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“Brrr… a bit cold but screw it, it’s bearable.”

In a small lake surrounded by trees, Wu Yan is b.u.t.t naked and scrubbing his body to get rid of the blood stains.

Even thought it is yet winter, but autumn is coming to an end, so even if the lake’s not at freezing point the temperature couldn’t be more than a single digit.

Were it not for his body being much more robust that his previous scrawny one, he would not have dared to take a bath here.

And so as he washed his body, his mind went contemplating.

Currently, he has already finished his missions, having leveling up to lv18, could pa.s.s as a minor super. He hadn’t a clue the benchmark for a strong individual in this world but for self protection purpose this should be enough right?

Should he go and find some place where there’s people?

Isn’t it written in novels that after transporting, comes living as mulan inside the mountains and then comes to city life. Consequently, get chosen by X family, X royalty, joining Y faction, accepting Z test, and then make the crystal ball explode out of OPness, spreading of one’s name as genius, shock and awe this small universe. At that moment, X insert grand t.i.tle emeror, or elder insert pompous t.i.tle Z would run over each other’s a.s.s and say:”Hmm, what a fine specimen, would you happen to have any interest in getting to know my daughter?” Something like that.

Hmm… a granddaughter works as well!

Arere (TN: Google seems to suggest 啊咧咧 as a mandarin-nized version of あれれ,j.a.panese exclamation of ‘Hmm?’), weren’t you considering whether to leave or stay in the giant beast forest? Why did you start daydreaming here? (TN:author avatar talking to MC or MC chastising self, going with former if anyone’s interested in correcting me here’s the raw line 啊咧咧,不是在思考要不要离开巨兽森林的问题吗?您咋就YY起来了呢?)

Still not aware of the fact that he derailed from his train of thoughts, heartily he let loose his smile like that of a hippopotamus, looks like it was quite the daydream he had.

Splas.h.i.+ng his face with water, he uttered after seeing the small lake with no people.

“Gosh, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a bow chica wow wow to rub my back…”

You’re thinking too much…

Hmm… Maybe not too much.

After his voice rang out, a lovely voice was transmitted into his ears.

“Wow! A lake! (TN: hurdur…)Peachy! I am gonna take a bath, my body is feeling so G.o.d awful.”

This lovely voice made Wu Yan who’s was.h.i.+ng his body jerk.

To the observers, they may just write him off as having too many fantasy and is now satisfied with the voice.

“Young miss! Please don’t be so hasty! Let us check for signs of danger!” Now, a sound cooler and soft voice than the lovely one before resounded, seemingly calling for the aforementioned young miss.

“Puhlease (TN: improvised from 哎呀,Aiya), this cute lake won’t have any danger, you guys wait here, I’m going in, I can’t take this any longer.” He almost smashed his face against the water, he wants to tell her that to rush in just because the lake is simply too amusing.

“Young miss! Slow down!”

With a cramped lip corner, he watched as a pet.i.te luscious figure approached, a certain extremity began to ache (TN: referring to his b.a.l.l.s, 蛋疼 is internet slang for the lack accurate translation, triggered, b.u.t.thurt, or emotionally excited or the feeling of I am so done)

Honest to G.o.d he was just having his fantasies, a mere joke….

Steadily, a girl with long straight black hair, wearing a unique, at first glance obvious kind of otherworldly one piece accompanied by a white outcoat, appeared in front of his eyes.

The young thing has a countenance as exquisite as fairy, even if the body has height less than 1.7 meters, but the body is magma HAWT like a witch. Just by looking at those cans bigger than D cup at least, one can tell how curvy the body is.

The pretty young woman saw the water and laughed cheekily, it is unknown whether is it because she didn’t see or that her body was that unbearable, but she stripped down leaving him flabbergasted.

Cute face (TN:lit child faced, I imagined she is like a certain oppai G.o.ddess so didn’t put baby face)? Black, long and straight hair? Silly by nature?

Just looking at this beautiful young thing filled with moe points, he cannot keep himself calm anymore.

“Heyheyhey! What are you doing!” He shouted with cold sweat running down his head.

If anything, it’s because she’s too good with her hands (TN:heh), she already stripped closed enough.

In his eyes, the girl’s body obviously frozed in a state where she is and is not stripping. And then she turned around in a mechanical way, looking at him who still has cramped lips.

The two stared lovingly(?) at each other, the whole place fell into an abnormal quiet.

After a good while, the girl slowly widened her mouth, he noticed this as a bad sign.

From the previous conversation, it’s clear she isn’t alone and is accompanied by people.

Though he doesn’t know if her partners can dish it out but if she were to shout, him being a ‘victim’ notwithstanding, would still be subjected to a misunderstanding so great his death won’t make up for it.

Not to mention he’s currently b.u.t.t naked, he don’t want to be watched by an audience in this state.

The above considerations were made within his mind in under a second. Thus, under the circ.u.mstances, he made a prompt decision, to shout resolutely at the pretty young woman.

“What the h.e.l.l are you doing! Are you peeping on moi?”

The girl frozed once more, the mouth which was preparing to shout ‘Ahh’ has now turned into ‘o’ from the result of a certain shameless one.

He kept his poker face but he was quite relieved inside his heart.

At least he escaped the scenario of getting lynched…

Looking at the astonished face on her face, he can’t help but revealed a happy expression.

In this one month, he basically lived a life of no communications. Beside talking with the ball busting system once in awhile, he would be shouting ‘He!’,’Ha!’,’Hiya’ at demonic beasts. The endless cycle drained him everyday even if he had his energy refilled.

And now, finally a conversation partner, for one such as he who is nothing more than a sleazy douchebag, how can he resist the urge to tease her?

With a self righteous look on his face, he shamelessly said:”What? Haven’t had enough? You peeping hoe!”

Shocked by his words the girl finally closed her mouth. Turning red, she stretched her finger out, pointing at him while shaking.

“Yo-.. You…”

“Take your you and shove it! (TN:lit you what you!)Are you planning on retorting? I came here for a bath and you barged in and watched me bath, is that not peeping?” He waved his hand like a pretentious p.r.i.c.k and faked his wrathful face. In his eyes were the eyes of a kappa.

At the moment, the girl has already forgotten that the definition of peeping is to discreetly watch. It does not include openly watching someone (TN: I don’t know the specific law, but I’m pretty sure this is wrong). She only knows that given this situation it seems somehow she indeed came in when another person is taking a bath.

Therefore, she looks at a loss of how to respond, she retracted her finger. Now she stands, not sure whether to run or stay, frozen in place. Stupefied and not knowing what to do, finally, she broke down and is now at the verge of crying.

Laughing with malice as he looked upon the panicking beauty, feeling great and real proud inside his heart (Are you a devil?!). He placed his hands behind his head and enjoyed the scene of the girl freaking out, he curled his lips deciding to let her off the hook.

“It’s okay, I won’t tease you anymore, but can you please turn your head over there? I am going to change!” Although he don’t mind being looked on by the girl, but it is at moments like this one has to play the cards right, or the deal won’t go through.

So ya still want to play it straight…

“Er.. Owh!” The girl nodded after hearing that and turned her body away. But something still doesn’t feel right, as if she just got duped.

Should we say it’s just women’s sixth sense?

He walked out from the water and drawing out the menu list, quickly pressing here and there, spent 100 Ip and brought out a western-ish long pants almost like the girl’s design into his hand.

Dressing up he turned and looked at the girl with a smile plastered on his face.

“You can turn around now.”

Oh cruel be heaven, why must a girl be put through this tormenting session?

She turned around anxiously and looked at him still with a smug look on his face.

Shaking his head entertained, he asked her with the conscience of a saint: “What’s your name?”

She took a few deep breath and calmed down before looking at him and said hesitatingly: “Merylu, Merylu Lori” (TN:梅丽露,梅丽露·洛莉 knock yourselves out)

“Little lulu is it?” Rubbing his chin, he patted her head and said with jest.

“You’re the small one! I’m not small! I’m already 17!” With a bravado coming out of nowhere, the meek Lulu protested with much voice.

Now, she’s feeling a bit impressed. Not only does he call her with such a doting and corny term not even her father would use, he patted his head with such fond movements, right now she’s feeling more intrigued by him.

‘He doesn’t seem to have heard of me.’

This is in the situation where if she uttered her name of ‘Lori’, no matter who, they will instantly turn servile and obsequious.

However, this man who looks no much older than she is said her name like it’s no big deal, she can’t help but feel a bit of interest and at a same time slightly peeved.

With her exquisite feature, countless male has been struck down. And now, to the man standing before him, it’s as if they weren’t there.

“Maa, don’t sweat the details!” Incognizant of the la.s.sie’s feelings he hand waved her comments.

Does this mean he is impervious to chicks? h.e.l.l nay! There’s no man who don’t like a fine piece of a.s.s, he’s the same. The reason he’s unfazed by her looks which trumps any 21st century stars is due largely to the fact that he’s an otaku. Compare to Lulu, he’s feels more moe towards 2d beauties (TN: Moe (slang) – Wikipedia).

Hence, aside from a bit of a shock at first, he doesn’t express much more, because he’s still him! He won’t turn into a poser just for some chick, that’s too tiring. Even if she’s gorgeous! No sellouts!

Indubitably, excluding 2d shoujos!

“Why don’t you tell me what are you doing? Don’t tell me you really came here to indulge in my glorious bath scene?” he uttered with much irony.

“No… No I’m not!” The kitty prepared her claws, this person is simply too mean.

“I’m just here for some field practice, because i saw this beautiful lake over here i decided to come here for a dip, how would I know there’s someone here.” Puffing her cheek she protested with much dissatisfaction. She almost stripped down completely before he said anything.

Nodding, a streak of light flashed across his eyes as he looked at Lulu.

Merylu Lori: (lv35)

Astounded by what he sees, he went silent.

Lv does not correlate directly with ability but too big a lv gap still creates a difference in cla.s.s.

Through the battle with the dead wolf, he understood that every 10 levels there is a sudden step increase of abilities in the final level. It isn’t out of the question for a lv 10 to beat a lv19 should he have the sufficient equipment and ability.

But, for a lv19 to beat a lv20 warrior, then he really have to stake his life on it! Even then, there’s major chance of dying.

And in the case of Wu Yan vs wolf, although he’s only lv15 then, but his victory can be materially attributed to Kusanagi sword which could rend metal like it’s soft mud coupled with the technique of ‘Kendo Master’. Without this prerequisite, to go up against a lv20 with lv15 is to dig one’s own grave.

Who would have thought, just pick a random bella and wham, higher level than him, and nearly two times his level!

This level, isn’t it on a tier completely above the wolf which nearly made him croak?

From this one can surmise as a truth of the world, Wu Yan is still mob fodder…

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