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Chapter 728: Actually Agreeing

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When Shu Ruyue heard Wu Qinghe’s words, she actually began to think about it seriously.

For the first time, she felt that Wu Qinghe’s suggestion made sense.

With her personality, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to accept her!

Who could accept their daughter-in-law venturing around in the martial world after getting married?

But after marrying Wu Qinghe, things would be different!

Wu Qinghe was an orphan, so she wouldn’t be controlled by her in-laws even if she married him.

Wu Qinghe knew how to divine and earn money.

Most importantly, with his profession, it would be very convenient for him to accompany her in the martial world.

Most importantly, she and Wu Qinghe were friends and knew each other’s backgrounds.

Thinking of this, Shu Ruyue was a little tempted.

“Sigh, I think marrying you really isn’t a bad idea! Wu Qinghe, work hard and earn some money. Then, go to my house to propose marriage!”

With that, Shu Ruyue skipped away.

Wu Qinghe was left dumbfounded.

What had he just heard?

Shu Ruyue wanted him to earn money to propose marriage?

Was he dreaming?

On the other side, Li Xiaoran smiled when she saw that Shu Ruyue had returned.

“Have you asked?”

When Shu Ruyue heard Li Xiaoran’s words, she immediately stopped and patted her head.

“Sigh, why did I forget about such an important matter after being interrupted by Wu Qinghe?! Why don’t I ask him again now?”

“Forget it, don’t ask. There’s plenty of time later, so there’s no hurry! Tell me first, how did Wu Qinghe interrupt you and make you forget your business?” Li Xiaoran could sense Shu Ruyue’s good mood and raised her eyebrows. “Sigh, Xiaoran, let me tell you! I found a husband for myself!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she spat out the tea she had just drunk.

“What did you say? You’ve only been out for a short while, but you found your husband? Who is it?”

Li Xiaoran was shocked and felt like she didn’t understand Shu Ruyue. “Who else could it be?! It’s Wu Qinghe.” Shu Ruyue repeated the conversation between her and Wu Qinghe.

Shu Ruyue said, “I think Wu Qinghe is right. I’ve thought about it carefully. There are many benefits to marrying Wu Qinghe, but the most important thing is freedom. I can do whatever I want. Why didn’t I realize such a good thing before?”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she didn’t know if she should be happy or sad for Wu Qinghe.

After all, Shu Ruyue wasn’t enlightened yet.

Fortunately, she was already in his grasp, so he could wait for her to come to her senses.

Li Xiaoran wiped the tea from the corner of her mouth and asked, “Then have you really decided? Will your parents like Wu Qinghe?”

“That’s his own business! If he can’t even deal with my parents, I might as well not marry this man!” Shu Ruyue said.

Li Xiaoran felt that Shu Ruyue was right. If a man wasn’t responsible at all, he wasn’t worth marrying.

“I think that’s a good idea!” Li Xiaoran liked it.

“That’s right! I think that’s a good idea too! The more I think about it, the more I think that marrying Wu Qinghe is a good idea!” Shu Ruyue said happily. At this moment, Wu Qinghe also arrived outside the courtyard door.

“Madam, can I come in?”

Li Xiaoran nodded when she saw that it was Wu Qinghe.

“Come in!”

When Wu Qinghe heard Li Xiaoran’s words, he quickly walked in.

Seeing that Shu Ruyue was here, Wu Qinghe immediately calmed down.

Wu Qinghe retracted his gaze and asked Li Xiaoran sincerely, “Madam, Ruyue said that you have a good way to help me earn money, so I wanted to come over and ask!”

Li Xiaoran pointed at the chair beside Shu Ruyue and said, “Sit down first. We’ll talk while drinking tea!”

Wu Qinghe nodded and sat down.

Li Xiaoran thought for a moment and said, “You’re a capable person, but others don’t know! Therefore, if you want to rely on fortune-telling to earn money, you have to become famous first! How can you be famous? You can’t run to the place with the most people every day to set up a stall!” Wu Qinghe smiled awkwardly and said, “I really think so!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she immediately laughed.

“Most people will think so, but the effect is too small! Think about it, if you want to rely on this to increase your fame bit by bit, it will take many years! But if you achieve fame in a short period of time, you will have to use another method!”

Shu Ruyue asked curiously, “Another method? What method?”

“Let me ask you, regarding divination, who is the first person in White Foothill City that everyone wants to look for?” Li Xiaoran asked.

Shu Ruyue looked at Wu Qinghe, who looked at Shu Ruyue. Then, the two of them looked at Li Xiaoran. “We don’t know!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she immediately laughed.

“Yes, yes, yes. You guys don’t know, and neither do I!” Everyone laughed at that.

After laughing, Li Xiaoran voiced her thoughts.

“Originally, I wanted you to find a very famous fortune-teller to challenge. As long as you defeat him, your reputation will naturally spread! If there’s no such person, think of another way! Is there a lively temple fair nearby? The kind that has grand gatherings!”

Wu Qinghe shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. We can only ask around!”

“Then let’s not talk about this for now. Let’s find a large-scale gathering and spread the word that a master traveled here. We’ll spread the word first, then you’ll show your talent and shock a group of people. After that, we’ll definitely be able to make you famous. Then, you’ll divine for three people per day. You’ll naturally earn money!” Li Xiaoran explained her thoughts.

Shu Ruyue asked in confusion, “What’s the point if he only divines for three people per day? Wouldn’t it be better if there are more people?”

“Are you stupid? Wu Qinghe’s divination takes a lot of effort. Three people a day is just right! Besides, that is rare is dear. Capable people naturally have higher requirements! You’re not the kind of person who can divine people just because you set up a stall. You have to raise your standards!” Li Xiaoran explained.

“I think Madam is right. Three people a day is enough. In our line of work, it’s easy to earn money!” Wu Qinghe said confidently when he heard Li Xiaoran’s thoughts.

Shu Ruyue didn’t say anything else.

“Then let’s ask around later and see if there’s been any big gatherings recently!”

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