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Chapter 544 – G.o.d Of Thunder!

‘MOTHERF*CKER!!!’ Felix cursed loudly with bloodshot eyes after realizing that he had been fooled!

The entire ambush sequence had flashed right before his eyes, making him understand that Saltz Master was never planning on slaying him…But stealing his parachute!

He didn’t know that it was sent to the Shadow Realm but he knew that it was gone!

He couldn’t feel its presence at all like it had teleported to another place!

Knowing that he would be in big trouble if he didn’t have his parachute, Felix swiftly made the desicion to kill Saltz Master.

He understood that the moment he dies, whatever ability that he used would deactivate on its own and bring back his parachute!

However, when he looked around in his supersonic mode, he didn’t manage to spot Saltz Master. The birds flocking over him weren’t making his search any easier as they kept blocking his vision.

‘F*ck!! He could be connected to any bird inside this flock!’ Felix cursed at the notion that Saltz Master might actually walk out of this alive.

He knew that it was going to be impossible for him to spot him if he remained connected to a bird as a shadow.

‘If I can’t find you, then I will destroy everything at once!’

Immediately after he called, he deactivated his supersonic mode since he wanted to save the remaining lightning for later.

“Saltz Master had outsmarted Landlord with his fine play!” Kayn commentated with a thrilled expression, “Without a parachute, Landlord is doomed to have his entire body plastered against the ground…Ueh? Why is he raising his arms?”

The viewers who were clamoring out loud quieted down immediately after noticing blue sparkles started to get emitted from Felix’s eyes while both of his arms were extending into the thundercloud.

Just as they began wondering about his posture, Felix shouted in fury, “LIGHTNING CALL!!”


Nothing had emerged from his arms. However, the thundercloud had responded to his shout with two deafening thunderclaps!

‘Uhmm?’ Saltz Master who was traveling from a bird to another away from Felix, couldn’t help but have one eye emerge outside of the shadow and inspect the abrupt loud thundercloud.

He understood that he was almost one kilometer below it and the normal thundercloud shouldn’t have resounded as loudly as this one.

Alas, he should have kept his curiosity to himself as the moment he looked at the thundercloud, he got the fright of his life.

The thundercloud was revolving on its axis, creating a humongous hole that was showing lightning bolts going absolutely berserk!

The poor players within didn’t know what hit them as the number of lightning bolts striking them had increased from two or three to tens of bolts, striking continuously!

Some of them had their s.h.i.+elds completely overwhelmed after the fifth bolt, making them eat the rest directly on their skin!

They couldn’t even cry out as the electricity had utterly paralyzed them! When that happened, their death was a foregone conclusion!

Whoosh Whoos.h.!.+

Saltz Master could only stare with a widened eye at the falling scorched black corpses of players, appearing like it was raining bodies.

The sight had shaken the viewers to the core as well, silencing them all at once.

What they didn’t know was that all of this was merely a byproduct of the preparation for Felix’s 3rd active ability *Lightning Call*!


‘Oh no! I need to leave this area!!’

It seemed like Saltz Master had figured it out after seeing hundreds of lightning bolts gathering at the center of the revolving thundercloud, creating some sort of a lightning grid!

Alas, by the time he realized it, the preparation was already concluded…What followed after was a ma.s.sive lightning bolt that traveled from the center of the thundercloud and ended when it touched Felix.


Then? It disappeared, leaving behind it a booming noise and the ashes of every being that was caught in its path or strike radius!

The flock of birds, the player’s corpses, Waterloo, and lastly Saltz Master who ended up receiving the same fate as the bird he was connected into.

Absolute Annihilation!

After the thundering noise echoed away, only Felix and a few scared s.h.i.+tless players were left in the game.

Wild’s Breath was one of them as he had emerged outside of the thundercloud with multiple wounds but still alive due to shapes.h.i.+fting into a beast with high resistance to lightning.

‘Monster, I was allying with a f*cking monster’. Wild’s Breath felt his fur stand up at the sight of Felix’s cold glance that was aimed at everyone above him.

With the electrical charges coursing throughout his entire body, that look was enough to spook the surviving players.

All of them decided to slow their speed to keep their distance from Felix until they figure the situation out.

Meanwhile, Kayn and the viewers could only open their mouths then close them again, not knowing how to react or comment at such a display of G.o.dly power!

Every time Felix showed an ability, they think that it was his strongest attack…But, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d keeps pulling one after another like they were a bunch of candies.

At this point? They were honestly too numb to react, unlike Felix’s fans who started a new chant, shouting it at the top of their dried voices!

“G.o.d OF THUNDER!”….”G.o.d OF THUNDER!”…”G.o.d OF THUNDER!”…

Their noise engulfed the entire stadium without any other club daring to open their mouths and support their idols…

How could they when Felix ended up slaying 7 players in the thunderstorm and two more outside of it with one f*cking ability?!

Only three players remained in the entire game and they were scared s.h.i.+tless to approach Felix!

“You hear that?” Lady Sphinx smiled faintly at Erebus whose hands were tightened on the armchair, clearly expressing his anger and frustration at the unexpected death of his champion.

He was beyond satisfied by his champion’s performance as he had outsmarted both Sensation and Felix with his ingenious plans.

When Erebus saw how he managed to transport Felix’s parachute into the shadow realm, he was already preparing himself to drink champagne of victory.

Alas, he didn’t account that Felix had unlocked lightning call, one of the most destructive abilities in Thor’s a.r.s.enal!

“I got to admit that your boy’s abilities aren’t too shabby.” Erebus unsealed his fists and said casually, “He might have killed my champion and won you the bet, but he is still going to die.”

Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr knew that he was talking about Felix’s parachute that was transported into the shadow realm.

Unlike Felix who expected that his parachute would be returned in the same state, they already knew that his parachute was a goner the moment Saltz Master died.

That’s because objects transported into the shadow realm would be subjected to the laws of that realm.

They weren’t friendly in the slightest to anything that wasn’t a shadow or had a tremendous affinity to the element.

Saltz Master didn’t have to worry about his parachute getting ruined inside since he was protecting it continuously from the moment he transported it.

But now? Both parachutes had been propelled to the outside world in an unrecoverable state, making Felix recognize his c.r.a.ppy situation.

Felix’s fans who were cheering at the top of their voices while using multiple gadgets managed to notice that Felix was currently diving without a parachute.

“Dear G.o.d!”

“Oh no!!”

“What the h.e.l.l happened to his parachute!!”

Their excitement died down immediately as a wave of horror took over their minds.

Leader Emma almost fainted on the spot as she realized that Felix didn’t possess a single ability that could help him avoid the collision!!

Not one!!

“There are only 2 kilometers left before Landlord reaches the ground!” Kayn shouted, “He has no parachute or ability to save him from the cras.h.!.+ The players above him have noticed his current dreadful situation and they are doing everything they can to avoid getting closer to him!”

“They are his only hope and they weren’t planning to give him a chance of recovery!” Kayn pointed at Wild’s Breath and said, “Even his ally is keeping his distance!”

Meanwhile, the celebrating earthling team had already fallen into a deathly silence as only gulping noises were resounding in the area.

All of them were remaining still in their places while staring without a blink at Felix who kept falling down at his slowest speed possible.

“Is, is, brother Felix gonna be alright?” Olivia stuttered.

George and the rest glanced in her direction and shook their heads slightly.

They wanted to lie and ensure that Felix was going to create a miracle and survive the fall, but they simply couldn’t find out a way.

Felix had poison and lighting element abilities. From the a.r.s.enal that he showed, they believed that his chances of survival were extremely grim.

In their eyes, his only hope to survive the fall was by using the anti-gravitational blue sand and surf on it right before he collides with the ground.

That would be enough to reset his velocity from 10 km fall to merely 50 or 20 meters depending on him.

However, seeing that he didn’t use them in his previous game or this one made them understand that Felix had already replaced them with lightning abilities.

He didn’t possess sand manipulation to create them as well.

‘Please, please, please be safe.’ Olivia prayed with her hands folded and a tearful eyes after figuring out that his situation was beyond hopeless!

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