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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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The secretary had good tastes at picking out clothing. Su Jianan did not know if the secretary had gone out of the way to understand her tastes or had just guessed correctly. The clothes that she picked out were just like Su Jianan’s usual leisurely and simple style. Even the colors that she picked out were what Su Jianan liked.

She put on a thin spring jacket and put the rest of the clothes in the car. The driver asked, “Mrs. Lu, where do you wish to go?”

She smiled lightly and said, “I’m not going anywhere too far from here. I’ll just walk around nearby.”

It was getting late and there was no time to go anywhere far. However, it was too much of a waste of time to stay in the hotel room. She might as well walk on the unfamiliar streets and while trying to occupy her time, she might find see something unexpected.

The driver nodded and drove the car following behind Su Jianan. He did not allow her to leave his sight but also did not disturb her.

Su Jianan guessed that these were Lu Boyan’s orders and did not say anything else. She bought a cup of vanilla milk tea at a cafe at the corner of the street and walked on the streets slowly. She made a turn and shopping street littered with tall buildings suddenly appeared before her.

The time was just right for the city people to relax. They walked around in groups, holding hands and visiting each shop. They would walk out with bags containing their spoils, the smiles of their faces lively.

The pace of the city seemed to slow down because of them. Su Jianan started to relax unconsciously.

After marrying Lu Boyan, her days had either been scary or so busy, she wished there were 48 hours in a day. She had never been so relaxed.

It seemed that she had to thank Lu Boyan for carrying her to this foreign city.

She arrived at the financial center after crossing through the shopping street. A river that nourished the city people crossed through the financial center. There were many tall buildings and landmark architecture on this side of the river. On the other side was the wealthy area of the city. The houses were all well-lit and from afar, the light looked like hanging stars fallen from the sky and was very stunning.

Su Jianan followed the light and entered the Asian Games Park. She found a bench and sat down. The cold breeze blew at her as she listened to the river lapping on the sh.o.r.e. Even her breathing relaxed.

Compared to her, Lu Boyan was so busy he seemed to be a person in a different world.

He had been in a rush to come to G City today. He thought that Su Jianan would definitely visit Jiang Shaokai at the hospital more often if he were not at home, and he had the sudden idea to bring her here. That had wasted a lot of time. Then, he had returned to eat lunch with her and that had taken up some time. When he reached the branch office, he did not even have time to breathe before he started to handle the matters and rushed for a meeting.

It was already past ten by the time the meeting ended. The secretary gave him a cup of coffee and said, “Boss Lu, I already sent the clothes to Mrs. Lu as ordered. She quite likes them. She also asked when you will return.”

Lu Boyan’s hurried steps seemed to pause. “How did she ask it?”

“She asked what time we will be busy till. I said that you might only be able to return at 12. She looked quite disappointed.” The secretary hesitated and said, “Boss Lu, let me be nosy and ask, is it Mrs. Lu’s first time at G City?”


Su Jianan had been very quiet before she graduated from university. She only started running wild in the name of traveling when she studied for her Masters in the United States. However, she visited Europe and South East Asia more often. It was indeed her first time visiting G City.

“In this case, it’d be better if you return earlier and keep her company.” The secretary smiled and suggested to Lu Boyan. “She’s a girl after all. It’s her first time in a foreign city, and she came with her lover. She might be able to understand that you’re busy, leaving her all alone in the hotel on the first day. But you’ve still neglected her.”

Su Jianan was not the sort of girl who needed support and a sense of security. However, he still put down his coffee when he heard what the secretary said.

“Let them knock off.”

He did not return to the office and headed straight for the elevator.

The secretary went to announce to the workers that they could knock off. Those who were prepared to work overtime until dawn were all surprised, especially Shen Yuechuan. He asked, “Where’s Boss Lu?”

“Boss Lu went back to keep his wife company.” The secretary smiled sweetly. “Those of you with wives and girlfriends should hurry back to keep them company. Those without should go home and rest early. It’d be a big war tomorrow.”

Everyone stretched lazily and cheered. Shen Yuechuan closed his laptop and said, “Sister-in-law is really our savior…”

At this time, the savior was still sitting on a bench by the river.

It was getting dark and the Asian Games Park quietened down. Half of the streetlamps have dimmed and the shadows of the trees grew fainter. However, the sounds of the river lapping on the sh.o.r.e grew clearer. The crowded city finally emptied for a moment.

The milk tea in Su Jianan’s hands was still slightly warm. She tipped her head back and took a sip. She suddenly saw two strange men.

“Pretty girl, you went shopping?”

The two men did not hide the desire in their eyes. They revealed their slightly yellow teeth when they smiled. Su Jianan only felt that they were wretched.

“You’re sitting here alone so late at night. You must be very lonely.” A man reached out for Su Jianan’s face. “How about big brother here take you somewhere fun?”

Su Jianan had always disliked being touched by strangers. She turned her way and dodged. Then, she took hold of the man’s hand and twisted. The man’s palm turned over and he yelled in pain.

There was a hint of coldness just like Lu Boyan’s in her tone as she said, “Scram”. Then, she tossed the man’s hand away.

The two men would not take being taught a lesson by a 20 something girl lying down. They rubbed their hands together and rushed at her. “You’re lucky today! We will take you with us no matter what!”

Su Jianan was thinking whether she could go against the two when the driver and two bodyguards appeared. They quickly dragged the two men into the small forest behind. Then, pathetic howls started to sound…

Su Jianan had not yet had the time to figure out what happened. Suddenly, a figure appeared above her. The sounds of familiar steps grew closer.

Oh? Didn’t the secretary say that he could only return at 12?

She turned around in surprise. It was indeed Lu Boyan.

The dim white light shone on his handsome face. His features seemed even deeper and sharper. He frowned and his voice could already be heard before he even arrived. “Su Jianan, do you know what time it is?”

Su Jianan already had some sense of how he was after being with him for so long. He would call her by her full name when he was angry.

However, he should be angry. It was already 11 at night. The park that did not close all year round was almost devoid of people. It was rumored that the security of this city was not very good. It was indeed a very courageous thing for a girl to stay in the park alone at this time. She was already lucky that she had only been teased earlier.

Su Jianan stood up and said softly with her head bowed, “The secretary said that you could only return at 12. How boring would it be if I stayed in the hotel alone?”

Was she blaming him?

Lu Boyan glanced at the forest where they could still hear pained howls. He stretched out his hand to Su Jianan and said, “Go back to the hotel with me.”

Su Jianan made a sound of a.s.sent and gave her hand to Lu Boyan, allowing him to take her with him as they weaved through the s.p.a.cious city square.

She was a step slower than him, and his delectable scent was brought to her nose by the wind. She looked at his back. It was straight and broad and his steps were imposing. He did not need to speak to make others bow down to him. This made her… feel at ease.

“You came back early. Are you done with work?” She asked.

Lu Boyan looked at her coldly. “If I hadn’t come back, do you know what those two men would have done to you?”

“I know.” She said calmly. “But I estimate that their combat abilities are weaker than the Brothers of Shao.”

Lu Boyan did not know where she got her courage from. His lips twitched upwards and he asked, “What if you had estimated wrongly?”

Su Jianan did not think before saying, “But you’re back!”

She looked slightly satisfied when she said that.

It’s alright even if she had estimated wrongly since he’s back. He would save her anyway!

As for when she got used to giving her hand to Lu Boyan to lead her, when she started to believe that Lu Boyan would save her when she was in trouble, Su Jianan found that she could no longer remember.

She allowed her greediness in their three months of marriage, and it had naturally progressed to this.

Lu Boyan was still feeling angry, but Su Jianan’s words extinguished the fire. She smiled at him and that ember could not burn again no matter what.

He tugged on her hand and they hastened their pace back to the hotel.

Su Jianan’s legs were not as long as his. She had to walk really quickly in order to match his pace. She could not help but ask, “Do you always walk so quickly?”

“I don’t have time to waste on the road.” His voice was rather frosty.

Su Jianan thought that this was true. He was so busy, how would he be as free to enjoy walking blindly on the streets like her?

She did not speak again, but Lu Boyan seemed to have thought of something. He slowed down and looked at her, “No matter where you are in the future, don’t stay outside alone so late at night.”

His gaze was deep and serious as if he wanted to suck her in. Su Jianan made a sound of ascent dazedly, knowing that he was warning her. She suddenly felt the hand that he was holding starting to burn. It was hot and it traversed from her fingers to her heart and then to her face…

She might really have a place in Lu Boyan’s heart, didn’t she?

Even after a long time after that, Su Jianan still remembered that night. The darkness of the tall buildings in the city with only the topmost floor lit up for some reason. It was like a ma.s.sive star that hung extremely close to them. The white light over her head shone on them, hers and Lu Boyan’s shadow piled up one on top of another. The night breeze sent Lu Boyan’s scent into her breath, making her feel very much at ease.

When they returned to the hotel, Su Jianan’s clothes had already been sent back by the driver some point in time. Lu Boyan found her a set of pajamas and said, “Go shower.”

The jacuzzi tub in the presidential suite was just as comfortable as the one back home. There were scented candles and expensive red wine by the tub. Su Jianan poured a gla.s.s of red wine and had a comfortable bath. It was only later when she realized that the pajamas the secretary picked was really challenging her shamelessness.

Forget that it was thin and short. What was with the thin shoulder straps that almost did not exist? It had a cinched waist and wearing it was just as good as not wearing anything.

Was this the legendary… s.e.xy lingerie?

No. She had to buy a new set tomorrow!

Su Jianan pulled open the doors of the bathroom and got out as she thought about it. Lu Boyan who was making a call on the balcony had ended his call just then. He turned around.

Two people. Four eyes met.

The first second, Su Jianan’s eyes widened.

The next second, her mind felt as if it had been struck by lightning. It was blank.

On the third second, she leaped over and grabbed her jacket and put it on. She glared at Lu Boyan. “What are you doing in the room?”

How embarra.s.sing! If she had known that Lu Boyan would see it, she would rather die in the bathroom than to come out!

“Where else should I be if not in the room?”

Lu Boyan smiled as if he felt that it was rather funny.

Su Jianan only realized then that she was in a hotel with Lu Boyan. Here, there were no separate bedrooms for both of them.

And that meant that they had to stay in the same room tonight?

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