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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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He was so close to her. The smell of his body all crept into her nose as if they had been the magic potions, which disturbed her mind easily.

Su Jianan took deep breaths solidly on the sly.

It was just a wall thump, was not it? Moreover, it was not the first time. Be somewhat decent and keep calm!

She raised her “sweet” smile and said, “Hey, are you also here to wash your hands?”

How was it possible that Lu Boyan could be baffled by her smile? He squinted his eyes and said, “If you want to know about the plane, why don’t you come to me?”

Having thought she was going to wash her hands, instead, he heard her chatting with Shen Yuechuan on the back seats.

She wore a look which indicated that she was very anxious to get away from him while sitting beside him. While turning her back, she actually could chat merrily with other men?

Su Jianan could not also figure out whether Lu Boyan was upset or not. She replied hesitantly, “You were busy at that time. I… I did not want to disturb you.”

Moreover, based on the look of his which indicated no disturbing from strangers at that time, she did not have the gut to disturb him.

“In that sense, you are actually considerate of me? Aren’t you?” The corner of Lu Boyan’s mouth was raised slowly, whether it was happiness or irony, it was hard to tell. “What about this morning? Making me rush to Luo Xiaoxi’s home to pick you up in vain, was it that you were also showing your understanding for my being too busy, wasn’t it? Hmm?”

While for what had happened this morning… Su Jianan did have avoided him on purpose.

She smiled drily and tried to deny it by playing dumb. “I… I did not say Xiaoxi and I would sleep at home…”

Raising his eyebrows, Lu Boyan said, “You mean, it should be my own fault?”


Su Jianan was speechless.

If she had said it was his own fault, he would definitely be angry. But if not his fault, then it should be her own fault, shouldn’t it?

Then she would be in big trouble, OK?!

In the end, Su Jianan made up her mind to try out a super, super cute strategy. “Brother Boyan, I… yum…”

Lu Boyan suddenly lowered his head and seized her both lips with no explanations allowed.

Su Jianan was caught off guard. She popped her eyes wide open all of a sudden and her whole body was stiff.

Lu Boyan’s lips were just like his character, though flawless in appearance, cold and merciless within. Sticking to her lips softly, his lips dipped and sucked her lips ambiguously. Su Jianan thought that he was extracting out her ability to think.

Her intellect told her they could not do this. However, her stiff hands just were not able to stretch out to push Lu Boyan away.

Lu Boyan seemed to have sensed Su Jianan’s struggle. He let go of Su Jianan’s lips and stared at her attentively and said, “Close your eyes.” His eyes were much more profound than those in previous times and his voice was also much deeper, s.e.xier.

It was until a while later that Su Jianan blinked her eyes and stared at Lu Boyan at a loss. It seemed that she still had not got her sense back and figured out what had happened just a moment ago.

Giving out a sigh, Lu Boyan lowered his head to look for Su Jianan’s lips.

This time, Su Jianan sensed clearly that he was approaching her slowly and his torrid smell was sticking closer and closer to her skin…

Her heartbeat was actually out of control, which was pounding much faster than what it had been a moment ago. The moment when Lu Boyan seized her lips once again, she almost closed her eyes subconsciously.

It seemed that for an instant, there were only she and Lu Boyan existing in this world. As for Lu Boyan’s every breath in, every breath out and every movement, she could sense them all clearly.

He kept her lips in his mouth, licking them up and sucking them lightly as if he were tasting sweet and soft delicacies. His breath was splas.h.i.+ng on her cheek and her both cheeks heated up all of a sudden…

Among several times’ kissing experiences which were few and between, this time was the time when Su Jianan’s brain had been the soberest, also the time when Lu Boyan had acted most gently.

Lu Boyan’s tongue point broke her teeth open. She catered to him stupidly and let him take what he had liked at his own free will.

This was not right and she knew it. But she could not resist a Lu Boyan like this.

Hanging over the cliff edges, she seemed to start giving up struggling and choose to sink herself in…

Lu Boyan’s breath was also heavier and heavier. His hands which were pressing against the wall slid down slowly, held Su Jianan’s cheeks and caressed her neck. They then went downwards along the arms, came to her waist and surrounded her mightly, pulling herself into his arms with no refusal allowed.

The distance between them was suddenly shortened and they were pressing close to each other. Su Jianan could sense faintly the somewhat hot temperature of Lu Boyan’s. It was until this moment that she realized that they had gone across the boundary.

If they continued in this way, she would be smashed into pieces and doomed eternally.

Right at the moment when Su Jianan was going to struggle, Lu Boyan set her free.

He stared at her with sullen looks. His voice was magical. “Jianan, don’t be rebellious in later days.”

Su Jianan could not see through the pair of deep and complicated eyes. She nodded confusedly and then lowered her eyelids. “Yesterday I… though I had chosen to live in the hotel on purpose. However… I had never thought of bringing you any trouble…”

She was outrightly angry with Lu Boyan. But she had never thought of letting him make a trip in vain or whatever.

How could Lu Boyan not know what she was thinking? Neither did he intend to hold a grudge against her about this thing. He changed the subject then, “Have you read the news this morning?”

Su Jianan replied while still lowering her head, “Yes, I have.”

“Then you knew nothing had happened between me and Han Ruoxi, didn’t you?”

“… Yep.”

“Jianan,” Lu Boyan called out her name in a low voice. She lifted up her head and looked at him. She heard him say, “I can tell you and Han Ruoxi apart well and clearly.”

Su Jianan smiled then. “It would be best if you could tell we two apart clearly.” She added another line after some pause, “Actually, whatever you two would like to do, and you could… disregard me. We had made it clear when we got married. We were of mutual noninterference.”

She was saying this to warn herself rather than relating it to Lu Boyan.

The feeling of seeming to be drugged by Lu Boyan’s magic potion a moment ago could not be tolerated.

Lu Boyan still remembered the line which she had uttered out angrily that night when he pressed her against the wall. “I am not Han Ruoxi. You better see it clear.”

He intended to tell her that he had never thought of her as Han Ruoxi. But what did she just say?

Lu Boyan’s eyes suddenly cooled down. “If Han Ruoxi and I can do whatever we like, then what will it be counted as regarding what we had done a moment ago? Hum?”

Su Jianan’s eyes flickered a little bit. “Repaying the interest?”

Lu Boyan had auctioned her mother’s bracelet back for her and she had owed him three million. He had said that at that time, the interest would be repaid with this way.

She knew it was not appropriate. But she would never say it out, she just enjoyed the feeling of approaching Lu Boyan…

Lu Boyan raised the corner of his mouth. His smile was filled with coldness. He said, “Su Jianan, you are much more obedient than what I’d imagined.”

Not allowing others to put in a word, he withheld the back of her head and kissed over her lips once again forcibly.

While for this time, he was not as tender as what he had been a moment ago. His one hand pressed against her tightly and his the other hand circled around her wait mightily. His every movement was declaring his sovereignty aggressively and imperiously. He kissed her forcibly and sucked her lips until her tips were bitten with small wounds. Although the kissing was not as almost violent as what it had been the night before yesterday, it actually was the same as trampling on her both lips.

After a while, Su Jianan’s lips were aching slightly. She could not breathe as well.


She had no choice but to push Lu Boyan away forcibly. Fortunately, this time, Lu Boyan acted like a somewhat gentleman and let go of her soon.

She gasped for a while and stared at Lu Boyan angrily.

“Since I have been on a business trip for so many days.” Lu Boyan caressed her wet, s.h.i.+ning and slightly swollen lips, “I have not gone too far to ask for them back from you for one time. Have I?”

“…” Su Jianan was speechless for a while and said, “Get out. I am going to wash my hands.”

Pleasantly raising the corner of his mouth, Lu Boyan opened the door of the toilet and walked out.

After was.h.i.+ng her hands, Su Jianan could not help lifting her head up and looked at herself in the mirror.

Her cheeks were of rose color. Her lips were both red and swollen.

However, why didn’t she feel any hatred or resistance towards it?

However, Lu Boyan finally explained what had happened that day to her. Nothing had happened between him and Han Ruoxi.

She could not help herself raising the corner of her mouth. Then she pushed the door open and walked out of the toilet, only to find out impressively that Lu Boyan was standing right outside, which scared her into gasping a breath. “Have you not gone yet?”

“I am waiting for you.”

Holding Su Jianan’s naturally, Lu Boyan walked with her back to the seat and called Shen Yuechuan over.

Shen Yuechuan was somewhat perturbed and walked over carefully. “Boss Lu, what can I do for you?”

Lu Boyan handed the doc.u.ments left unprocessed yet over to Shen Yuechuan and said, “Get them all done before we arrive in G City.”

Shen Yuechuan seemed to have figured out something. He gave Su Jianan a look, took the doc.u.ments over with a grievance and rolled back to his back seat to read the doc.u.ments.

Su Jianan looked at Lu Boyan confusedly. “You have to autograph these doc.u.ments, don’t you?”

Lu Boyan replied with relaxing countenance. “He can mimic my autograph.”

From the backseat came Shen Yuechuan’s spiteful voice. “It’s all forced out by you!”

Su Jianan was speechless. As expected, Lu Boyan was a tyrant, a tyrant.

More than three hours later, the plane landed on The International Airport of G City.

Located in the North, the temperature of this city was much lower than that of A City which had already embraced summer season. The moment when Su Jianan got off the plane, she had sensed this difference out and held herself tight unconsciously. Lu Boyan put his arms around her shoulders and asked, “Are you cold?”

Trying to be a hero, Su Jianan replied, “Not that bad.” While she unconsciously tucked herself into Lu Boyan’s arms. As far as she was concerned, Lu Boyan’s embracing was warm.

How could Lu Boyan not notice her petty action? He took his coat off, put it on her shoulder and walked out of the airport along with her.

There was an S600 waiting in the entrance. A black-tied man stood beside the car door. The moment he saw Su Jianan, he was at a loss for a while and then greeted with her politely. “Mr. President and Respected Madam, welcome to G City.” Obviously, he had not expected that Lu Boyan who came here for the sake of official business affairs would also bring his newly-married wife over. Apparently, Mr. President and Respected Madam were as affectionate towards each other as reported.

This was the first time that Su Jianan had been called as “Respected Madam.” She was totally not accustomed to it. She smiled at the counterpart politely. While Lu Boyan pulled the car door of the back seat open, asked her to get on the car and gave the man his demand. “Go to the hotel at first.”


The man sat on the pa.s.senger seat and ordered the driver to drive to the hotel. While Shen Yuechuan got on the other car and was sent to the company bitterly.

The hotel his a.s.sistant had booked for Lu Boyan was a five-star hotel located in the center of G City. While for the presidential suite on the top, it was s.p.a.cious and comfortable. Walking out of the living room, Su Jianan found out there was a small sky garden which had been decorated in a pretty elegant way. Su Jianan instantly felt that it was worthy of her being carried to this strange city by Lu Boyan.

“I go to the company now and will come back late.” Lu Boyan seemed to be in a hurry. “If you need anything, you can turn to the manager of this hotel or give me a call.”

Su Jianan was hesitant for a few seconds. “I want to eat a meal…” The moment when she and Luo Xiaoxi arrived home at noon, she had been carried away by Lu Boyan. And the bit of fruit salad which she had consumed on the plane was simply not enough to quell down her hunger…

Lu Boyan paused his motion. His voice then softened. “There is a western restaurant on the fourth floor. Is that OK for you?”

Su Jianan nodded. Lu Boyan held her hands and took her downstairs.

The western restaurant on the fourth floor was affiliated with this hotel, whose decoration was of the high-end atmospheric grade. The male guests wore suits as well as leather shoes. While for the female guests, they were also elegantly, suitably dressed up and of delicate makeup. The piano melody flowed quietly. The environment was pretty comfortable.

Lu Boyan walked Su Jianan in and then left afterward. Su Jianan ordered a steak. While she was sitting and waiting for her order, a man suddenly sat in front of her and asked, “Su Jianan? You are Su Jianan, aren’t you?”

Lifting her head up, Su Jianan thought that the man in front of him looked a little familiar.

“Haha!” The man smiled merrily. “You are indeed Su Jianan! Do you still remember me? I am that Tang Yangming who had courted you before!”

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