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Shoujo Grand Summoning

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“Beep! Item within field of vision contains significant amount of life energy! Recommending prompt procurement of said item.”

With such a cold lifeless voice reverberating in his ear, he became just as emotional as the hyped crowd donw there.

What’s life energy?

He has only seen two kinds of instances where this energy is found, specifically speaking the system has only identified them in two such kinds of object.

The first would be the hard earned mysterious crystal after completing the mission in hayate the combat butler.

There’s a monster sealed within and hence the life energy.

The other type would be the monster eggs he lupin the 3rd out of in monster nests.

Again, the life energy is coming off of the life within those eggs.

What is the nature of life energy? This he doesn’t know. What’s their function? He doesn’t have the slightest clue either.

What he does know however is that these stuff have one purpose under System.

Summoning points babeh, Summoning points!

d.a.m.n straight, Summoning points! The points used to summon shoujos!

He still recalls that the System said as long as the unit has life energy and no sentience (灵智) to speak of then they can all be used for Summoning points.

This is one of the reason he went around a lot of nest, wolf nest, dog nest, any nest really. He wouldn’t let any go for the sake of eggs, for the sake of Summoning points.

Plants do have life energy and no sentience so technically they could be sold. However the thing is their life energy is too d.a.m.n small, so low Wu Yan don’t know how to begin describing them and so it wouldn’t be feasible to sell them. Otherwise the giant beast forest might just be giant beast forest in name only for all the trees would be cut down.

Other than the demonic beast eggs and mysterious crystal he has never seen another item with energy unit material enough for economic decisions.

Now, a pure white crystal that has triggered the System into motion, of course he’s elated.

He recalls last time the System didn’t even mention significant life force energy when describing the mysterious crystal.

One could imply that this pure white crystal contains pure life energy and no sentience whatsoever to speak of then if one were to sell it…

That’s a f.u.c.k ton of amount!

In his mind Summoning points= shoujos, if he didn’t get this item then he might as well be struck down by lightning!

Holding back his saliva he turned to Lirin at his side.

“Little girl, hand over the crystal pad!”

His sudden change in att.i.tude startled the 3 girls, they were puzled at his behaviour.

They could feel a bit of panic in his tone…

“Erm.. is there something wrong? Could they be monsters inside the crystal or something?”

Hinagiku tilted her head, he’s not fazed when the previous items flashed by why the sudden change. He has not seen him so triggered before.

Lirin pa.s.sed over the pad like an obedient little girl. As he received the pad he observed the numbers that were starting to change under the projection.

“Yeap, the crystal has been identified as containing a significant amount of life energy!”

“Life energy!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged sights for a moment, only little ol Lirin on the side kept mumbling ‘what’s system’ ‘what’s life energy’.

Among the various information imbued into them at summoning is basic knowledge regarding summoning and by extension the requirements, conditions and of course the Summoning points.

The two instantly knew why he’s so agitated.

“That crystal can be sold for points is it?”

Mikoto walked over to the gla.s.s window and observed the pure white crystal’s projection above the crystal ball.

“I’m not sure…”

He never took his eyes off the white crystal as he said so. Keeping count of the bids he continued with composure.

“If that crystal is similar in nature to mysterious crystal in that it has some lifeform sealed away or living inside then it would be impossible to sell!”

“Well, that’s true..”

She nodded in understanding but when she turned back to look at Hinagiku the two exchanged look and in it were resonating emotion.

Namely, displeasure.

The two were surprised, why this feeling?

They didn’t know why but for some reason they started becoming upset it feels like something important to them is about to be taken away…

How would the girls know what the douchebag is thinking inside, specifically his train of logic that went Summoning points → shoujos. Hence more Summoning points → more shoujos. Genius!

If Wu Yan is an empath and could feel this turmoil inside the girls he would surely be sweating in his boot, no. Sweat a lake.

d.a.m.n, women’s intuition, you scary…

After listening to the background, at least 70% of the audience are interested, and is currently partic.i.p.ating in the bidding, the rest are, er…. let’s say, they don’t fulfill the ability part of demand in economics, they could only swallow their shame and frustration…

Evidently this group of people who are unable to partic.i.p.ate increased as the number of people increased.

It didn’t take long before this 30% grew to 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% and on and on it goes…

He’s not disqualified yet, he still has that mountain of 200’000 gold.

It reached a point where the partic.i.p.ants are limited to those within VIP rooms!

And within these rooms are those of a wealthy background, at least they’re far better off in comparison to the newbs below. Just by selling his Mainstream Armament is not enough a criteria for the sharply dressed man from the firm before to issue him a VIP card, the f.u.c.k ton of gold also played a role.

The partic.i.p.ating ones though limited to VIP room tenants, are probably unidentifiable to the ma.s.ses below because of the id number, one wouldn’t know the name behind the id numbers so…

This place is still quite a reputable place so one wouldn’t need to worry about getting nailed because of a jade ring. (Tl: getting robbed because of one’s wealth, talent, anything that people gets gelatinous over…)

Yet the number keeps ticking up.

Observing the upward trend the old dude’s smile also had the upward trend of turning into a chrysanthemum.

When the price hit 70’000 the ticking frequency started slowing down. Perceptive of this the old due picked up his gavel.

“70’000 gold! Anyone else wants to keep the party going?! Remember this is what a tier 9 died to keep safe, it has to be worth something yes?! Oh? 80’000 gold by 007!”

“This is too expensive isn’t it?!”

Hinagiku interjected when he put up the bid. 80’000 gold? What’s that in JPY? the coins are pure gold. (Tl: a.s.suming each coin is 24k, 10 grams in weight and then multiplying it by 80’000… we have.. 3,355,320,000 yen and that’s 297,502,46.76 USD, mother of G.o.d.)

He didn’t care, Is money more important than shoujos? Seeing that the number turned to 85’000 he bid 90’000.

At this point the bidders bowed out and decreased in number. Tier 9 belonging as it is they don’t know what’s the use of such an item. If the master appraiser can’t identify what hope do they have of achieving the same.

And so…

“100’000 going thrice! Sold to 007, an enigmatic pure white crystal!”

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