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Wu Yan is not sure whether he heard wrong but even though Ikaros sounded soft and mellow he could feel a hint of graveness within her voice.

“Ikaros, could it be?…”

His heart sunk when he saw those beautiful pair of eyes…

“Yes, master the strong life signature will be arriving t -10seconds, as it is very dangerous it is recommended that master retreats….”

Ikaros lifted her head and looked at him as she waited for him make the decision.


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at him as well. Since Ikaros described it as very dangerous and also recommended him to retreat then that would mean not even Ikaros thinks she can win!

All eyes on him, he thought for awhile before bitterly laughing.

A lifeform that Ikaros can’t handle, regardless of how strong it actually is, this would imply that the treasure guarded by it must be commensurate with the strength of the guardian!

He’s nto sure whether it’s worth giving up this treasure but if he were alone he might have used the invisible cloak to risk it. He has the System afterall, and he has a f.u.c.k ton of pts to back him up. If it’s just escaping, he still has the confidence to do so.

However, can a treasure be compared with the love(s) of his life?

Short answer, h.e.l.l no!

He isntantly made the decision.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, if I tell you girls to go, use ‘that’ at once, we will run away from here. Hinagiku, you’re in charge of the pipsqueak!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto nodded sternly while Ikaros replied with a “yes, master”. She then remained silent and continued watching the surroundings with her gorgeous pair of red eyes.

He narrowed his eyes and focused on the field with concentrations raised to 120%.

Even if they are going to retreat he must personally see what kind of life form it is that Ikaros deemed so dangerous and then go back and devise some scheme aimed at its weak point. With that escape item from the System he has absolute confidence that he can pull this off with margin to spare…

“Master, the target has appeared!”

When she said that, the two escort spiders parted ways to either side…

A super big spider, bigger than the two escort spiders combined appeared….

This scene is went down unbeknownst to the fleeing treasure hunters. They also didn’t know their time has run out…

Besides being bigger, there’s not much difference in appearance between the escorts and the queen. It arrived at the battlefield under the escort of the two spiders, flas.h.i.+ng within its eyes are the light of wisdom!

Giant spider queen: (level 83)

Wu Yan, Hinagiku and Mikoto had their pupils shrunk, their face dyed with bitterness.

Just as they predicted this place had a tier 9 guarding it, even if they have the escape plan all set out, under the current circ.u.mstance they are feeling upset.

That’s an existence that one looks up to, it’s like the case with Ikaros, although she only has eyes for Wu Yan and no one else…

He’s not sure whether or not Ikaros could dfeat the spider queen with her Gold Armaments but even factoring in the Gold Armaments he doesn’t think that she could surpa.s.s the tier gap.

Tier 9 is the most powerful existences after demiG.o.ds!

It could be surmised from the fact that the 15 tier 7s got rekt by tier 8 in mere seconds that the gap between tiers are significantly large.

He’s not going to make her take the risk or even if he could revive her as long as he survived…

But that light within the spider queen’s eyes made him raised his eyebrows which he subsequently relaxed.

It is still a tier 9 demonic beast, it’s conceivable that it might have a wisdom comparable to that of a human. It’s said that demiG.o.d tier demonic beast could morph into human form. The same logic should also apply to this thing that one couldn’t determine to be a demonic beast or not.

The spider queen grinded its lips, its long twin fangs followed in motion as well. Drops of liquid fell on the ground. When they did, with a pshh the hard surface had holes corroded into them making their pupils shrink again.

It eyed the escaping treasure hunters with disdain in its eyes. He has seen this before in a non human, namely in the snake youkai before.

Of course, youkai and demonic beast cannot be compared on the same scale. They might be non-human but they are different life forms, in terms of evolution, youkais are higher in wisdom.

Its long legs parted to two sides and it crouched down its gigantic body. Opening its mouth slightly like it’s yawning, just this act alone the escaping treasure hunters can’t run anymore…

The stone ground shook and the escaping hunters including Wu Yan & company lost their balance. The people who were escaping with much glee sudden felt that as they ran a part of their body suddenly felt cold, making them stop.

Looking down they saw the stone ground revealing its foundation and soil. The disappeared stone warped into stone spikes and pierced them from the ground.

After an intense agony, they merely closed their eyes without so much as a chance to cry out in pain. Their heart and breathing stopped, and blood hanged down from the lifeless corpse hanging on the stone spikes.

Personally ending them, the spider queen tilted its head, glanced at them and them looked away like it only killed two bugs.

Relative to it, they might as well be bugs. Perhaps even in human counterparts, they are but mere insects. Weak humans are treated as bugs, ants, in this world where the strong rules, this is a common occurence…

And so, with the death of this small group of people, the treasure hunters that came this time, the people that once stood upon the plaza are all wiped out!

The place fell into silence…

Looking at the ground, the three felt an ineffable coldness rising up within them their face twisted in discomfort.

Sighing, he waved at Hinagiku and Mikoto. Depressed and drained of will he said to them.

“Alright, we will be leaving here The spider queen is too dangerous…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged glances and bitterly laughed. Mikoto, strong as she is, an existence that can rank in the top 7 of Academy City must admit that if she fights with the spider queen, she’s not coming back.

Heck, she doesn’t think she can reasonably take on any one of the two escort spiders. They might be 1level higher but this difference is like that of heaven and earth…

He saw through her thoughts just going by her expression, so he rubbed her head in a caring manner.

Blus.h.i.+ng, she felt warm inside when she saw his caring eyes. The frustration she feels also lightened up.

Smiling, he looked at the spider queen once more. But what he sees made his heart thump!

That’s because the crouching spider is currently looking at their direction!


yelped him.

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