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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Su Jianan had not yet gotten over the pain on her back before Lu Boyan caught her lips.

He pressed his hand against the wall, using his tall and wide body to trap her entire being. He kissed her forcefully and strongly, not allowing her to object.

“Umph… umph…”

Su Jianan tried to push him away but she became incensed at her refusal.

He wrapped his hands around Su Jianan’s waist, trapping her hands as well. Su Jianan could not even more, much less struggle.

And like that, he could do whatever he wanted, swallowing her beauty.

In Su Jianan’s impression, Lu Boyan might sometimes be unreasonable and behave like a hoodlum, but he was a gentleman. However, this time, he sucked her lips forcefully as if he wanted to suck her clean. She refused to, and he forced her lips open, holding her even tighter…

She felt as if it was an illusion. That she would become embedded in Lu Boyan’s body in the next second.

Slowly, Su Jianan could not breathe.

She had only had a few intimate encounters with Lu Boyan. He kissed her at the charity dinner for Su Yuanyuan to see. It was forceful yet gentle. He would also be careful and cared whether she knew how to breathe. That night when he brought her back from the hospital, he had kissed her like a dragonfly kissing the water, and it made her feel at ease.

Those two times had made her feel intoxicated.

But this time, he was like a beast in heat who wanted to tear and swallow her up. She struggled with all her might, but he bit her lips. She felt a pain on her lips and then it started to bleed…

The madness stopped suddenly as if it were a paused movie.

Lu Boyan released Su Jianan. He looked at the beads of blood on her lips and there seemed to be a trace of regret and anxiety that flashed through his eyes.


His voice was deep and hoa.r.s.e.

Su Jianan pushed him away, her eyes red. She swiped her lips with her right hand, bringing out a trace of fresh red blood.

Lu Boyan reached out, wanting to touch the wound on her lips. She dodged with an expression of disgust. His hand froze in the air for a second and he slowly retracted it.

Su Jianan looked into his eyes angrily then and said, “Lu Boyan, I’m not Han Ruoxi. Look clearly!”

She finally mentioned Han Ruoxi.

Lu Boyan’s mood suddenly turned better. He looked at Su Jianan naturally and said, “You saw the news. Did you mind it very much?”

“Why would I mind?” Beads of blood emerged from her lips again. Su Jianan pursed her lips and licked it clean. “I already told you the day we got married that I won’t interfere with you and Han Ruoxi. So don’t interfere with my life!”

“What are you going to do that you’d ask me not to interfere in, hmm?” Lu Boyan closed in on her. “Are you going to look for Jiang Shaokai?”

Su Jianan turned her head stubbornly. “Whom I’m going to look for has nothing to do with you. I won’t interfere with whomever you have a relations.h.i.+p with and how long you do. We will go our separate ways and not interfere with each other’s life!”

She turned around and went upstairs. The wound on her lips had finally stopped bleeding but she could not help her eyes turning red.

In their marriage of two months, while she and Lu Boyan had not been as loving as rumored, they had never fought as well.

This was the first time they argued.

Su Jianan had not imagined that she would be so upset after fighting with Lu Boyan.

Actually, how could she not mind who he was with? When she saw the rumors of him with Han Ruoxi, if she had not been at Luo Xiaoxi’s house, if she had not been so busy because of the appearance of the serial killer, she might have broken down long ago.

She would not forget how she felt at that moment. Every single word in those reports and even the punctuation were like needles. They pierced into her eyes and her heart.

The pain roused her from what she thought was bliss. Lu Boyan was just acting, and his gentleness toward her was a necessity in the plot. He would be able to get together with someone else just by turning around.

She accepted that he was together with someone else and had not pressed him for answers or asked of anything as his wife. Why did he have to interfere with her life?

At this time, Lu Boyan was standing right outside Su Jianan’s door. There were a few times he wanted to knock on her door, but did not.

In the end, he still returned to his room.

They both needed time to calm down.

Su Jianan kept feeling as if there was something stuck in her heart. She felt tired but could not sleep. She tossed and turned and only fell asleep at three in the morning. When she woke up the next day, it was already about noon.

She put a set of clothes in her bag after making sure that Lu Boyan was not at home. Then, she told Uncle Xu to tell Lu Boyan that she was staying at a friend’s house tonight. Uncle Xu had not realized what was happening when she drove off.

Luo Xiaxi was very surprised at Su Jianan’s “running away from home”.

She was sure that Su Jianan was not a girl who would make a fuss and use running away from home to threaten others. She felt that the matter was not a small one for it to escalate to this state.

“You fought with Boss Lu? Why? Did he explain to you what happened between him and Han Ruoxi at the hotel?”

“We fought. Because I went home too late last night. He didn’t explain.”

Su Jianan answered with a few words. Then, she opened a bag of chips and tossed a few into her mouth. There were a few crackling sounds of chips being viciously chewed on.

“Oy! Don’t eat trash just because you fought.” Luo Xiaoxi took away Su Jianan’s chips and gave her an apple. “Eat fruit. Lu Boyan won’t fight with you just because you got home late. Did he misunderstand something?”

“He thought that I’d been keeping Jiang Shaokai company the entire night.”

Su Jianan thought of the apple as Lu Boyan and took a bite. However, she accidentally touched the wound on her lips, and it hurt her badly.

“Ohhh.” Luo Xiaoxi looked at the small red wound on Su Jianan’s lips carefully. “Boss Lu bit you in his jealousy? Don’t you know how to explain? How stupid. You won’t gain 5kg by telling him that you were home late because you were shopping with me.”

Su Jianan pursed her lips. “It was like he had swallowed 5kg of dynamite. He self-ignited without listening to my explanation…”

Luo Xiaoxi hummed for a moment. “That isn’t being jealous… he is completely and totally jealous!”

Su Jianan did not care how jealous Lu Boyan was. She took Luo Xiaoxi’s Ipad and watched a movie.

She only knew that she did not wish to see Lu Boyan today.

Luo Xiaoxi knew that Su Jianan was feeling bad and prodded her hand. “We haven’t seen a movie in a long time. The movie you’ve been waiting for is airing. How about I treat you to it? Then, we can go to Happy Valley to watch a performance!”

Su Jianan glanced at Luo Xiaoxi and smiled. Then, she got up and changed her shoes and the two went to the movie theater.

Compared to Su Jianan’s leisurely day, Lu Boyan is very busy.

There were repercussions to him returning without having signed the contract. The other party was dissatisfied with his actions and the company’s team’s efforts were wasted. His leaving had made the nights of work and overtime of several people become meaningless.

To save all this, even he himself felt worried.

He worked until about nine before he completed his tasks for the day. But when he returned home, Uncle Xu told him that Su Jianan left in the afternoon and said that she would stay at a friend’s tonight and would not return.

Lu Boyan frowned as he ripped off his tie. He took out his phone and called Su Jianan.

Su Jianan picked up this time. However, he did not know where she was. She had not yet spoken but the sounds of her noisy surroundings could be heard.

“Where are you?” His voice was slightly impatient and angry.

“Happy Valley.” Su Jianan’s voice was light and she was obviously feeling great. “Didn’t Uncle Xu tell you? I’m not going home.”

“Are you with Luo Xiaoxi?”


Lu Boyan rubbed his hurting temples and decided to give her a night’s time. He said, “I’ll have someone pick you up tomorrow morning.”

“No.” Su Jianan objected. She would go back when she wanted to.

Allowing her to make a fuss for one night was already Lu Boyan’s limits. There was a trace of threat in his voice, “Or do you want me to pick you up now?”

Su Jianan fell silent for a moment. “Don’t be too early tomorrow. I don’t know when I’ll wake up.”

“Ten o’clock.”

“… Alright. I’m hanging up.”

Su Jianan hung up and muttered at her phone, “Tyrant.”

The Hula performance was still going on. The light at Happy Valley was beautiful at night and it was light and entertaining. Luo Xiaoxi cheered with the crowd and asked her, “Did Boss Lu call to make up with you?”

Su Jianan thought about it, “We can’t make it back tonight. Your favorite themed hotel is nearby. Let’s stay in the deluxe double room!”

Luo Xiaoxi raised her beautiful pale hand and cheered, “I love you!”

The next day, Lu Boyan got w.a.n.gyang to pick up Su Jianan from Luo Xiaoxi’s house. But w.a.n.gyang called and told him that n.o.body answered the door after he pressed the doorbell for a long time.

He called Su Jianan to find out that her phone was switched off.

He only dared to believe after two seconds that Su Jianan had lied to him!

He quickly got someone to check Su Jianan’s whereabouts. It only then did he realize that she had gone to a hotel near Happy Valley straight last night.

At that moment, Lu Boyan’s gritted his teeth so hard it felt as if they were going to break.

He had already forgotten how many years had it been since someone had played him.

Shen Yuechuan was sending a doc.u.ment to Lu Boyan. He sensed that something was not right the moment he entered the office. And he “oh ho-ed” leisurely. “Jianan’s ignoring you, right?”

Lu Boyan looked at Shen Yuechuan darkly. How did he know that Su Jianan would ignore him?

“If it were me, I wouldn’t be bothered with you either!” Shen Yuechuan said disdainfully. “You took the same flight with your rumored girlfriend and even stayed in the same hotel!”

Lu Boyan threw away his phone in annoyance. “I didn’t know about all these beforehand.”

“Then what about the four hours you spent together with Han Ruoxi?”

Lu Boyan’s eyes grew cold. “You knew what happened!”

“But Jianan doesn’t know!” Shen Yuechuan almost jumped. “She and the other netizens all think that you slept with Han Ruoxi, okay? She was in the hands of a perverted killer then! You didn’t even explain anything when you got back. It’s already not bad that she’s willing to talk to you. I told you to kneel down the moment you got back, but you didn’t believe me…”

Lu Boyan asked Shen Yuechuan somewhat helplessly for the first time, “What should I do?”

“Three words— Explain to her!”

But she was not willing to listen at all right now. Lu Boyan hesitated for a moment and then asked Shen Yuechuan to do something.

Shen Yuechuan looked at him incredulously, “Are you sure?”

“You can go work in Vietnam if this news isn’t spread across the internet by 12.”

“d.a.m.n it!”

Shen Yuechuan ran to contact the various media companies.

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