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The spider queen made Wu Yan’s hair stood on end, his heart went cold and a drop of sweat slowly dripped down from his forehead!



These thoughts instantly filled up his mind, he grabbed Hinagiku and Mikoto by their hands and held onto them, preparing to escape at any given moment with the escape tool.

Hinagiku and Mikoto noticed his anxiety as well, they were worried as well when they saw the cold sweats on his face. When he shouted ‘c.r.a.p’, their anxiousness grew bigger as well.


As if noticing her master’s mental state, Ikaros worriedly looked at his distraught face and was just about to approach him before she got cut off.

“We are retreating!”

Before the girls could ask anything he instantly chose their next move. They didn’t notice the spider queen’s line of sight but that’s natural because the time period between the spider queen looking in their direction and him calling a retreat is only a few seconds interval.

When they heard him they said no more. If he said so then there’s a good reason for it. Everyone took out a certain item. Little ol’ Lirin blindfolded as she is took out an item as well..

A scroll made from crystal!

When they were about to use it, a strong whistling sound rang in this place devoid of sound because of the death of the treasure hunters.

3 ent.i.ties drew tails of light as they flew out nearby. Their speed rivaled that of a airplane in flight, the wind they stirred up blew incessantly as they flew by. When the sound reached them, the 3 ray of lights have already arrived at the side of the spider queen and its 2 escorts!

Because of how sudden it is, not even the spider queen could react before the wind blew. When the queen did recovered, it raised its ma.s.sive torso. But the short amount of time delay has allowed the 3 rays of light to come close to its body.

Wu Yan & company looked in the direction of the sound and saw that the 3 rays of light has already formed a triangular formation, encircling the spider queen and the escorts in the middle.

At this point, he could see clear that the 3 ent.i.ties are 3 persons.

3 strong persons at that!

Momiri (莫米里): (level 72)

Jared (查拉得): (level 73)

Kalas(卡里拉斯): (level 75)

“master, the three lifeforms on board the airs.h.i.+p…”

Ikaros’ sentence is a bit broken up but he could understand the gist of it. Basically these 3 are the ones she detected on board the airs.h.i.+p.

‘Why are they appearing now? At such a timing, do they want to die that badly?’

He signaled to Mikoto and the gang to wait for further instructions while raising his eyebrow at the 3 tier 8s. They didn’t store away the crystal scrolls yet, they would still use at the slightest hint of anything critical.

The 3 tier 8s are boggling him. Even if they are tier 8, they should still be aware that the spider queen they are facing right now is tier 9!

They didn’t run but chose to go up against something like that, are they really trying to dig their own graves here? They should also have seen what the spider queen and the escorts did to the treasure hunters, its power is undeniable!

Maybe they’re blinded by greed and decided to took a wild gamble?

He dismissed the thoughts quickly, they are tier 8s, not some random schmuck. Now that they’re here, there msut be a reason for it!

He also self derisively laughed, it almost slipped him that besides him, there are still another group of people hiding as well.

The auction firm’s personnels and the tier 8 that just tagged along!

It didn’t matter what he thought, the battlefield changed tremendously with the appearance of the 3 tier 8s. Encircling the spider queen and the escorts, they out a vial filled with blood red liquid from their chests!


Kalas yelled and opened the vial in his hand. Jared and Momiri did the same thing. Opening the vial, they splashed the liquid on the ground.

As the liquid fell, the 3 took out another object, it looked like a paper.

They pressed down the paper on top of the liquid on the ground. After that, the 3 stopped as if they are finished with some kind of procedure. A grin slowly floated up to their face.

The spider queen looked down at the 3 with icy stares. Although the steps seem numerous but they are performed well within the period when the spider queen raised its body and when it recovered senses and took a stance.

Wu Yan & company can also attest to their speed, what seemed like only a blink of an eye is enough time for the 3 to finish up their ritual. Those actions are not only quick, they are trained as well.

The spider queen felt uneasy when it saw the red light s.h.i.+ning from under the paper.

The red light grew more and more intense until its glow turned into that of fresh blood. It is at this point that the spider queen reached the maximum threshold of anxiety, it instinctively moved to stop whatever the h.e.l.l is going to happen next!

It roared and the escorts darted out as if receiving her commands. The escorts dashed at Jared and Momiri while the queen opened its mouth like it’s preparing something.

Too bad though, before the escorts and the queen could do anything the 3 a.s.sailants jumped away to a safe distance.

Around the spider queen, the 3 paper burst into flames and as it turned to ashes the liquid transformed into 3 blood red beams of light.

The beams of light wavered a bit before das.h.i.+ng around leaving trails of red line in their paths.

The beams of light flying around p.i.s.sed the spider queen to no ends. Its frosty gaze got even colder and tremendous killing intent fell on the Kalas& co. They backpedaled and lowered their waist.

That being so, one could see that they are indeed intimidated but no trace of terror could be found. In fact, it looked like they are certain of their victory as if they are going to wreck the spider queen much to the puzzlement of Wu Yan & company.

The red beams of light conitnued and the red lines became more and more concentrated. The spider queen roared explosively and failing to quell the unease within, jumped at Kalas and co. The red lines on the ground flashed and the spider queen is bounced back like there is some kind of invisible wall stopping her.

Losing its s.h.i.t, it rammed against the wall to no avail. Kalas & co relaxed a bit when they saw this. It looks like they aren’t sure this method would definitely work against the spider queen as well.

The spider queen used more and more strength to ram the wall, as evidenced by the sound coming from within but each and every time ti did, the lines would flash and it would be bounced back. It seems like the spider queen is completely contained within.

Wu Yan still has his guard up.

He can see that the spider queen not only used more strength, even the distance it got bounced back decreased with each iteration at a certain point it practically didn’t get knock back at all!

Kalas & co also noticed this, their face tensed up. when the lines glowing on the ground visibly weakened, they tensed up their body as well.

Soon after however, they noticed something and quickly relaxed their body with an overjoyed expression on their face.

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