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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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In a twinkling of an eye, the two hottest months of the summer of the City A had pa.s.sed. The early autumn was approaching, and the wind in the morning and evening had become chill than before. People who were afraid of cold began to wear s.h.i.+rts with long sleeves.

Su Jianan was one of them, but she still didn’t get used to wearing long sleeves since the summer of the City A had just begun, why did it become so cold suddenly?

So unconsciously, was it because she had been too leisure recently?

In the past two months, she went to work with Lu Boyan every morning. Sometimes he needed to work overtime, so he asked Uncle Qian to pick her up. She really couldn’t think of what she could do when she was at home, so she went to his company.

At first, he was slightly surprised, but after a few times, she couldn’t bother him working when she came to the office. Sometimes she would make some mischievous deliberately to bother him, he was not angry at all, but always coaxed her to go outside to play with the secretary with a tone of treating a child.

After a few times, she was really familiar with the secret a.s.sistants of Lu Boyan. The secretaries even dared to trick her, and asked her to go to the nearby cake shop for egg tarts. She accidentally found that they were really good, thus she had been willing to do that every time. She also liked to share it with Lu Boyan, but since he was not really a fan of such snacks, he could only eat half of one after she persuaded him.

Occasionally, she needed to work overtime, so Lu Boyan would waited to pick her up until she got off work. He would wait on her seat and browsed her notebook. After a few days, Su Jianan discovered that Lu Boyan had filled the notebook with her name.

His handwriting looked strong and powerful, but revealed a slight gentleness. Su Jianan could not help asking him. “Are you holding too much resentment to me because of waiting, or missing me?”

Lu Boyan raised his lips, “You guess.”

Su Jianan, “…”

They were very intimate, and the single girls in the office began to express their envy, saying that they felt nothing at all of being single, but wanted to fall in love after seeing her and Lu Boyan together.

Su Jianan said, “Then go find someone to love! What are you still waiting for when you are young and beautiful?”

The colleagues said that she did not know about romantic relations.h.i.+ps of normal people, and a good man was too difficult to find!

When it was almost autumn, Luo Xiaoxi was about to have her debut.

With the help of Lu Enterprise Media, and the most capable agent clearing the way for her, she soon received a notice of taking a set of photos for a fas.h.i.+on magazine.

That was a fas.h.i.+on magazine that Luo Xiaoxi really liked and cared about, of which the models were basically front-line celebrities. It was rare for the agent to win this opportunity for her. Luo Xiaoxi yelled on the phone and said that she wanted to celebrate with Su Jianan. “I’ve never dreamed that I would take pictures for Vogue! We must celebrate!”

“But how?” Su Jianan said, “You are now on a strict diet. Or… coming to my house?”

“Okay,” since Luo Xiaoxi’s training intensity had been greatly reduced, and she had no cla.s.s to attend, so she had much free time, “I will drive there soon, wait for me!”

Su Jianan hung up the phone and picked up the bag and walked out of the police office. Lu Boayn’s car just stopped in front of her.

She pulled the door and got on. “Okay, let’s go home.”

“Shen Yuechuan and some people will come over tonight.” Lu Boyan suddenly said.

“What?” Su Jianan took a moment to react, “They… come over to eat?”

During the half a year after she and Lu Boyan got married, she found that Shen Yuechuan seldom came to Lu Boyan’s home. Besides eating, she couldn’t think of another reason.

“They want to use the audio-visual room.”

Now Su Jianan understood that since the World Cup matches were in full swing, the screen would definitely blow out every time when the results came out. Every single man in the office was discussing which the best shooting was last night, and they went sleepy and dreamy in the afternoon, shouting “Go!” in their dreams.

So people like Shen Yuechuan were also soccer fans? And they were ready to stay up late tonight to watch the final?

She didn’t know why, but suddenly felt strange, since there were only her and Lu Boyan at home for a long time. It seemed to be bizarre that some men just popped out in the house.

Lu Boyan seemed to see through her being unnatural. “Your brother will also come over.”

“My brother?” Su Jianan was stunned, “Xiaoxi will come over later…”

Lu Boyan raised his lips. “Isn’t it perfect?”

Su Jianan was surprised. “Luo Boyan, I just found out that you are a bit dark inside…”

He did not answer but drive the car into the villa area.

At home, Su Jianan thought it was still early, plus there were enough fresh ingredients in the kitchen, she then asked Lu Boyan to call Shen Yuechuan to have dinner together, and she would cook for them.

“Would it be too troublesome to cook for five people?” Lu Boyan said, “Let the chef do it?”

Su Jianan showed a look as if she was saying it was just a piece of cake. “It’s not a big deal. When I was studying abroad, I have done it for a dozen people for countless times!”

Lu Boyan saw her full of confidence, then asked Uncle Xu to make the call. He rolled up his sleeves. “Let me help you.”

Su Jianan was happy to be helped, so she gave him a lot of vegetables. “You can even deal with the crayfish, then today’s dishes are all handed over to you! I will tell Shen Yuechuan and those people that it’s all because of you!”

Lu Boyan then splashed a few drops of water on her face. She blocked with her hand, and pretended to be angry to push him. She then turned over to cut up the vegetables.

When Shen Yuechuan arrived and saw Lu Boyan and Su Jianan working together in the kitchen, his eyes goggled like he saw the ninth wonder of the world.

Lu Boyan… was.h.i.+ng vegetables.

d.a.m.n, the name should not be consistent with this verb, okay? It was too discordant and too challenging for the public’s psychological endurance!

However, the picture at the moment was not contradictory at all—

Outside the French transparent windows, there was a green meadow with a light golden sunset spread over it, and the flowers were blooming in the gardens, which looked like a picture. Inside the windows, the tall and straight man, was working tacitly with the slim and beautiful woman, their occasional laughter and every single move was full of happiness, inexplicably presented a feeling of tranquility.

Sure enough, only Su Jianan in this world could influence Lu Boyan. Before they got married, Boss Lu was always cold and short-spoken, and always took actions so resolutely! But now… Shen Yuechuan was wondering if people would still be afraid of Lu Boyan if he posted how he looked like right now to the internal forum of the company?

Su Jianan first noticed that Shen Yuechuan standing outside the door and smiled. “We can start in another half an hour.”

“Okay!” Shen Yuechuan stood straight, “Then I’ll have to thank sister-in-law on behalf of those foodies!”

Su Jianan’s lips almost twitched. “You… can call me by the name. I am not used to… sister-in-law.”

“Why?” Shen Yuechuan felt unfair, “Don’t you fell enjoyable when those little boys called you a sister-in-law?”

“They are almost the same age as me, some are even younger than me.” Su Jianan coughed, “You are too old…”

“…” Shen Yuechuan felt like an arrow shot in the chest. After two seconds, he snarled angrily. “I am only 28 years old! 28! Two years younger than your husband!”

Su Jianan laughed innocently. “I know that you are 28 years old, and you look like you are 28.”

Shen Yuechuan touched his face. “Then why you still think that I am old! It is obvious that the one around you is older!”

“Emm,” Su Jianan threw two strawberries in the pot, “but he looks like twenty-five or six…”

Shen Yuechuan felt himself being struck by lightning this time.

Lu Boyan kept was.h.i.+ng the lettuce in the sink slowly, and finally said four words. “Shen Yuechuan, get out.”

“…” Shen Yuechuan, who severely suffered, got out with tears all over his face.

When all the dishes were served on the table, Su Yicheng and his accompanies also arrived. Except for Shen Yuchuan and Mu Sijue, who Su Jianan were familiar with, she barely talked to the rest of them, but met at the anniversary celebration. One of them was the so-called captain in the “Bodyguard” by Lu Boyan.

Coincidentally, Luo Xiaoxi also came in at this time, and she subconsciously “wowed” when she saw so many people. “Dine together?” She also patted on Shen Yuechuan’s shoulder when she saw him, “You are here too.”

Only Lu Boyan noticed that Su Yicheng’s face went serious. Lu Boyan suddenly felt good and said something to Su Jianan’s ear, she quietly answered back and took Luo Xiaoxi to the wine room.

“Wow—” Luo Xiaoxi roughly glanced at the wine on the wine rack, “Your Boss Lu is corrupt enough. He is indeed a golden bachelor!”

Su Jianan took a bottle of wine and stuffed it to Luo Xiaoxi, and took another two bottles of wine on the shelf. “Go up.”

Going back to the dinning room, Luo Xiaoxi noticed Su Yicheng and goggled her eyes. “Why are you here?”

Shen Yuechuan immediately said before Su Yicheng got the chance to answer. “Tonight’s World Cup final is Germany against Argentina, we are here to use the audio-visual room, of which the picture and sound effect will definitely make you feel like you are on-site. What do you say? Are you staying to watch together?”

Luo Xiaoxi had never missed previous World Cups in the past few years. But the agent asked her not to stay up late this year, plus the training during the day was really exhausting, so she did not pay much attention to it, and she was surprised that the final was at tonight!

“I’d rather die than watch the finals in replay!” Luo Xiaoxi decided, “I want to watch!”

Su Yicheng frowned. “The live broadcast is at four in the morning, why do you still watch? Just go back after dinner!”

Luo Xiaoxi humphed. “You can’t control me.”

Shen Yuechuan smiled and added. “Exactly, Yicheng, you are not someone to Xiaoxi, why should she listen to you and go back after eating?”

He was deliberate, he was intentional.

Lu Boyan finally said something and asked them to join the dinner when Su Yicheng’s face went blue. Su Jianan naturally sat next to him, and Luo Xiaoxi sat next to her.

In this way, Luo Xiaoxi was far away from Su Yicheng, but it faced directly to Shen Yuechuan. They naturally had more interactions. Su Jianan couldn’t help asking. “When did you become so familiar?”

If she remembered correctly, they just met each other when they played tennis last time.

“You don’t know? He is not only the personal a.s.sistant of your Boss Lu, but also the director of the artists of Lu Enterprise Media,” Luo Xiaoxi said, “we can see each other a lot in the company, so we can talk more and get familiar.”

Su Jianan peeped Su Yicheng who was talking to someone next to him. He seemed to be completely unconcerned with Luo Xiaoxi, and the serious expression on his face just now was as if the illusion that she suddenly had.

“Xiaoxi…” Su Jianan lowered her voice, “you’d better stay away from Shen Yuechuan, he…”

“Do you think he wants to chase after me?” Luo Xiaoxi couldn’t help laughing, “Girl, you are too naive. I am not the type for Shen Yuechuan, and he is not mine. We can just have fun together, but definitely can’t fall in love with each other. Besides, Shen Yuechuan is never short of girlfriends! He has mistresses of more than 3,000.”

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