don’t speculate randomly!”

“Have you kissed with each other?”

Su Yicheng stared at Su Jianan. At first, Su Jianan was able to look into his eyes via eye-to-eye and stared at him. But, gradually, her eyes became weaker and weaker. In the end, her head dropped down completely.

He smiled as if he had known her really well, “If nothing had happened, then I would feel it pretty strange. My sister was so beautiful. Normal men had no reason to be of no response at all.”


Su Jianan felt depressed. It was obvious that she had interrogated Su Yicheng first. But now… why their roles had been reversed?

“As for a few interrogation skills and psychology you have learned at school, they could be only be used to deal with those baby thieves.” Su Yicheng shook his head, “Fortunately you have been married to Lu Boyan.”

“What do you mean?” Su Jianan’s voice became duller.

Su Yicheng let out a sigh directly, “You will understand it in the future.”

At that time, the courses Su Jianan had ordered were served one after another. She tilted her head and said, “Alright.” Then she focused on eating the dishes.

Since Su Yicheng said she would get it in later days, then there was no need for her to be struggling. It was even more so when she was faced with delicious food.

As what Luo Xiaoxi had said, delicious food was also a kind of mood, which deserved single-minded treatment.

After lunch, Su Yicheng went back to the company first because of an urgent meeting. While Su Jianan was thinking about what she was going to do to kill off the boredom this afternoon, then two familiar figures walked towards her direction.

They were Jiang Xueli and Su Yuanyuan.

The mother and daughter had both stayed in the house of detention for some time due to the fact that they had attacked the policemen and disclosed other people’s privacy a period ago. Su Jianan calculated the time. They indeed should go out and continue creating riots.

Su Yuanyuan halted her arrogant steps beside Su Jianan’s table. Folding her both hands around her chest, she stared at Su Jianan up and down condescendingly. “The Second Young Miss from Su Family, you have been married to Lu Boyan, haven’t you? Other people always say how dearly Lu Boyan has loved you, don’t they? Why could you have lunch with Su Yicheng only? Lu Boyan now is accompanying Han Ruoxi, isn’t he?”

Su Jianan honestly did not intend to be entangled with them. She stood up to leave.

“Are you with a guilty conscience?” Su Yuanyuan continued talking trashes, “I have said something right about you, now you want to run away, don’t you? If my father had not told me the truth, I would almost have believed that you and Lu Boyan were true lovers to each other. I have to admit that you are pretty good at acting. You actually urged Lu Boyan to send my mother and me into the house of detention. Let me tell you, we are not done with this!”

Su Jianan smiled coldly, “Have I said that I am already done with your disclosure of my information? You can go to the police station anytime you want to get even with me. But I have to give you a reminding in advance, action against attacking policemen and obstructing the public service would range from detention up to the sentence. For those ones who had criminal records, the sentence would be much heavier.”

The criminal record was a shadow in the entire glorious life of Su Yuanyuan’s. She was so angry that she stared at Su Jianan. “Whereby would you be that confident? Lu Boyan had announced to the public forthrightly that he would divorce you two years later. But it is true that you can only be Mrs. Lu for two years. You indeed need to enjoy the power and prestige fully via taking advantage of this period of time.”

Su Jianan smiled, “At least I could enjoy the power and prestige in these two years. However, over the past more than ten years when I was not Mrs. Lu, it was not necessarily that you had enjoyed more power and prestige than me, am I right?”

It was true. Su Jianan was never a role who could be easily bullied. During the time when she had stayed in Su Family for so many years, the only thing Su Yuanyuan had taken over from her was Su Hongyuan’s favor which she actually had no need of. However, with that excluded, Su Yuanyuan had never been able to gain extra advantages from Su Jianan, even for just one cent. Though she had once racked her brain to intend to make fun of Su Jianan.

Su Yuanyuan stampeded her feet exasperatedly. Su Jianan held her bag smilingly and left. Su Yuanyuan shouted while pointing at her back, “What is amazing about you? Actually nothing! I should have seen that you and Lu Boyan were of a fake marriage, otherwise, why didn’t you two hold a wedding ceremony? It was OK that you didn’t have a wedding ceremony, you actually did not have a ring! After getting married, you actually have nothing on your fingers. Su Jianan, only those fools would believe that you and Lu Boyan fell for each other!”

No one noticed that Su Jianan had paused her steps temporarily. The faint smile on her face was also frozen instantly.

Yes, she and Lu Boyan… they actually did not even have a wedding ring.

This time, Su Yuanyuan did poke right at her weak points at last. For all these nine years, it was the first time.

But if they were to get divorced two years later, then a wedding ring would be not that necessary. She would have to give the ring back to Lu Boyan then. It would also be impossible for him to take the ring which she had already used to make other people happy. Even if they have had a wedding ring, the ring would be a waste in the end.

She would rather have nothing at all. Then when she should leave, she would not need to take anything away.

The driver opened the car door for Su Jianan. “Young Madam, are we going home or to other places?”

Su Jianan thought for a while and replied, “Let’s go to Orchid Gardens.”

She wanted to visit Tang Yulan.

Anyhow, no matter how other people had treated her, but Tang Yulan really treated her as her own natural daughter. She was really kind to her.

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