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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Moving from the luxuriously decorated three-storey villa to the old residential building where the walls were black and the furniture were obsolete, Chen Xuanxuan’s life had undergone a huge reversal overnight.

Yesterday she was a celebrity of the upper cla.s.s, living in a costly room, and using top luxuries. But overnight, she could no longer smell the fragrance of flowers, but the smell of the funk.

Standing in the dilapidated living room, she felt confused and helpless for the first time.

“Why did you mess with Su Jianan?” The former president of Chen Enterprise, who had countless grey hairs grew out overnight, sat on the broken sofa, “now who doesn’t know that Lu Boyan loves his wife, we could only please Su Jianan, but you and your mom actually went to the police station to make her trouble…”

“I thought what Ruoxi said is true,” Chen Xuanxuan said like she had lost her wits. “She told me that there is actually nothing between Lu Boyan and Su Jianan, and they will be divorced in more than a year. I thought that they just pretended to love each other to show to the press, and I thought that he would not actually mind her business in private.”

“You are so stupid. Even if he doesn’t care about her, Su Jianan is still his nominal wife and belongs to him. Would you dare to mess with someone of Lu Boyan? It’s all on me that I didn’t raise you well when I was young and put too much pressure on your sister,” Chen Xuanxuan’s father covered his face with hands and cried, “now you are able to do nothing but spend money, and your sister accidentally died… it’s all my retribution…”

Chen Xuanxuan suddenly knelt down in front of his father. “Dad, it’s not on you, it’s all on me, I… I’ll go find someone for help, to get back our company.”

She hurried out of the door, the city’s light rails drove ahead of the corridor with heavy noise, and the cars on the wide road hustled and bustled. Everyone was in a hurry, and the sun was unscrupulously glaring…

She suddenly remembered that she had been abandoned by the so-called celebrity circle, and no one would pick up her phone now. Those who had joked or seriously said that they wanted to marry her were also avoiding her.

Once she was living in such a big world, and the circle was so wide. Now she was trapped, but no one was willing to help her.

In desperation, she dialed Han Ruoxi’s phone and pinned all her hopes on her— since they were best friends. Moreover, Han Ruoxi and Lu Boyan had a very close relations.h.i.+p, and she should be able to persuade him to cut them some slack.

“Xuanxuan, I just transferred 300,000 yuan to your account,” Han Ruoxi picked up the phone, but with a regretful and indifferent voice. “This is the only thing I can help you at the moment. As for talking to Lu Boyan for forgiveness, I am not sure about that.”

“Have a try!” Chen Xuanxuan acted like she was grabbing the last straw, “Anyway, please try it first, okay? Maybe… you have more influence on Lu Boyan than you thought?”

Han Ruoxi went silent for a moment, and the voice finally came from the other side of the ocean. “Then I try. But, Xuanxuan, this is the last time I help you.”

Chen Xuanxuan was shocked, “Ruoxi, what do you mean?”

“It means that we should contact each other less in the future.” Han Ruoxi calmly stood on her own position and thought for her own interests, “You’ve already known your current reputation in the social circle, and no one wants to contact you. Despite of the agent, I will still see you less. You don’t have to pay me back 300,000 yuan, just go live a good life.”

Han Ruoxi then hung up the phone, and Chen Xuanxuan finally cried out.

People were cruel, and she was just abandoned so coldly by the whole world.

However, she would not give up so easily. Su Jianan had left her nothing but one life, so if she could not find an ally, then… she could only take her down as well! Anyway, living in such a bad house was no different from being in h.e.l.l!

At the President’s Office of Lu Enterprises.

Lu Boyan had kept his files piled up on the desk as usual, and he was so busy that he had to specially make some time to have a little talk.

The inside call suddenly rang with Daisy’s voice coming. “Boss Lu, Miss Han Ruoxi is on the line, she said that there is something urgent to talk to you.”

Lu Boyan frowned. “Picked it up.”

“You must be at work, I hope that I didn’t bother you.” Han Ruoxi sounded a bit embarra.s.sing.

Lu Boyan signed his name on the doc.u.ment. “Daisy said that you have something urgent?”

“You should’ve guessed it, shouldn’t you?” Han Ruoxi said with a helpless smile, “It’s for Xuanxuan. I don’t quite understand the rules of survival in your business world, but would you… just cut some slack on Chen Family, for my sake?”

“They can still start over,” Lu Boyan said, “but it is impossible to start from Chen Enterprise.”

“Why did you suddenly become so relentless on Chen Family?” Han Ruoxi kept asking, “Is it really like what people talked online that you did it for Su Jianan?” “I don’t understand your rules of the game, but I’m sure you have made a lot of enemies in this acquisition. Boyan, have you thought about that— was it worthy?”

“I didn’t need to think about it, and I don’t have to,” Lu Boyan said with a cold voice, “Su Jianan is now my wife. Anyone who dares to mess with her will end this way.”

It turned out that he could still be protective so straightforwardly, but for another woman.

Han Ruoxi felt cold deep down in her heart. “So, it’s useless for me to beg you, right?”

Lu Boyan didn’t say a word, but Han Ruoxi had known the answer. She wryly smiled. “I just don’t understand why. Before you and she got the certificate, you told me so indifferently that you would divorce her, but now… you care about too much for her.”

After a moment of silence, Lu Boyan slowly opened his mouth. “Even if we would finally divorce, before that, she is still my wife.”

Han Ruoxi understood that he just wanted to protect Su Jianan well before they divorced, and gave her all that he could, including his gentleness, care and love that other people couldn’t see.

She was the one who misunderstood everything. She thought that if he could talk about divorce so indifferently, then he must have had no feelings for Su Jianan.

In fact, his feelings for her were something that Han Ruoxi could never understand.

If she wanted to get Lu Boyan, she must spend much more effort that she thought.

She took a deep breath. “Since I can’t help Xuanxuan, then I’ll have to remind you that she could do anything if she was enraged, no matter how much price she has to pay. So, watch out.”

Lu Boyan hung up the phone and looked down bit by bit…

Oh, she could do anything?

The work of today ended so quickly. A large group of young people got off work from the office building after five o’clock. The city’s public transportation system was quickly filled by them, as well as the roads, which were filled with countless vehicles.

Su Jianan finally relieved when she got on the highway after driving through the most congested street. She held the steering wheel leisurely, and thought about that if Lu Boyan would come back home to have dinner. She also wondered what she should do if he came back?

When she got home, she surprisingly ran into Lu Boyan.

“Hey? You are so early today,” she was amazed, “this is the first time you come home before ten o’clock since last week!”

Lu Boyan pulled her into his arms. “Miss me?”

Su Jianan smirked with a disdainful sneer. “Narcissist, rogue, let me go.”

Lu Boyan hugged her tighter and held her cheek. “Let me see how the anti scar cream works.”

Su Jianan generously turned her left cheek to him “It’s already recovered.”

It was indeed recovered. The scar that should have disappeared in at least a month, but it was completely invisible after less than ten days. Her cheeks were white and tender again like the eggs that had just been peeled off.

Lu Boyan raised eyebrows. “Would you like to thank me?”

“Emm,” Su Jianan accepted. “I will cook you a big meal tonight!”

Lu Boyan frowned disdainfully. “This is what you should have done.”

“Hey, you are so picky,” Su Jianan thought about it seriously, then stood on her toes and kissed Lu Boyan on the cheek, “then I owe you once.”

She fled and went back to her room. Lu Boyan didn’t see the red blush on her cheeks, but saw her slim and flexible back, which looked like a vibrant deer, wearing the golden light of the setting sun. It was so beautiful that his heart felt soft.

Su Jianan didn’t break her words and made a really fancy dinner. The amount of each dish was not much, but the taste was first-cla.s.s, with the fragrance floating in the air and exquisite look.

She had no time to take off her ap.r.o.n but asked Lu Boyan to taste. She looked at him with expectation while holding up her chin. “How is the taste?”

Lu Boyan nodded. “Not bad.”

Su Jianan finally smiled with relief. “I have worked so hard to thank you. It was not for the ointment you brought me, but thank you for doing everything for me during this time.”

“I did so much, and I also tried my best to acquire Chen Enterprise, you… just want to get out of it by cooking a dinner?” Lu Boyan was obviously very dissatisfied.

Su Jianan blinked her eyes. “Did you really acquire Chen Enterprise… for me?”

Lu Boyan said calmly. “Or what? Do you have a better idea to warn Chen Xuanxuan?”

Su Jianan was confused, he did so much just to… warn Chen Xuanxuan?

Wow, she suddenly felt that Lu Boyan was so handsome!

She shook her head and praised Lu Boyan. “It is the most thorough way.”

Thorough? The most thorough solution was to ask Chen Xuanxuan to leave the city forever. However, to the best knowledge of Lu Boyan, she and her father now still lived in a residential building in central.

“Take my car to go to work from now on.” Lu Boyan suddenly said.

“Ah?” Su Jianan did not catch him, so she asked after a while, “Why?”

“Chen Xuanxuan was now forced to a desperate situation, I don’t know if she would do anything to you,” Lu Boyan explained, “it’s safer if you go to work with me.”

So, she could use Lu Boyan’s car again?

Su Jianan tried to hide her inner joy and pretended to be calm. “What if you work overtime or I work overtime?”

“Uncle Qian will pick you up.”

“Okay,” Su Jianan smiled and picked a piece of braised pork for Lu Boyan, “I’ll be definitely taken as mentally illed if I refuse the big boss of Lu Enterprises being my driver.”

Lu Boyan just smiled.

After a few days, Su Jianan understood what Lu Boyan meant by the smile— the big boss of Lu Enterprises was not her full-time driver, because sometimes he needed to check the mail, and talk to the a.s.sistant secretary. So Uncle Qian was actually the driver.

He would go out with her ten minutes earlier only when the weather was fine and he was in a good mood, as well as the time was available. He would deliberately drive the car very slowly, so that she could notice the flowers in which the garden of the villa area blossomed.

However, mostly Lu Boyan personally drove the car when they got off work. He rarely worked overtime, and Su Jianan was not occupied with some troublesome cases recently. Every time the eye-catching Aston Martin ONE77 stopped at the police station, Su Jianan felt like that her colleagues were saluting to her with their eyes.

But gradually, going to work and coming home together with Lu Boyan, had become a new habit of Su Jianan’s.

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