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Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

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Chapter 5

Back to Five Years Ago


Shen Xi suffered a heavy blow to the head, and a long ringing sound rang in her ears. She fell to the side, leaned against the wall, and slid down to sit on the ground.

A person in front of her frantically waved his hand. Only after some time did Shen Xi notice him.

“Are you okay?” The hotel staff looked at Shen Xi worriedly. Most of the guests here were guests of high status. He couldn’t let anything happen to them.

Shen Xi shook her head and said softly, “I’m fine.”

The attendant was still a little worried. “Are you really fine?”

Shen Xi nodded her head in annoyance. “I’m really fine.”

After receiving an affirmative answer, the attendant walked away. Before he left, he even carefully picked up the sign that had fallen down and had people reinstall it.

Shen Xi only realized that something was wrong when she stood up from the ground. She quickly took out her phone, but what she took out was a phone of the same model as her phone five years ago. On it was written the date, 13 June 2021.

It was the summer before her third year of high school.

Shen Xi touched the place where she had been hit just now. It hurt.

She then pinched her own thigh. It hurt too.

At this moment, she realized that she had come back to life. She had returned to five years ago before everything happened!

At this time, she was in Beijing attending Xiang Cheng’s university graduation banquet.

She had never really liked Xiang Cheng. He was all looks and no heart. However, the Xiang family and the Jiang family had an agreement that they would get married. As the only daughter of the Jiang family, she had no choice but to comply.

Therefore, she had no choice but to attend his graduation banquet.

Initially, she thought that it would be held at a hotel in Rong City. She did not expect to have to come all the way to Beijing. The Xiang family spent a million dollars and booked a place at the most luxurious international hotel in Beijing. They invited many people.

There was smoke in the room. Shen Xi couldn’t take it, so she went out to get some air. Then, she was. .h.i.t by a sign that fell down.

It was basically the same situation she had just encountered.

Walking to the private room where Xiang Cheng and the others were, Shen Xi looked coldly at the group of people inside and left.

If she remembered correctly, she would receive a call in a while.

As expected, the phone rang.

Shen Xi swiped the answer b.u.t.ton. Even after five years, Mama Lin’s voice was still so familiar.

After Shen Xi listened to what she said, she hung up the phone with an ambiguous smile on her face.

She now had an opportunity to settle the score before they killed her family.

In her previous life, it was also at this time that Xia Chun and Jiang Lun quarreled. They went to the mall to squander and saw a girl who looked very similar to her and Jiang Lun, and she was also of similar age as Shen Xi.

This time, Xia Chun and Jiang Lun also quarreled because Shen Xi did not look like the two of them. So when she saw the girl who looked like her and her husband, a strange thought occurred to her.

She went to chase the girl and accidentally hurt her knee. The girl sent her to the hospital and the two of them exchanged contact details.

Just in case, Xia Chun found someone to investigate the girl’s background and found out that the girl was born at the same time and place as when she gave birth to her daughter.

Hence, she became suspicious and brought the girl to the house. She said that she was a distant cousin who came to visit and did a paternity test.

When they received the results of the paternity test, both husband and wife were furious at her. This was when she got the scar on her face.

“Miss, we’re here,” the driver turned around and whispered.

Shen Xi pulled herself back to reality. She opened the car door and looked at the home she had lived in for eighteen years. She was full of emotions.

In her previous life, she had actually already accepted the fact that she was not the daughter of this family. They were the ones who stopped her from leaving the day she tried to leave.

Moreover, she did not have the contact information and address of her biological parents.

She understood that she had no choice but to stay with them for a while longer.

She resigned herself to her fate and stayed in the house with Jiang Xue for some time. She planned to soon return to her real home.

She thought that Jiang Xue sincerely wanted to have a sister, and that her parents, who had raised her for eighteen years, really didn’t want to part with her. It turned out that everything was an illusion and a lie.

Her deciding to stay was the start of the tragedy that would unfold in her life. That was when her life started to turn upside down.

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