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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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After arriving home, Su Jianan applied her face with ice again, but there was no way to diminish the swelling immediately.

She sighed at the mirror that this week was so unlucky— every time when she met someone of Chen Family.

She then put on her home dress and went downstairs to prepare dinner, but found that the chef was already busy with that, Uncle Xu said, “Young Master has arranged. Young Madam, you have a wound on your face, just take a rest.”

Su Jianan didn’t know what to do, so she went to grind the beans and made some coffee. She brought it upstairs to the study and asked Lu Boyan if he wanted to drink. He was looking at the doc.u.ments, then he pushed his coffee cup directly to her.

Su Jianan poured a cup for him, and picked up her own while checking his study.

She came in a few times before, but now she knew that sunset can be seen here.

Outside the transparent gla.s.s window, the golden sun had a dazzling afterglow, which radiated like rays instead of a whole piece of suns.h.i.+ne like it was at noon. The glow projected a very shallow fluctuant gold in front of the window, which made the bookshelf next to it even darker.

The books on the bookshelf were carefully sorted and placed in neat rows. The faint ink scent floated out, which made her feel that the room deserved most of the time.

“Lu Boyan,” she asked, “you said that the sunset at the winery is very good. Is it better than it in your study?”

“It’s better than here,” Lu Boyan said, “I have holiday at the end of the year, let’s take you to taste some new wine.”

End of the year? Now it was in July, Su Jianan felt that it was still early, but it also seemed soon.

Just like her marriage life with Lu Boyan. Sometimes they respected each other like guests, but the occasional intimacy between them gave her the illusion that they were not different from the real couple.

She smiled. “Well, you promised twice plus last night, don’t break your promises!”

Lu Boyan put together the doc.u.ments, and looked at Su Jianan with a sly look. “Do I look like someone who fails to keep his words?”

Su Jianan pouted her mouth. “Who knows if you would lie to me again like you promised me to take me to the amus.e.m.e.nt park and disappeared the next day.”

She had never been to the amus.e.m.e.nt park before for various reasons, so she had great expectations for Lu Boyan’s commitment. But he suddenly left. After that, she refused to let others to take her there. After she grew up, she just realized why she was so stubborn at that time.

She pretended to be very regretful. “Of all the people I know, I am the only one who has never been to an amus.e.m.e.nt park till now. Lu Boyan, it’s all because of you!”

Lu Boyan hesitated for a moment. “Why don’t you let your brother take you there?”

The question revealed Su Jianan’s vulnerability. She coughed. “My brother was busy preparing materials for applying for the university abroad at that time, he was too busy to spend time with me even for a little while. My mother was in a bad condition so she couldn’t stand up to take those entertainment projects. Then… my mom left, and I’ve lost my interest in the amus.e.m.e.nt park.”

In fact, she didn’t lose her interest, and she was eager to go while listening to others talking about how fun it was. But as soon as she thought of Lu Boyan’s promise, she subconsciously refused to go with others.

She had been waiting for Lu Boyan— stubbornly waiting, for more than a decade.

“Let’s go there on next vacation,” Lu Boyan appeared to be really calm and light, but his voice sounded very convincing, “I’ll keep my promise this time.”

“Your nose will grow as long as Pinocchio’s if you lie to me again!”

Su Jianan then left the coffee to him and left the study.

She found out that the chef specially made her porridge in the kitchen when she had dinner, probably considering that it was inconvenient for her to chew. When Lu Boyan finished eating, he said that he needed to go out. Su Jianan asked subconsciously. “It’s late, where are you going?” She looked like a little wife who complained to her husband about his going out early and coming home late.

“To the company,” Lu Boyan smiled with sinister charm, “of course it’s not impossible if you want me to stay with you.”

Su Jianan compressed her lips and made a face. “Who wants you to stay, you can go wherever you want, I am going back to my room.”

She almost ran upstairs, and still panted after returning to the room. She went to the window and saw Lu Boyan got on Uncle Qian’s car.

She suddenly realized that she actually started to care about Lu Boyan when he said that he could stay with her.

Before that, he often went out inexplicably and came back in the middle of the night, and she didn’t even ask for a word, because she was afraid that she would bother him, and cross the line as she thought she was Mrs. Lu.

In the end, she still could not control and crossed the line, but Lu Boyan… didn’t seem to be bothered by her.

Undeniably, it made Su Jianan feel so delighted.

In the next few days, Lu Boyan suddenly became very busy. He often sent Su Jianan to work in the morning, but basically it was Uncle Qian who went to pick up her when she got off work. He sometimes came back after 10 o’clock, and sometimes even stayed out until the early morning when Su Jianan had already fell asleep.

Chen Xuanxuan’s mother was detained, and the wound on Su Jianan’s face healed after two days, only leaving a very shallow scar. The doctor said that it would take a week to disappear.

Although Su Jianan wasn’t like Luo Xiaoxi, who would rather die than being ugly, she still cared very much about this face. So she felt depressed when she thought that she had to live with the scar for a while.

Lu Boyan came home very early this evening, noticing that Su Jianan sat on the sofa sulkily and asking her what happened. She said with a sad face, “I am disfigured. Will you dislike me?”

Lu Boyan rubbed her face. “You didn’t look any better before you got disfigured, and I am still married to you.”

Su Jianan was so angry and stared at him. “… Lu Boyan, go away!”

He smiled and handed her a small tube of ointment, which had French written on the white tube that she could not understand.

She shook it. “What is this? Is it edible?”

“I asked someone to bring it back from France for you,” Lu Boyan said, “remember to use it before going to bed for a few days, and you don’t have to be disfigured.”

“Really?!” Su Jianan almost jumped out of the sofa and threw herself into Lu Boyan’s arms with excitement, “Thank you Brother Boyan.”

She kissed hard on his cheek and went back to the room with her slippers on.

She had to go to bed early, just because of the ointment.

After applying the cream and lying on the bed, Su Jianan remembered that she had just kissed Lu Boyan.

Oh, d.a.m.n, it seemed to be a habit of hers. Would she be treated like a rogue if she took advantage of Lu Boyan so easily in the future?

After getting up the next day, Su Jianan couldn’t wait going into the bathroom and looking in the mirror. She was sure that she was not illusional and the scar on her face really faded a bit. She suddenly became happy and was in a good mood for all day long.

It turned out that Lu Boyan did not lie to her. The scar on her face was almost invisible a few days later, and her right hand completely recovered. The only thing that remained unchanged was that Lu Boyan was still busy.

She didn’t tell him that her right hand had recovered, so she could ask Lu Boyan to send her to the work by his car in the morning. Otherwise she could only see him for half an hour during breakfast in a whole day.

Another morning, Su Jianan couldn’t help asking, “Lu Boyan, what are you busy with these days?”

Lu Boyan faintly smiled. “You will know tomorrow.”

Su Jianan knew that he wouldn’t say anything if she kept asking, so she just pressed her lips together. “Then tomorrow it is.”

She opened the door to get off the car and entered the police station, starting another working day.

What happened in the city in the past few days were just small incidents, thus she and Jiang Shaokai were mainly responsible for doing some identification of injuries, which was easy and relaxing, and the atmosphere of the office was not that intense like there was homicide case.

Su Jianan couldn’t help looking forward to tomorrow while she was not busy in work. Besides, Lu Boyan pretended to be really mysterious today, which made her wonder if it was related to herself.

But everything was normal till the next day, as well as the breakfast, which had nothing different than usual.

After eating breakfast, Lu Boyan indicated that it was time for her to leave. She thought to herself and suddenly felt embarra.s.sed about faking her injury, otherwise he would see through. So she waved her hand. “My hand is already fine, I can drive to work by myself.”

Lu Boyan paused and handed her car key to her. “Drive carefully.”

She nodded and got on her own LaCrosse.

Su Jianan discovered that she felt a bit strange since she hadn’t driven for a period of time. She was not a car-lover, and she only drove to work because it’s convenient. Now she found out that she actually preferred to go to work by Lu Boyan’s car.

Well, she would have faked it for a few days more if she knew about it.

After arriving at the police office, Xiao Ying teased Su Jianan. “What? Why didn’t your President Lu give you a ride to work today?”

“He sent me because I have injured my hand a few days ago, but now it’s fine,” Su Jianan smiled, “he is not my full-time driver.”

“But—” Xiao Ying nudged Su Jianan with her elbow, “the extremely handsome Boss Lu really broke Chen Enterprise in anger for his wife?”

“Chen Enterprise what?” Su Jianan felt unbelievable for a moment, “Broke?”

No wonder Lu Boyan said that she would know today. Was that it?

Su Jianan then suddenly turned on the computer to watch the financial news. Something bad happened to Chen Enterprise as expected, adversities kept happening to them since the scandal of the chain restaurant’s sanitation and disinfection. Their stock price plummeted in recent days, and the company was inevitably acquired by Lu Enterprises, which had split its subsidiaries to auction. The Chen Enterprise no longer existed.

However, according to the hearsay reported, Chen Enterprise ended so badly because they irritated Lu Enterprises, and Mrs. Chen was still held in detention.

The detention reminded people of the police office. Since people all knew that Su Jianan worked at the police station, some people have guessed that Chen Family did not directly offend Lu Enterprises, but irritated Lu Boyan for hurting Su Jianan.

Some mysterious people left a message below to certify it was indeed because of Su Jianan, but it was inconvenient to disclose any details.

For a time, there were so many different opinions about it, and it went viral on the Internet. No wonder Xiao Ying came to Su Jianan to gossip.

“Others may be unaware, but we knew that Mrs. Chen and Chen Xuanxuan came to make trouble and hurt you that day,” Xiao Ying grinned, “which displeased your Boss Lu, right? Your Boss Lu can’t be more handsome! When will such fierce revenge that like a dream happen to me!”

Dream? Chen Enterprise was not a small company. They had dealt with scandals and made up for mistakes during this period, so by rights they would not have fallen this low. People couldn’t imagine how much effort and energy it took for Lu Enterprises to make the acquisition.

Once the war of acquisition started, there was nothing dreamy. Although there was no smoke on this battlefield, it was still very b.l.o.o.d.y.

Su Jianan recalled Lu Boyan’s cold staring on the day when she was hurt by Mrs. Chen. She could not see through what he was thinking, but now she knew.

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