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Chapter 543 – The Thunderstorm II


A second later, the stadium exploded into a hysterical hubbub as the viewers from sorts of races were shaking each other’s clothes while pointing their trembling fingers at the latest image of Felix.

He was emerging from the thunderstorm with s.h.i.+mmering golden lightning that was coursing through his entire body.

He had a calm expression as he kept looking behind him, clearly surveying for any survivors from his mega strike.

Soon, he spotted one red aura being a couple of kilometers above him. Felix frowned his eyebrows as he realized that the shape of the aura belonged to Waterloo.

As for Serenity and Saltz Master? They were nowhere to be seen.

‘Did he really die?’ Felix knew that it would be extremely difficult for Saltz Master to survive the strike if he got directly hit by it. So, it was to be expected that he would be gone.

But, he still had a feeling that Saltz Master would be able to find a method to survive the strike. However, he looked and looked again, yet only Waterloo’s aura greeted his eyes

He didn’t give a s.h.i.+t that Serenity had died during the Thunderstorm as he knew that one lightning bolt striking at the perfect time was enough to kill a player without strong defenses.

Serenity’s physical defenses were not worth mentioning.

To make sure that she truly died, Felix activated his x-ray vision and saw her skeleton flailing randomly while falling downward.

Felix ignored her corpse and Saltz Master for now and focused on the players that were just about to enter the thunderstorm.

He could see that only 10 players were left behind. Some of them had their parachutes on them while some were trying their best to secure one from the others.

Felix didn’t bother himself with them anymore as they weren’t considered as a threat to him with such a gap between them.

Felix soon focused on trying to get to the ground as fast as possible unbeknownst that Saltz Master was the one who ambushed Serenity inside the thunderstorm, killing her instantly!

He did so to cast a shadow on her corpse and hide within it!

As long as he was inside a shadow, he couldn’t be seen by any kinds of visions since he makes sure to separate the shadow from the outside world.

It was like creating a tiny separated shadow realm just for himself!

‘Good, it doesn’t seem like he has figured it out.’ Saltz Master spoke in his mind, ‘The first step is concluded, now I just need to wait for the perfect opportunity to ambush him with everything I got.’

‘Though, I have only 28 seconds before the corpse gets removed by the Queen, ruining my plans. I must make a move before it!’

The moment that thought crossed his mind, the corpse had exited the thunderstorm, showing everyone that her body was scorched black!

When Felix turned around and inspected it closely, he didn’t find any other wounds on her besides the burnt marks of the lightning bolts.

He wasn’t a r.e.t.a.r.d to not guess that Saltz Master was using the same strategy that killed Sensation. However, no matter how much he peered into her body, he couldn’t spot a shadow.

‘d.a.m.n it, her entire corpse is pitch-black, it’s impossible to know if Saltz Master had cast a shadow on her or not.’ Felix grumbled in his mind and decided, ‘It’s best I keep an eye on it before it disappear…’

Caca! Caca!…

Out of nowhere, Felix’s monologue was interrupted by noisy bird sounds coming from the east.

When he looked to the side, he was startled by the sight of a ma.s.sive flock of white birds covering the entire sky!

They weren’t aiming at him but one kilometer below him, making him realize that by the time he reaches that area, he would collide with them!

This flock wasn’t just aiming at him but also at Waterloo above him. There must be another flock prepared when the players emerge from the thunderstorm.

‘A chance!!’

Meanwhile, Saltz Master got siked immediately after seeing the flock.

He understood that he had received the perfect opportunity to make his move and he wasn’t planning on chocking right now and here!

“The 3rd and last obstacle is here! Birds Attacks!” Kayn mentioned in excitement, “Most of the birds would leave after the collision but some of them would stay to annoy the players ceaselessly until they get rid of them!


The moment Kayn finished his commentary, Felix was seen on the screen activating his electric field, clearly planning on frying any bird that gets near him.

Alas, his attempt helped him go through the first wave of birds but they simply kept coming and coming at him until a few of them managed to penetrate the electric field by sheer numbers!

‘hahaha, poke him in the eyes! That’s it cuties! In the eyes!’

Meanwhile, Asna was having a field trip while watching Felix getting hara.s.sed by the birds. Their pokes did absolutely no harm to him but it was beyond an annoying experience.

While he was busy swimming in that sea of birds, a shadow was creeping up on him rapidly!

It was traveling from a bird to another, completely being ignored by the birds!

Unlike Felix, Kayn and the viewers easily spotted it since it was s.h.i.+ning brightly. Kayn did so to not lose out on Saltz Master’s location.

“Landlord is in a grave danger!” Kayn focused the camera on the creeping black shadow and proclaimed, “It doesn’t seem like Landlord had noticed him! With the birds distracting him, Saltz Master truly had a perfect chance of slaying Landlord!”

Olivia, Robert, and all of Felix’s close friends started showing signs of worry after hearing Kayn’s commentary.

They could see that Felix was indeed wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings.

Remembering how Sensation had been dealt with, made them understand that Felix’s situation was beyond grim!

All Saltz Master needed was to get closer to Felix and encase him inside that shadow sphere. Then, separate his body parts like Sensation!

However, seeing that the electrical field was still active made them believe that Saltz Master wouldn’t dare approach Felix like that.

“He is about to reach him! This is it!” Kayn widened his eyes at the screen without speaking any further, knowing that the ambush could start and end in a split second.

Just as he expected, Saltz Master had emerged above a bird exactly outside of Felix’s electrical field and created a giant dark hard sword!

He was also able to harden the dark matter that creates his shadows. Though, it would consume a hefty amount of energy to make it happen!

That’s because shadows weren’t meant to be solid, making it extra difficult to achieve it than other elements!

Knowing that his energy was being drained significantly, Saltz Master swung the sword instantaneously, slicing tens of birds in his path and reaching Felix’s chest in a split second!

‘He truly didn’t die.’ Felix smirked faintly as he looked at the sword that was half a meter away from his chest.

It was moving extremely slowly in his eyes as he had been always prepared to enter his supersonic mode at any moment!

He wasn’t a fool to drop his guard at such a critical moment.

As he glanced at the drops of blood flying everywhere, Felix swiftly changed his posture by leaning backward. This allowed him to get outside of the sword’s trajectory.

The moment the sword went behind him, Felix had turned his head and stared right through Saltz Master’s pupilless eyes.

‘Bye bye.’ He said in mind while activating Thor’s Ordnance. He was still left with two more nails that he saved up just for Saltz Master.


The moment he fired, Felix’s turned off his supersonic mode, allowing his eyes to process the world at its normal speed.

This allowed him to see that the golden beam had gone through Saltz Master’s chest.

Just as he wanted to smile, his expression stiffened after seeing that Saltz Master had exploded into a cloud of dark matter!

‘Impossible, his reflexes can’t be that fast when the distance between us is barely 6 meters!!’

Felix exclaimed in his mind, a bit shaken that Saltz Master actually had managed to turn into a living shadow at such a perfect counterattack!

No matter how he tried to comprehend it, he found it absurd!

He could understand dodging the golden beam when the distance was a couple of kilometers between them but he simply couldn’t fathom how Saltz Master did it in less than 10 meters!

‘Maybe it’s a decoy…’

Just as an outrageous idea emerged on his mind, Felix felt a chilling gaze on his back.

When he glanced back, he saw Saltz Master’s head emerge from the tip of the dark sword that was about to make half a swing!

Felix instantly entered supersonic mode again, wanting to give himself time to dodge whatever was about to come at him!

However, he ended up weirded out by the sight of a victorious smirk slowly emerging on Saltz Master’s face.

What creeped him out even more was that Saltz Master’s head was slowing submerging back inside the dark sword.

It’s like he did all of this just glance at Felix.

‘What did he…’

Before Felix could try to understand what this was all about, he felt that he had lost a tiny bit of weight in his stomach. When he glanced down, he got the shock of his life.


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