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Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

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Chapter 6

Going Home

After entering the house, Mama Lin came out with a smile, just like in her previous life. She skillfully took out the indoor slippers from the shoe cabinet at the door and bent down to put them at Shen Xi’s feet.

“Miss, please change your shoes.”

Mama Lin’s actions were considerate and proper, with the submissiveness and humility of a nanny and the amiability of an elder. At this moment, no one could see the slightest bit of reluctance and hypocrisy.

However, it was also this person who had watched her grow up and treated her so well who after learning that she was not the real daughter of the Jiang family, she became completely unrecognizable in order to curry favor with Jiang Xue. She was like a lackey who helped Jiang Xue to bully her wantonly.

In her previous life, when she was locked in the bas.e.m.e.nt, Mama Lin would deliberately send over rotten leftovers; when it was hot in the bas.e.m.e.nt, she would burn charcoal; she would release rats and watch her panic, in order to make Jiang Xue laugh, she would taunt her with words and kick her.

She now looked at Mama Lin with a ridiculing smile on her face.

One indeed could not judge a book by its cover.

Everyone in the Jiang family, including the nanny was two-faced.

Shen Xi did not bend down and take off her high heels as usual. Instead, she used her feet to pull at each other and then kicked the shoes off forcefully.

Seeing Shen Xi’s action, Mama Lin was a little dumbfounded. Usually, Shen Xi would say to her, “Thank you for your hard work, Mama Lin” with a smile and then take off her shoes. She would then put them away carefully before entering the house.

Mama Lin felt that Shen Xi’s way of taking off her shoes off was rude and disrespectful. No matter what, she was still considered an elder and had even watched her grow up.

Thinking of this, a flash of anger appeared in Mama Lin’s eyes. Then, she quickly suppressed the unhappiness in her heart.

When Mama Lin got up, she suddenly noticed that Shen Xi’s forehead was red. She asked anxiously, “Aiya, what happened to your forehead? Does it hurt? Aiya, it hurts me to see you in pain.”

Mama Lin yelled, wanting everyone in the house to hear her concern, but she did not go to get the medicine box.

Shen Xi quietly watched Mama Lin’s performance. Thinking of Mama Lin’s true colors, Shen Xi could not help but sneer.

From the moment she entered the house, Shen Xi had been carefully observing Mama Lin’s expressions. She did not miss the fleeting anger of Mama Lin just now, and she could also see through her superficial heartache. How stupid was she in her previous life? She fully believed that Mama Lin loved her a lot and cared about her genuinely.

Shen Xi was a little impressed by Mama Lin now. It was also a skill to be able to act so well.

Shen Xi didn’t reply her and immediately put on her indoor slippers and dragged her feet into the house.

Mama Lin was dumbfounded by Shen Xi today. Usually, if Shen Xi had a small injury, she would say this, and Shen Xi would be so touched and say that she was fine.

Perhaps, she was worried about her mom’s injury, so she was not in the mood to talk to her?

Yes, that must be it.

Mama Lin quickly picked up the high heels, wiped away the dirt, and then neatly put them in the shoe cabinet. Then she went to look for the medicine box. That way, when Xia Chun saw her wound, she would not be scolded too badly.

Shen Xi went straight upstairs and pushed open the master bedroom door.

The conversation between the Jiang couple in the room came to an abrupt end.

Jiang Lun looked at Shen Xi who came in without knocking on the door and snorted in anger. She was becoming more and more impatient with age.

He had never liked this daughter who did not look like him at all. Seeing her uncouth behavior, he was even more upset.

Xia Chun, on the other hand, was embarra.s.sed. She didn’t know if Shen Xi had heard what they had just said. After all, the paternity test had just been done, and the results were still unknown. She did not want to make any a.s.sumptions and break her daughter’s heart.

Then, she quickly waved at Shen Xi. “Xi, you’re back. Come over here quickly. I haven’t seen you for a day, and I miss you already.”

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