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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Her jacket was only slightly longer than her pajamas. It did not hide her smooth and long legs. It also did not have a collar. Her pale slender neck and her beautiful collarbone lines were perfect. When he recalled how s.e.xy she looked when she came out of the bathroom…

Lu Boyan’s breathing had already become unnatural. He looked away and ignored Su Jianan’s rush to the bathroom.

If he stayed, what Su Jianan was worried about might happen.

Su Jianan heaved a temporary sigh of relief. She quickly thought of a way out and eventually thought of something. They could just get another room.

However, she did not bring her ident.i.ty card. So only Lu Boyan could get another room.

She would discuss it with him when he got out.

Lu Boyan showered quickly and he emerged from the bathroom after a short while. He looked handsome even in the white bathrobe. His wet hair was slightly messy, making his handsomeness look untamed. The warm light shone on his tall build. Su Jianan felt that his action of running his fingers through his hair made her throat dry.

“That, Lu Boyan…” She said carefully. She only continued when Lu Boyan looked at her, “Did you bring your ident.i.ty card? Can we get another room? That way, we can sleep separately just like back at home.”

“Uncle Xu knows that we sleep in seperate rooms, but people outside do not know.” Lu Boyan smiled teasingly. “What do you think they’d think if I get another room?”

The Little Monster that was Su Jianan lifted her chin proudly. “What they think is none of my business!”

“How Su Hongyuan thinks is none of your business as well?”


Su Jianan paused. She looked at Lu Boyan, not knowing if she should say it or not.

Lu Boyan saw her hesitation and asked, “When did you learn to mumble?”

“I’m afraid you won’t believe me.” Su Jianan said, “I think my father knows about our fake marriage. He even knows that we will get a divorce in two years…”

Lu Boyan’s action of wiping his hair suddenly halted, “How did he find out?”

“…Han Ruoxi told him.” Su Jianan’s voice was very soft.

Lu Boyan’s eyes suddenly cooled. Su Jianan thought that he would be angry and hurriedly said, “I’m not framing Han Ruoxi. I heard the recording of her calling Su Hongyuan.”

“Su Hongyuan went to look for you that night just to tell you this?” Lu Boyan’s voice sounded as if the ice was dripping from it. “Why did you not tell me then?”

Su Jianan looked at him uncertainly, “If I said it… would you believe me?”

Even Lu Boyan had said before that she was a rather self-aware person. Even if she had a place in Lu Boyan’s heart, she dared not think that she was more important than Han Ruoxi to him.

“If I said it and you think that I’m trying to ruin your relations.h.i.+p with Han Ruoxi, then it wouldn’t be too good, would it?” She said rather naughtily.

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes and walked toward Su Jianan.

“Su Jianan, even the paparazzi that follow Han Ruoxi every day is not certain of our relations.h.i.+p. Why do you think that we are a couple? Why do you think that I’d believe her and not you, hmm?”

He seemed to be really angry. His eyes glowed fierily with anger as he grounded out each word.

Su Jianan almost could not breathe, pressed by his sudden glower. She slowly came to understand what he meant. He and Han Ruoxi were not a couple? But…

“Many people say that you two are together…”

“Nothing happened between the two of us that night. Nothing ever happened!”

He finally gritted his teeth and told her clearly. Otherwise, he might die from anger by the time she came to understand.

Su Jianan seemed to have heard something extremely surprising. She blinked, her eyes glittering with surprise. “Then she forced you to make those rumors with her? Do you really not like her?”

Han Ruoxi was the dream lover of 90 percent of the male population!

Lu Boyan seemed to feel as if there was something stuck in his lung. His chest felt stuffy and raised and fell violently. “Do you wish for me to like her?”

“No!” Su Jianan shook his head hard and reacted fiercely so that Lu Boyan could not misunderstand and said, “In fact, who you like doesn’t concern me…”

Lu Boyan smiled coldly. He stared at Su Jianan as if he wanted to memorize even the tilt of her eyes. “Su Jianan, I really hope that whom I like has nothing to do with you…”

Su Jianan did not know if Lu Boyan’s words meant that the person he liked had something to do with her. If it did… the only person in the world who was directly related to her was Su Yicheng…

Her face was suddenly filled with shock and fear.

Lu Boyan knew that her mind was running wild from her expression. He was so angry he did not want to look at her. “Sleep!”

Su Jianan did not give up. She asked with antic.i.p.ation, “You… will you get another room?”

“No.” He pushed Su Jianan to the edge of the bed. She fell onto the bed and he looked at her from above. “What are you afraid of? We’ve slept together more than once.”

Su Jianan’s little face suddenly flushed red. How can Lu Boyan say something like that with a regular heartbeat and breath? How!

She glared at him for a long time before she squeezed out the sentence, “Lu Boyan, you… you’d better not make unfounded statements! We haven’t done anything!”

“Is it?”

The corners of Lu Boyan’s lips curled up teasingly. Su Jianan saw the diabolism in his eyes and suddenly had a bad feeling. Lu Boyan already lowered his head and kissed her lips before she could react.

He did not kiss her in a hurry, but it was forceful. He used a hand to hold her chin and forced her to lift her head to accept his extortion. She struggled in an attempt to escape, but he held on to her, trapping her in his embrace and sucked on her lips forcefully. He punished her like an angry beast.

“Ow…” Su Jianan frowned. “Hurts…”

She thought that Lu Boyan would pity her and at least let her go. But he did not. She gave her a chance to attack when she opened her mouth. He caught the tip of her tongue and sucked on it hard.

There was no use struggling.

He released her lips after a long while. His kisses already landed on the side of her neck before she could catch her breath.

The warm and soft sensation was like a leech sucking on her neck, moving slowly. She could not move as if she had been struck by lightning.

They had kissed before, but it had never been so intimate.

However, Lu Boyan did not think that was enough. His kisses trailed down. She felt him using his fingers to undo her jacket. Then, he kissed her shoulders and collars. His breath heated the skin on her shoulders, making it slightly itchy.

The places he kissed seemed to burn up, burning a hole in her body. Her strength was slipping away…

“No…” She objected vocally and rationally. “Lu Boyan, no…”

Lu Boyan was ready to go. How could he bear being rejected?

Furthermore, the beautiful body beneath him had already been teasing him for a long while.

He kissed Su Jianan’s lips again, gently stopping her protests and pushed her onto the bed. He pressed his tall and wide build on her and sucked on her taste greedily.

He had still lost control after controlling himself for so long.

No, he had already started to lose control long before when he attended the charity auction with her. Then, he had forcefully tried to taste her when he pressed her against the balcony wall.

He had hidden it from her for many years and waited for so many years. He could not think about caring anymore.

If he did not let her know whom she belonged to, Su Jianan would never care about him.

He only wanted her right now! Not only her body, but her entire heart!

“Oh, Lu Boyan!”

His hand reached under her skirt. Su Jianan shuddered as if she had been struck by lightning and she immediately started to struggle frantically.

Lu Boyan who behaved like this was too foreign. He was like a greedy beast and was completely different from the Lu Boyan whom she knew before.

However, his voice was so familiar. He kissed her earlobes and said in her ears hoa.r.s.ely, “Jianan, be more obedient.”

He would do anything as long as she was more obedient.

Something rose. Su Jianan was not an ignorant young girl. She already knew what happened.

But what was she to Lu Boyan? It was impossible that she was someone he liked and wanted to copulate with, right?

“No, Lu Boyan…”

She did like Lu Boyan, but she was also afraid.

Su Jianan’s struggles and refusal seemed to have annoyed Lu Boyan. He bit down on her shoulder. She hissed and shouted, “Beast!”

Something hot seemed to gush down from her lower abdomen with this force. Then, a clawing pain started to spread from her lower abdomen…

This feeling was too familiar. Su Jianan flushed and then pushed Lu Boyan away even more fiercely, “Go away. You can’t. I… that…”

Lu Boyan’s deep-set eyes were filled with the immense desire. “If I can’t then who do you want?”

Then, he lunged and attempted to kiss Su Jianan again. Su Jianan finally yelled, “I got my period!”

Lu Boyan was startled and he returned back to reality. He looked down subconsciously and the tips of his ears heat up—

Su Jianan’s nightdress was already short, and it had rolled up to her waist during her struggle. There was a patch of red on the silk underwear she wore, almost staining the bedsheets. Lu Boyan saw all of this.

She knew that it was already too late. She crawled up and glared at Lu Boyan, screaming as she pulled her dress down, “Scoundrel! Sc.u.mbag!”

Lu Boyan did not look at her. His voice was still a little rough. “Go clean up in the bathroom.”

Su Jianan charged into the bathroom with a red face. She only remembered then that she did not have any sanitary pads and the hotel had not prepared any. She could not go out and buy in her current state.

She could only grit her teeth and ask Lu Boyan for help.

But she discovered that Lu Boyan was not in the room at all when she pushed the door open. She tried to call out a few times but no one replied. Just as she was wondering, Lu Boyan brought back a bag from the convenience store. He handed the bag to her with an unnatural expression.

She opened the bag uncertainly in front of Lu Boyan to discover that it contained the sanitary pads that she needed. It was also the brand that she used and he had bought both day and night pads.

Other than feeling surprised, her face grew even redder. She whispered her thanks and that closed the bathroom door with a bang, hiding in it again.

If possible, she really wanted to disappear from the bathroom.

She had lived for 24 years and had never embarra.s.sed herself like so today. Furthermore, if her period had not started early, she and Lu Boyan… would something really have happened?

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