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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Su Jianan’s memory was actually very good. But her brain would automatically selectively sieve out non-important people and things. She would forget them after some time.

As such, she only felt that Tang Yangming, who claimed that he had once pursued her, merely looked familiar. As for when he had pursued her, she did not have a single bit of impression at all.

Tang Yangming’s antic.i.p.ation faltered when he saw Su Jianan’s confused expression. “That’s right, the number of boys who were pursuing you could circle the forensic building thrice. Furthermore, I was from another course, so it’s normal that you don’t remember me.”

Su Jianan smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright! Oh right, what are you doing in G City? I heard from our schoolmates that you’ve been working at the Bureau of A City.” Tang Yangming said with a smile. “I’ve put in a request to my company to be sent to the headquarters at A City! I was thinking of meeting up with you and our old schoolmates then.”

“I’m on leave these few days. With my…”

“So you’re here at G City to have fun?” Tang Yangming interrupted Su Jianan excitedly. “I”m from G City and I grew up here. I know where all the fun places and good food are! You’re here to have lunch? Me too. If you don’t mind we can eat together and I can introduce G City to you.”

Su Jianan wanted to tell Tang Yangming that she was here with Lu Boyan but she did not know how to continue after Tang Yangming’s pa.s.sionate interruption.

Perhaps he just wanted to have lunch with his old schoolmate and did not have any other ideas?

Tang Yangming saw Su Jianan hesitate and he asked somewhat teasingly, “Are you afraid your boyfriend would mind?”

Eh? How should she tell Tang Yangming that she did not have a boyfriend but had a husband instead?

“You won’t be like back when you were in university and still haven’t had a boyfriend, right?”

Rather than saying that Tang Yangming was startled, he was more happily surprised.

He measured up Su Jianan and exclaimed, “Then you really haven’t changed one bit.”

After graduating for so many years, some of the female students were still the bottom-level employees, some had taken over their workplaces while others have established their own families and became wives and mothers. No matter how they were like right now, time had more or less left marks on their faces.

Only Su Jianan, having used some unknown method, had escaped the ravages of time. Her exquisite and beautiful face was still clean and tender. Her eyes were as clear as ever and her smile was still pure as before.

“Leave me a way to contact you!” Tang Yangming’s heart beat violently just like the first time he saw Su Jianan. “If you encounter any problems in G City, you can look for me!”

“There won’t be any problems. Actually, my husband and I…”

Su Jianan had not completed her sentence when a pair of hands landed on her shoulders. Then, a familiar voice rang, “Your order hasn’t arrived yet? Are you hungry? Shall I get the waiter to rush the kitchen?”

She turned around and looked at Lu Boyan in surprise. “Didn’t you go to the office?”

“I’ll go after eating with you.” Lu Boyan looked at Tang Yangming and asked, “This is?”

“h.e.l.lo.” Tang Yangming stood up and extended his hand to Lu Boyan. “I’m from the same university as Jianan. My surname is Tang.” There was an obvious hint of enmity in his voice.

Lu Boyan shook hands with Tang Yangming lightly and said, “So Mr. Tang is my wife’s schoolmate. Nice to meet you.”

His intimate and possessive way of calling Jianan defeated Tang Yangming in seconds.

Tang Yangming’s smile froze and he asked, “The two of you… are married?”

Lu Boyan turned to look at Su Jianan and smiled dotingly, “Jianan, haven’t you told Mr. Tang?”

Su Jianan could not figure out whether Lu Boyan was happy or angry. She replied, “I was just about to tell him before you came back…”

Lu Boyan smiled and ruffled her hair. The action was gentle and undeniably loving. “Mr. Tang, why don’t we have a meal together and you and my wife can reminisce?”

“It’s alright, I have something on.” Tang Yangming put in a lot of effort to maintain a regular expression and tone. “I won’t bother you guys. Jianan, it was a pleasure to see you again. See you next time.”

Then, Tang Yangming turned around and left.

Back then, when he had failed to pursue Su Jianan, he had been upset for some time. After that, he heard that she was the Second Miss of the Su family in A City and her older brother was the new talent of the business world, Su Yicheng. He pledged then, to become a better person before appearing in front of Su Jianan.

He was indeed doing well and could get ahold of a s.e.xy and beautiful young woman whenever he wanted. He thought that he could now match up to Su Jianan but she already had someone better.

That man… even though he did not know him, but the elegance in his action and his domineering aura showed that he was not an ordinary person.

Although he felt resentful, he could only choose to give up.

Perhaps just like what was rumored amongst Su Jianan’s pursuers in university, only the best man in the world was worthy of her.

Su Jianan gradually felt guiltier as Tang Yangming disappeared. However, when she thought about it again, she had not betrayed him, what was she guilty of?

“Do you want to have lunch?” She called the waiter over. “Order your food.”

Lu Boyan ordered a steak and looked at Su Jianan leisurely.

Su Jianan fidgeted and said after a moment of hesitation, “It was just a coincidence that Tang Yangming and I met. I don’t even remember who he was…”

“He pursued you?”

He narrowed his long eyes. One could not tell whether he was happy or upset.

Su Jianan stared at him in surprise. “Eh? How did you know?” After a pause, she continued, “Actually, I only found out when he said so earlier. I’d already forgotten it…”

Lu Boyan’s brows plucked up and he said, “You don’t remember people who have pursued you?”

Su Jianan muttered softly, “Who has time to remember each and every one of them…”

It’s been many years, and she’s only liked one person wholeheartedly. It was the person sitting in front of her right now.

Lu Boyan’s lips curled up. “It seems that you were pretty popular when you were in school.”

Su Jianan pursed her lips without hesitation and replied, “Not as popular as you!”

Lu Boyan looked at her calmly and said, “How did you know about me?”

“I…” Su Jianan knew that she had said too much and it was practically impossible for her to try to muddle through. She gritted her teeth and admitted, “I heard so when I was studying at Columbia University! Our professor said that not only international students pursued you, but even foreign girls also did. Oh, speaking of which, we are considered siblings from the same school but from different courses…”

Lu Boyan did not want to be known as her sibling and interrupted her, “Why did you choose Columbia University to do your Masters in?”

It was of course because he had graduated from there.

But Su Jianan would not say that no matter what.

She smiled and said, “I liked Columbia University. I only found out that you went there too after half a semester.”

Lu Boyan’s lips lifted. Indeed, he had thought too much.

Their steak arrived together. Lu Boyan did not say anything else. He took a few bites and then put down his knife and fork. He left his mobile on the table and said, “Call Shen Yuechuan and look for me if anything happens. Otherwise, call the office’s number.”

“Why are you leaving your phone behind?” Su Jianan asked, puzzled.

Lu Boyan frowned. “What are you going to use to call if I don’t leave my phone here?”

Su Jianan paused. She only remembered then that she had left her phone at Luo Xiaoxi’s house to charge. Then, Lu Boyan had taken her away and she once again left her phone at Luo Xiaoxi’s.

By then, Lu Boyan had already left the restaurant, leaving behind a shade of his tall and strong back. Su Jianan saw that he had not touched much of his steak and started to suspect, did he really come back to eat lunch?

Or was eating lunch just an excuse. He had come back to give her his mobile…

When she thought of that, Su Jianan forced herself to stop thinking.

Historical practice had proved that there was no advantage in unrequited love. Joy was often greeted later by pain.

What she did not know was that she had guessed correctly.

Lu Boyan suddenly remembered when he got on the car that Su Jianan had probably not brought her phone. He ignored the urgency of his work and turned around to find out that she was sitting together with a man.

What the gaze the man was looking at Su Jianan with was something he could not be clearer about as a man. But Su Jianan’s slow expression showed that if he had not returned, not only would her contact details be taken away by Tang Yangming, even she would be taken away.

Lu Boyan rubbed his forehead when he got on the car again. He closed his eyes and rested.

He was used to how Su Jianan was. She had never stopped making him worry since she was 10.

In the restaurant upstairs, Su Jianan was studying Lu Boyan’s phone.

Actually, the phone she used was the same as Lu Boyan’s. However, hers was white and his was black.

What she was interested in was whether there would be any secrets in Lu Boyan’s phone. However, she felt that it was immoral that she did not even know how to respect the privacy of others.

Curiosity and rationality battled, and the former emerged victoriously. Since Lu Boyan dared to give her the phone, then he should have been prepared.

She switched on Lu Boyan’s phone and saw that there wasn’t a pa.s.scode. She unlocked it and discovered how boring Lu Boyan was.

There were a few apps that were to do with the office and business. It was extremely dry. Even Wechat, which would appear on everyone’s mobile, did not appear in his world. The wallpaper was the default setting and there was not a single picture in his alb.u.m.

Su Jianan did not want to look at his messages at all. She did not have to think to know that it was definitely messages about some flight details.

No wonder he didn’t set a pa.s.scode and dared to pa.s.s him her phone without any considerations.

He had nothing to fear!

After lunch, Su Jianan left the restaurant. The hotel’s manager approached and told her, “Mrs. Lu, if you wish to go out, the driver is waiting for you downstairs. Just tell the driver where you wish to go.”

“Thank you.”

Su Jianan left the hotel. G City was colder after nightfall. The cold wind blew against her and she felt that even her toes were icy cold. She was wondering whether she should buy a coat when a woman dressed in a professional suit approached her with a few bags. “Mrs. Lu, h.e.l.lo. I am Boss Lu’s temporary secretary in G City. Boss Lu told me to bring these to you.”

Su Jianan looked at the logo on the bag and knew that they contained clothing. She was startled for a few seconds before she accepted them and said, “Thank you.”

The secretary’s smile was very friendly. “You’re welcome. These are all Boss Lu’s orders. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to work.”

“What time will you guys be busy till?” Su Jianan asked.

“Boss Lu might only be able to return to the hotel at about 12.” The secretary said. “He came late, and held up a few things.”

Su Jianan suddenly thought of how Lu Boyan and left hurriedly for the office after sending her to the hotel. Then, he had come back and had a leisurely lunch with her.

The secretary said that he had held up a few things. She must be referring to that time.

Except, why did he stay if he was really that busy?

Or was it… he just did not want to see her together with Tang Yangming?

Su Jianan felt happy for some reason when she thought of that.

He knew how to be jealous, that at least meant that she stood somewhere in Lu Boyan’s heart.

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