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The auction has been going on for more than one hour now…

Within this period a lot of items have been sold off, at least they’re not keeping track. What they do know is that the cheap stuff went for a few thousand gold at least and the expensive ones went for a few tens of thousands.

What is odd is that the mood hasn’t reduced along with the number of items rather it seems to be inversely proportional, the atmosphere is even higher than before.

The good stuff are left towards the end so it is reasonable to expect this kind of result. Right now the projection is showing some kind of demonic beast’s part, its price is now at 30’000 gold and it’s still going higher and higher!

It’s just your average item and it has garnered this kind of price what’s to say of the 3 super secret item that they are about to reveal this time?

Wu Yan didn’t know and he certainly wanted this trend to continue. Why? Because that would mean his Kusanagi Sword would go even higher.

The whole time he has done nothing like bidding for item but he’s grinning like he’s enjoying some capital gain.

The bidding pad which had a ridiculously amusing id number (Tl: 007, shaken not stirred.) is currently residing within Lirin’s hand. She kept looking at the projection and muttering something to the pad. She seemed to be having a blast of her time.

What could she be doing other than bidding.

What? A little loli bidding for items?

Of course he’s not mad enough to let her do something like that, she’s just playing is all…

That’s right, this is a game to her.

He’s not stopping her from playing, in fact he had a very dirty smirk, Hinagiku and Mikoto didn’t look like they were gonna stop her either but their smile when seeing him and Lirin were a bit forced that’s for sure.

They weren’t stopping the little girl because she’s very shrewd, one wouldn’t expect a kid to be this good.

At first the two girls were a bit averse to the idea of her playing with the crystal pad, who knows if she might overbid on some trashy item?

They wouldn’t have a place to complain even if they wanted to cry.

But soon they changed their minds.

The girl really is just playing around…

She raised the bid slowly and surely until when she sees that there’s only a few id number that keeps appearing, this is her sign to stop playing.

This signals that the item is about to be auctioned away.

This cunning little la.s.s, she made some ordinary item sell above premium, the two girls don’t know what to say at this, should they weep for the poor f.u.c.ks or laugh at them?

Oh if only those bidding for it know, if only they know that the reason they had to spend a bit more is because Little ol Lirin here is fooling around, those people would surely kick down his vip room’s door…

“35’000 going once! Going twice! Going Thrice! Sold to the client id 199. A claw of verdant wing eagle!”

The gavel resounded announcing the successful auction of said item and its projection disappeared.

The old auctioneer didn’t look like he’s tired from selling some few hundred items, his mouth didn’t stop for 1 hour plus and still there is no sign of thirst, with dragon’s vitality and tiger energy he continued.

The projection from the crystal ball now showed a pure white crystal.

“Next item, a pure white crystal!”

He pointed at the projection with his wrinkly hands while donning a cryptic smile.

Seeing that the audience is baffled he knocked the gavel before continuing.

“Perhaps a lot of people don’t know what this is, candidly speaking we too do not know what this is…”

With that line the mystified audience were taken aback. As if ignoring this sudden change in att.i.tude he continued once more.

“Not even the most senior and knowledgeable appraiser can identify what this is…”

The f.u.c.k? If you don’t know what it is why are you even auctioning it!

The audience started to stir. There’s startled ones, frowning ones, vexed ones even contempt mixed in.

The old dude is not perturbed whatsoever, he kept his smile like he’s d.a.m.n sure this item can be auctioned off no sweat.

He clapped his hands and the crowd quiet down without much more motion. The old man’s got a few trick up his sleeve, everyone’s waiting for him.

He beamed before explaining to the crowd.

“We are not trying to pull a fast one here, it is a truth that we don’t what this thing is, however it’s a pure white crystal that has quite a background. If not for the fact that we really couldn’t determine what this is we wouldn’t have brought it out to auction off!”

Beating around the bush, the old man has the attention of everyone present and that includes Wu Yan & company.

The old man caressed his beard before pointing out.

“this crystal is not an item consigned to us but an item we brought out from our firm’s own inventory.”

He stopped dramatically before continuing.

“Our agents found a dying tier 9 warrior under a very miraculous situation.”

When the words tier 9 warrior came out everyone there were startled except for a few sharp ones who knew exactly what his intention is.

“Yes! This crystal is an item that we retrieved from the dead tier 9.”

Awed once more the crowd started become riled up again. A portion of the audience gazed greedily at the projection.

In an age where the G.o.ds have fallen and there’s only 5 demiG.o.ds, how many tier 9’s could there be?

n.o.body knows for sure but everyone’s pretty sure about one thing… this thing is a possession of a tier 9 super, could it really be that simple a thing? Of course not.

Furthermore going by what the old dude siad, this crystal is something that a tier 9 held onto even in the moment of his death.

Adding that to the fact that the master appraisers can’t identify what this is, this thing has suddenly become that much more alluring in a mysterious way.

n.o.body is doubting the firm, they aren’t suspicious of them for artificially hyping the price up by misinformation.

There’s a credibility to an auction firm that has managed to grow this kind of scale within a critical supply town.

At the scene, close to a thousand people raised their crystal pad to prepare for bidding. Their intentions were clear.

In the upper part of this place where the vip reside unseen in their room, one could also see they’re preparing to bid as well.

The old dude lifted the corner of his lip, all according to plan.

Meanwhile, Wu Yan & company…

Hinagiku and Mikoto are raising their brows at the projection as if they’re trying to identify it. Lirin excitedly lifted her crystal pad as well preparing to screw the bidders over.

Wu Yan on the otherhand flinched when the item appeared and soon thereafter began to express his delight.

“Beep! The item within user filed of vision contains a significant amount of life energy! Strongly recommend securing the item!”

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