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Chapter 727: Why Don ‘t You Marry Me?

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Luo Cheng looked at the Third Prince, Ling Heng, and said, “No wonder Third Brother was injured like this. Someone poisoned him! His internal energy was blocked, so he was seriously injured!”

“Mr. Luo, what should we do now?” Uncle He asked.

“How about this? Uncle He, take care of the Third Prince first. It’s not a good idea to move him now. When night falls, I’ll come over and take Third Brother away,” Luo Cheng said as he took out a porcelain bottle from his pocket.

Luo Cheng took out a pill and dissolved it in warm water. Then, he picked up the medicine and fed it to the Third Prince.

“Uncle He, pay more attention! I believe Third Brother will wake up soon after I feed him this medicine! When the time comes, tell Third Brother about our arrangements and let him wait patiently!” Luo Cheng reminded him.

Uncle He nodded and remembered Luo Cheng’s words.

After leaving the wine shop, Luo Cheng quickly went back.

Without looking at Li Xiaoran, Luo Cheng entered his pharmaceutical room to find suitable herbs and began to make medicine.

When Li Xiaoran woke up, she realized that there was no one beside her, so she went to wash up.

When she heard some sounds coming from the pharmaceutical room, she went over to take a look and saw Luo Cheng frowning while doing something.

“Hubby, what’s wrong? You seem unhappy.”

Luo Cheng looked up when he heard Li Xiaoran’s voice.

“I saw Third Brother. He was poisoned and suffered serious external and internal injuries, so I’m concocting medicine for him! ” Luo Cheng replied.

When Li Xiaoran heard Luo Cheng’s words, she was shocked.

“Why is Third Brother here?”

Luo Cheng shook his head and replied, “I don’t know either. We won’t know until Third Brother wakes up! Li Xiaoran, go and do your own things first. I have to focus on concocting medicine!”

“Alright! Go ahead!” Li Xiaoran nodded and left quietly.

After leaving the pharmaceutical room, Li Xiaoran returned to her room.

Li Xiaoran originally wanted to look for Wu Qinghe to ask Wu Qinghe to divine the Third Prince’s situation.

However, Li Xiaoran wasn’t sure how her husband was going to handle this matter, so all she could do now was wait.

Just as she was about to return to the house, Shu Ruyue came looking for her.

“Xiaoran, I have something to ask you for advice on!”

Li Xiaoran raised her eyebrows when she heard Shu Ruyue’s words.

Could it be that Shu Ruyue realized that she had special feelings for Wu Qinghe, so she came to ask for her suggestion?

As expected of an unenlightened women.

Shu Ruyue explained her intentions as soon as she sat down.

“Xiaoran, you have the best ideas! Tell me, how can I make Wu Qinghe famous in a short period of time?”

When Li Xiaoran heard that it wasn’t about Shu Ruyue and Wu Qinghe’s relations.h.i.+p, she immediately lost interest!

“Why did you suddenly think of asking this?”

When Shu Ruyue heard Li Xiaoran’s question, she said, “I just feel that it’s not good for a man like him to rely on you and Mr. Luo all day long! He’s not an incompetent person, so it’s better for him to earn money to support himself! Otherwise, how can he get a wife in the future?!”

When Li Xiaoran heard Shu Ruyue’s words, she asked curiously, “You seem to want Wu Qinghe to get married. Why are you so concerned about him?”

Shu Ruyue said righteously, “We’re buddies. If I don’t care about him, who should I care about? You and Mr. Luo can earn money, so I don’t have to worry about you two. I just have to worry about Wu Qinghe!”

Li Xiaoran was impressed by this girl’s insensitivity and obliviousness.

“Alright, alright, alright. You’re right!”

“Since I’m right, help think of a way!” Shu Ruyue urged.

Li Xiaoran thought for a moment and said, “Fame has never been easy to obtain. Have you asked Wu Qinghe about this?” Shu Ruyue found Li Xiaoran’s words very strange.

“Why do I have to ask Wu Qinghe?”

“After all, this matter concerns Wu Qinghe’s own life. We can give him suggestions if he’s lost, but we can’t make any decisions on his behalf. If he wants to become famous and earn money, as his friends, we will definitely help him. The prerequisite is that he wants it!” Li Xiaoran said, “Ruyue, I know you’re doing this for Wu Qinghe’s good, but you can’t make decisions for him, let alone force him to do something he’s unwilling to do!”

When Shu Ruyue heard Li Xiaoran’s words, she understood.

“Xiaoran, you’re right. I was too nosy! As a friend, I shouldn’t have made the decision for him! Don’t worry, I’ll go look for Wu Qinghe now and ask him!” With that, Shu Ruyue got up to look for Wu Qinghe.

Seeing this girl come and leave in a hurry, Li Xiaoran shook her head.

Sigh, these two people were really ill-fated!

One didn’t reveal anything, and the other didn’t understand. She really didn’t know how long the two of them would continue to torture each other.

On the other side, Shu Ruyue hurriedly found Wu Qinghe and asked, “Wu Qinghe, do you want to earn a lot of money?! Do you have any good ideas? If not, go find Xiaoran to give you ideas!”

Wu Qinghe was reading a book when he heard Shu Ruyue’s words.

“Do you really want me to earn a lot of money?”

“Of course. If you don’t earn money, how will you get a wife in the future?” Shu Ruyue said what she had said to Li Xiaoran previously.

“Is that all?” Wu Qinghe asked Shu Ruyue.

“Then what else could it be?” Shu Ruyue asked.

Wu Qinghe put down the book and looked at Shu Ruyue.

“Are you that concerned about my marriage?”

“Of course. As a friend, it’s only right for me to care about you!” Shu Ruyue said.

When Wu Qinghe heard Shu Ruyue’s words, he nodded and sat back down.

Shu Ruyue was an impatient person, so when she saw Wu Qinghe’s reaction, she immediately lost her patience.

“Then what kind of reaction do you need me to give you?” Wu Qinghe stared at Shu Ruyue. “If I can’t find a wife, why don’t you marry me?! That way, I won’t have to worry!”

Shu Ruyue was shocked when she heard Wu Qinghe’s words.

“We’re friends! ”

“All the more reason to get married!” Wu Qinghe said righteously, “Think about it, when you get married in the future, instead of marrying an unfamiliar man, you might as well marry me! You know what I’m like! You know everything about me!”

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