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Wu Yan exerted himself to the fullest to steady his flying body. With one palm he pushed against the ground and did a backflip landing in half squatted position while anchoring receding body with his sword.

Gasping for air, he looked at the nearby lifeform that looked like a wolf and tiger who did this to him while still roaring at him. Veritably p.i.s.sed inside his heart he is.

Tiger bodied demonic wolf: (lv20) (TN:hereby known as tiger wolf, because wolfti didn’t sound bada.s.s enough)

Confirming the name of this demonic beast, he calmed down and stood up lifting his sword.

He thought that a lv20 is just that, compared to a lv10, not too different in strength, if he can kill one lv19, just a level in difference shouldn’t be that big a deal.

But who would have thought, a lv20 significantly differed from a lv19 demonic beast, the two are like heaven and earth in term of difference. Through their brief exchange, he with great honor would like to inform y’all that a level 20 demonic beast is at least 2 times stronger than a lv19.

This is within a context where a lvl19 is at most 1.5x that of a lv10’s power. And this extra half comes from the 9 lv difference.

Right now, just that 1 mere level is enough to tilt the scale towards 2 times, is this still comparable?

At this point, he realized that just being wreckless won’t do good.

It’s quite understandable given that since he came to this world, it has only been 1 month, to be able to reach this stage is already a feat in itself.

Had he not blocked the blow with his sword, he wouldn’t have gotten off with just flying through the air!

Propping the sword with two hands, he composedly watched the slowly approaching tiger wolf.

Within this 1 battle filled month, he has already attained a basic warrior’s state of mind, at the very least, confronted with a crisis, he wouldn’t lose his s.h.i.t. Compared to the p.u.s.s.y who shat his pant at the sight of a giant snake, he has gotten much stronger!

Not to say the opponent is insurmountable, but with 1 month of hardcore practice, he has leveled up quite a bit, coupled with his profieciency at ‘Kendo Master’ ability, the power to contest with a lv20 is there.

Albeit, he’s at a disadvantage relative to the opponent.

Since s.h.i.t has already hit the fan, there’s no margin for regrets, at this point, it’s time to go YOLO! (勇者无敌 lit the brave knows no foe/invincible, closest english is probably Charge! but eh, yolo works as well)

Steeling himself, a cold glint flashed across his eyes, one step, and like a tempest he charged straight for the tiger wolf.

“Roar!!!” Looking at this n00b who dares challenge him, the tiger wolf got mad and with a roar, his soft body sprung like a released spring towards the oncoming Wu Yan.

Ignoring the tiger wolf’s actions, he nonchalantly charged. Once the distance between both sides is less than 1 meter, he leaped!

Brus.h.i.+ng against the beast’s back he dodged its attack, with a twist of his body, he grabbed what looked like a mix of tail between a tiger’s and a wolf’s, and with a tug he pulled himself towards its rear, a metallic light flashed and the kusanagi went viciously into the beast’s… a.s.s.

With a waterwork of blood, the beast cried out a pitiful whimper, as if its parents were dead (TN:死了爹妈, funny in raws lost effect in translation, open for suggestion). With a flick of its tail, it sent Wu Yan flying.

Thus, his body had an intimate contact with the ground, face-planting for close to 2meters, he pushed himself back up.

With his body, this kind of frictional force is but a mere sting, it didn’t even scratched him. The same however, can’t be said of his clothes, because right now his home security guard uniform (short sleeved s.h.i.+rt and pants) has turned into hobo outfit.

Looking at the tiger wolf who’s squirming in pain, he laughed fiendishly and tore off the shredded cloths revealing a ripped upper torso.

After leveling up much, his waist didn’t hurt anymore, leg pains gone, lost his lipid based six pack protector, and grew fit! Compared to the puny body before, this one kick a.s.s!

Turning his sword, without waiting for the wolf to respond, he sliced the tiger wolf’s back from behind and gave it giant wound.

The weakness of the wolf is its waist, he also knows that, since that’s what people do when dealing with wolves.

Alas, he forgot, the one before him is not just a wolf, it also has a tiger like physique.

The beast bellowed with rage, neglecting its wound, it raised its claw and smacked Wu Yan into aerial mode.

‘Bam’, he crashed against a tree trunk with a trail of blood running down his mouth.

It’s not like he wasn’t injured this past 1 month, but this didn’t mean he would get used to it, in the end, he still don’t like pain.

Not giving him a breather, it came to his front and swiped its claw.

Pupils contracting, he barrel rolled from the trunk, the trunk turned into wood chips under the swipe.

He rolled again under the beast, and stabbed it in the gut. Amidst the beast’s cries of pain, he pulled out the sword.

The tiger wolf’s eyes started turning red, hinting it’s going feral! Clearly, no matter how much it flips out the battle won’t end just like that. From the start, this match has been nothing but a duel to the death!

He thought it would be safe under the beast, but its tail whipped at him. Panicking, he can only block it with his arms, too bad, this didn’t prevent him from soaring outwards.

“Cough.. Cough…” He rolled a few rounds before barely standing up relying on his sword. While coughing out blood, his eyes went dim and his face was frighteningly pale.

He felt his organs being stirred and it ached all over his body, compared to previous experience this is a first for him.

Had it been him from a month ago, he would probably be on the floor moaning in misery…

With much effort the tiger wolf moved, and blood came raining down from its abdomen and back. Eyes wide, it glared at him.

As it appears, it is in no better shape than him.

“Hu… hu…” Gasping for air, he kept his eyes locked on the beast. The game has changed to one of attrition and willpower, whichever side lose it first will be the first one to fall.

‘I just need to stay collected…”

Chanting over and over he calmed down, twisting the sword he drew it to his side lowering it and drawing it back.

Slowly he closed his eyes, adjusted his breath and cooled down.

With ‘kendo master’ in his hands, he has the sword handling finesse honed over decades. The intuitions and sword reach (TN: very conceptual terms being used here referring to the heart’s eye and sword’s feel) is well within grasp. He knows with his body it cannot sustain rigorous movement. Therefore, he can only use this to decide once and for all.

The tiger wolf could give less s.h.i.t what he does, with its undeveloped intelligence, it only knows the one before it is the enemy and the cause of his injuries. Shred him to pieces and devour him, end of story.

Arching its back, it jumped towards him and aiming for his clavicle the beast swung its claws down.


Just as the wind is blowing past him, there was a flash of brilliance in his heart and his eyes shot open, his sword moved as though it hadn’t received the master’s permission. Before the claw could reach, the sword stabbed through the beast’s eyeball!

“Grr.. gr..” Fresh blood flowed down, his hand only contained the handle of Kusanagi, in heavy breathes the tiger wolf let out unrecognizable sounds. With blood coming down its mouth like saliva, it made a pool of blood on the ground.

Retrieving the sword, he was bathed in its fresh blood, backpedaling a few steps, he sat on the ground with eyes full of fatigue.

The beast gradually fell down, making a thud with its body. Twitching its legs twice, and then, finally stopped.

“Ding! Congratulations for leveling up, current level 16!”

“Ding! Congratulations for leveling up, current level 17!”

“Ding! Congratulations for leveling up, current level 18!”

“Ding! Mission 1 completed! Received 2000 Ep, 2000 Ip, 1000 Ap, 1000 Sp!”

“Ding! Mission 3 completed! Received 10000 Ep, 10000 Ip, 5000 Ap, 5000 Sp!”

A feeling of warmness radiated from within, and it flowed quickly within his body. With its flow, his tattered body underwent recovery until it was finally returned to original status!

His pale face started being flush again, the fatigue in his eyes went away turning it full of energy and slight hint of brilliance flas.h.i.+ng now and then.

Rejoicing, he stood up arms akimbo, stretching his body right and left and finally guffawing.

Full hp full mp, Full status revive!

Ah.. G.o.d bless the perks of leveling!

Laughing a few more times before he sheathed his sword and pitter patter over to the dead wolf’s side. Patting the demonic wolf’s head with his hand, an undescribable amount of smugness came from him.

“Told you not to start a fight you can’t end, but no, you had to do it, now look who went back to the embrace of wolf lord. Stop giving me that look before i sell you off!”

While saying that, he contradicted himself by selling it to the system to exchange for 5000 Ip and 1000 Ap.

Satisfied he rubbed his hands and opened his status screen.

Unit: Wu Yan

Ability: ‘Kendo Master’, ‘Culinary Master’

Equipment: Sword of Kusanagi (D grade)

Summons: None

Ep: 24,000

Ip: 120,000

Ap: 30,000

Sp: 30,000

Level: 18

Clear as day, Ip outnumbered other points, this is all the glorious contribution of demonic beast who were out of luck and was sent back to Hades. Although he got quite a few magic crystals, the crystals could only be exchange for a handful amount of Ap, even a lv20 demonic beast’s only got him 1000pts, and his Sp was the fruit of countless heist on demonic beast nest.

This shows just how precious Ap and Sp are.

After all, this is the result after completing the three missions.

Regarding Ep, can one really expect there to be any equipment inside this G.o.d forsaken place? Even if there were, those are the ones that were inside the beasts’ stomach, so it’s not worthed very much.

And the ‘Culinary master’ that makes Gordon Ramsey looks like a hack was obtained after he got fed up with tens of days of fruit.

Standing up, he noticed he was covered from head to toe in blood.

“It seems a shower is in order, wait, when’s the last bath i had? Well, screw that, let’s bath!”

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