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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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At the times when every news could all spread like wildfire, great ridiculous and ironic twists would always be put on the stage.

However, for the twist this time, it almost made Luo Xiaoxi give her chin out—

“The Truth Of Han Ruoxi And Lu Boyan Being Together In The Hotel For Four Hours—Han Ruoxi Had Intended To Commit Suicide After Drinking.”

During the time when Luo Xiaoxi and Su Jianan were sleeping in the hotel for a whole half day, this pink news had claimed the headline of every important news outlet, whose trending hashtag had been viewed for tens of thousands’ times on the social media.

It turned out that actually, it was just a mere coincidence that Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi had rushed to the US by the same flight. So was it that they had lived in the same hotel. They both had known nothing about that in advance.

Upon arriving in the US and after a coffee drinking with Lu Boyan, Han Ruoxi found out that she still could not get over Lu Boyan. As a result, she drank up a whole bottle of liquor, screamed and threatened to jump from the windows of the room. Lu Boyan arrived in time along with the staff members of the hotel. Lu Boyan pulled her back from the windows and she then forced herself on him. Therefore, those pictures of they kissing with each other consequently were leaked out.

However, as a matter of fact, Lu Boyan had pushed her aside quickly. Nothing had happened between them except the kiss of Han Ruoxi’s which was just her own wishful thinking. Fans of Han Ruoxi had been all excited in vain.

Speaking of the reason why the false report could be published out, it was completely due to the fact that the paparazzi who had been tailing after Han Ruoxi had their ulterior motives. They fabricated out false hearsay via cutting out a section of one-sided reality.

In the end, the entertainment reporter made speculation. At first, Lu Boyan had not cleared up the pink news this time. He might be doing this to help safeguard the queenly public persona of Han Ruoxi. As for why he had chosen to expose Han Ruoxi’s behavior which would so offensive that she might possibly lose her followers, they were unable to find it out…

“What the f**k!” Luo Xiaoxi poked at the screen spitefully, “The paparazzi had their ulterior motives? d.a.m.n it. From my perspective, it was Han Ruoxi who had her own ulterior motive, OK? It must be she who had incited the paparazzi to write the news irresponsibly, which was to stir up the contradictions between you and Lu Boyan on purpose! She was such a scheming girl!”

Still lying on the king-sized bed in the hotel, Su Jianan took Luo Xiaoxi’s iPad over and had a look at those pictures. The first picture showed that Han Ruoxi had carried the liquor bottle in her hands, climbed up the windows and a.s.sumed to jump down. The picture following showed that Lu Boyan behind her had pulled her back. While for other a few pictures showing them kissing together, she had already seen them all there days ago.

But it was till now that she realized that, those pictures actually showed that it had been Han Ruoxi who had been holding Lu Boyan. While for Lu Boyan, he had seemed to be pus.h.i.+ng her aside.

Giving the iPad back to Luo Xiaoxi, she said, “Let’s go back.”

Luo Xiaoxi replied with a “Hey” in a mocking way. “You finally are going home and plunging yourself into Boss Lu’s arms.”

Su Jianan glanced at Luo Xiaoxi and replied. “I am now going back to your house.” She added again after some pause, “I still have things left at your place.”

After returning to Luo Xiaoxi’s apartment, Su Jianan packed up her belongings as well as pondered on whether she would like to go to the hospital on her route and visit Jiang Shaokai before going home. The doorbell rang all of a sudden before she struggled an answer out.

“It might be the package delivery man!”

Luo Xiaoxi slipped to open the door. Su Jianan tidied her belongings up while lowering her head. Soon, a scurry of footsteps which were of a familiar frequency pressed on towards her gradually.

Figuring out to whom these footsteps belonged, Su Jianan felt her flesh crawling and lifted her head up—As expected, it turned out to be Lu Boyan.

His both eyes were gloomy and stern, which looked like to be preparing a furious storm.

Su Jianan clenched tightly the bag in her hands and forced out a thin smile with difficulty, “Why are you… are you here?”

Lu Boyan asked coldly, “Why did you turn off your mobile this morning?”

“It was out of battery…”

A hint of ridicule flipped by the corner of Lu Boyan’s mouth. “You had already used this excuse. Till when are you planning to continue to be out of sorts before you agree to go back home? Hmm?”

Su Jianan did admit that she had used up the battery of the mobile on purpose yesterday. She had intended to go back home after she got her belongings packed up. However, whereby shall Lu Boyan interrogate her in such an icy way?

She raised her head and replied pretty toughly, “I will go home whenever I want to.”

Squinting his eyes, Lu Boyan bent over all of a sudden. Su Jianan lifted up her eyes. The next second, she was already hung on Lu Boyan’s shoulders.

“Lu Boyan!” She patted on Lu Boyan back forcibly and said, “Let me get down!”

Lu Boyan carried her out with a sullen look. Seeing this scene, Luo Xiaoxi who was outside the door at first popped her eyes wide-open. Then she felt that it was extremely cool of Lu Boyan to do that. In the end, she waved Su Jianan goodbye.

Su Jianan cast a begging look towards Luo Xiaoxi. While Luo Xiaoxi returned her with a smile which indicated that she had been willing to help but unable to do so. She entered the room and closed the door.

Su Jianan had no choice but to beg for Lu Boyan’s mercy, “I will go with you. You let me get down.”

It was humiliating for her to be seen by other people in this way, wasn’t it?

However, as if hearing nothing, Lu Boyan directly carried Su Jianan into the elevator.

Su Jianan had to threaten him with something more imposing. “If you still won’t let me get down, I will cry out that you are abducting me!”

Lifting up the corner of his mouth, Lu Boyan replied, “Whoever else do you think still does not know that you are Mrs. Lu?”

“…” Su Jianan was speechless for a short while.

With her being covered on the entertainment and society news time after time, there should exist n.o.body in A City who did not know she was Mrs. Lu.

If she were seen to be carried by Lu Boyan, then even she broke her throat, n.o.body would come to her rescue. She would only be on-looked as if she were a monkey.

And that would be more humiliating…

Simply closing her both eyes, Su Jianan played dead play while lying on Lu Boyan’s shoulders.

Lu Boyan carried her out of the elevator and stuffed her directly inside the car.

The moment she strugglingly sat properly, she tilted her head and looked outside the car window, wearing a look which indicated that she was not willing to talk with Lu Boyan.

Lu Boyan did not pay her any attention at all. He pulled the small moving table to the front of him, turned on his laptop and started to deal with his business.

He had been busy in himself over these days. Su Jianan’s s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g around blindly had already wasted him pretty much time.

After looking outside the window for a while, Su Jianan then had a pain in her neck. Moreover, besides the tall buildings and great mansions, there only existed the cars to-and-fro outside, which lost its grip on her attention honestly. On the contrary, the sounds of Lu Boyan typing on the keyboard somewhat appealed to her.

What would a person like that to type on the keyboard look like?

She turned her head and saw Lu Boyan moving his fingers as if they were flying.

His hands looked appealing, much more appealing than those of the finger models wearing expensive watches on the print advertis.e.m.e.nts. His ten fingers were slim and long, whose fingertips were slimmer than the joint. With joints and bones clear against each other, his hands were of a great sense of potency.

Obviously, he sat quite casually. However, the elegance and n.o.bleness were together with him as the shadows followed the person. His eyes fell on the screen of the computer. He was calm, sober and playing his cards right. He totally was not just of ordinary beauty and loveliness. No one could refrain herself from flipping towards him.

Having been staring at him with ecstasy for a time, Su Jianan suddenly came to her senses after she found out there was something wrong with the route.

“Lu Boyan! This is not the way home!”

Lu Boyan cast her a look slightly. “Who tells you that I am bringing you home?”

“You…” Out of hindsight, Su Jianan knew that she had already been carried on a “pirate car” by Lu Boyan. Upon careful scrutinizing, she then realized that they were on the highway to the airport.

She seemed to have known something.

As she had expected, Su Jianan was taken to the airport by Lu Boyan. She said solemnly, “I do not bring my Pa.s.sPORT over!”

“Pa.s.sport is not needed for G City.”

Lu Boyan took Su Jianan directly to the boarding gate via the VIP channel. Two flight attendants who were tall and beautiful stood there while wearing suitable yet s.e.xy uniforms, with amiable smiles on their faces. “Mr. Lu and Ms. Lu, welcome aboard.”

Su Jianan thought it was also not an easy thing to be a flight attendant who actually had to keep every pa.s.senger’s face in mind…

Upon thinking about this, then Su Jianan started to notice something. She took a turn around and found out that there were actually only she and Lu Boyan in the boarding gate. Moreover, where were their tickets!?

“Lu Boyan, we…”

Before she uttered her confusions out, Lu Boyan had already held her hands, walked along with her through the boarding channel.

A white private jet showed up in front of her impressively.

Because Su Yicheng had also planned to s.n.a.t.c.h a private jet into his pocket and then he had ever asked Su Jianan that what kind of private jet would she like. Consequently, Su Jianan had studied about the relative doc.u.ments excitedly. Whatever expensive ones or economically ones, she had all a.n.a.lyzed them in detail. But she had never seen a model like this.

Out of confusion, Su Jianan followed Lu Boyan and boarded the plane.

The cabin of the plane was very s.p.a.cious, which looked like a small-sized living room. There were leather seats of white colors within. The lights were of warm color. In the corner, there was another small-sized bar. Whatever it was for rest, work or relaxation, the cabin was of convenient conditions, which could even be used as a temporary meeting room.

A few months ago, Su Yicheng had also planned to buy a private jet and he had asked Su Jianan to choose a model based on her own preference. After taking the needs of hers and Su Yicheng’s into consideration, she had not always been able to decide on a suitable one. However, as for the private jet of Lu Boyan’s, it was simply manufactured out according to her preference.

“Sit properly.”

Lu Boyan held Su Jianan to sit down and fastened the seat belt for her on the spot. The flight attendant sent over a plate of fruit salad and a gla.s.s of fresh orange juice to Su Jianan and asked, “Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu, can we take off now?”

Lu Boyan replied with a “Hum”. The flight attendant smiled slightly and walked back to the crew module.

Su Jianan intended to ask Lu Boyan about this private jet. However, the moment he sat down, he had started to read the files and scowled his eyebrows slightly, which was a look indicating no disturbing. She consequently dared not to make any sounds. She took a sip of orange juice, tilted her head and looked outside the porthole.

Soon, the plane took off slowly. The moment when it went stable, Su Jianan could not sit still and unfastened the seat belt on her own.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Lu Boyan noticed what she had done. He read the files fast as well as asked, “Where are you going?”

“To wash my hands.”

Walking towards the toilet, Su Jianan then started to found out that there was actually another person on the back seats.

“Hai!” Shen Yuechuan greeted with Su Jianan leisurely.

Su Jianan knew that Shen Yuechuan was Lu Boyan’s executive a.s.sistant. Then he should have known most of Lu Boyan’s things, shouldn’t he?

She ran over and sat on the opposite side of Shen Yuechuan. She asked smilingly, “I have one question for you.”

Giving Lu Boyan who sat in the front seat a look, Shen Yuechuan replied carefully, “Tell me.”

Su Jianan pointed at this jet and asked, “Why couldn’t I recognize its model number?”

“Well, as for that…” Shen Yuechuan replied with awkwardness, “Generally speaking, it is indeed difficult to be recognized out…”

“And why?”

“Do you know that some luxury brands would customize their clothing according to the request of their important clients, don’t you?” Shen Yuechuan said, “This private jet is specifically tailored for your Boss Lu, whose cost would be more than ten times greater than that of the most expensive private jets on the market. Precisely speaking, it has no model number at all…”

Su Jianan said disappointedly, “Oh, that is the way it is…”

She had thought that there would exist another private jet like this on the market. It seemed that there was no hope that Su Yicheng could also take another one in.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Yuechuan stared at Su Jianan up and down who was of disappointing countenance and asked, “You don’t like it?”

Su Jianan shook her head. Lu Boyan’s icy voice rang in her ears before she had time to say further, “You said you were going to wash your hands, didn’t you?”

“I…” Su Jianan found an excuse randomly and replied, “I did not find the toilet.”

“Get up.” Lu Boyan did not allow others to put in a word and said, “I will take you there.”

Not knowing whether Lu Boyan was happy or angry, Su Jianan got up obediently with an “Oh” and then she was dragged into the toilet by Lu Boyan.

The toilet here was much more s.p.a.cious than that of the ordinary pa.s.senger plane, which would hold more than ten people with ease. But Su Jianan could not figure out why Lu Boyan was also coming inside.


Before she finished her lines, Lu Boyan had already closed the door of the toilet forcibly. With a “Click”, the door was locked on the inside. He then trapped her via pressing against the wall with his solo hand.

Su Jianan stared at Lu Boyan confusedly. Her heart could not help pounding continuously…

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