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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Who would have known, but Feng retrieved from the Cosmos Sack a set of clothes and with her dagger, she altered it slightly and slipped it over the little fellow’s tiny body.

“Make do with it, when we get out, we’ll then get you a little red bib as undergarments.”She said through narrowed eyes, and she gave him a little smack on his fleshy b.u.t.tocks.

“It’s done.” She turned him around and looked at the fuming and indignant face, finding it rather amusing.

“A revered individual like me would never wear something like that.” He said with a pout, feeling rather annoyed with the woman who was taking shameless liberties with his body.

“I had thought that after the egg hatched, a phoenix would appear, and not a little b.u.mbling kid. Sigh, would you then be able to transform into your original phoenix form?” She then asked curiously.

If only she had not brought it up! At the mention of it, the proud little Fire Phoenix flew into a proper rage.

“You still have the cheek to bring that up! As a highly revered Ancient Sacred Beast, the fact that I have been born in the form of a human is fully and entirely your fault!”

Feng Jiu rubbed at her nose consciously: “How would I know that a moment’s wild imagination would come true just like this?”

“Humph!” He gave a big snort and crossed his pudgy arms before his chest and turned his face away from her in an angry tantrum.

Feng Jiu laughed aloud, unconcerned. She then stood up and surveyed their surroundings with a glance around: “Who would have thought that beneath that deep pool, such a place would actually exist.” When she recalled the force of that tremendous vortex that had sucked her into here, her brows creased up together.

“I really do not know how a woman like you could become my contract owner. You’re ugly, lacking in power, and like to touch people’s b.u.t.tocks. You’re just one l.u.s.tful woman.”

The little phoenix had the egg in his arms at that moment and he was chomping on them crunchily as he grumbled, occasionally throwing Feng Jiu a begrudging glance.

Feng Jiu was laughing at his incessant grumbles and she reached out her hand to flick at him on the forehead saying: “Little fella, doesn’t matter if you are willing, but you already belong to me. So you just stick by me from now on.”

As she spoke, her eyes looked at him in puzzlement: “One more thing. Are you really that hungry? Are those even edible?”

The little Fire Phoenix rolled his eyes at her and turned his head away proudly completely ignoring her.

[His were great stuff and eating them will not only increase his powers, they will also provide great nutrition for his body. That woman does not know anything and is just a fool.]

“Alright, let us go! Let’s go see what kind of amazing things this place hides that could give out such a tremendous force to suck us in here.” Feng Jiu said as she lifted her foot to make her way forward.

It could be seen that it was a hidden palace abandoned for many years and who knew why such a secret palace would end up being submerged under such a deep pool?

The little Fire Phoenix cradled his egg and continued to chomp on them as he followed behind Feng Jiu, throwing occasionally glances at the figure’s back in front of him, thinking that the woman was rather strange. She possessed weak powers, but she was still somehow still neither afraid nor panicking when caught in a strange place such as this.

“I waited for so many years, and after such a long wait, a human has finally come. The Heavens have not given up on me, not given up, ha ha ha ha…..”

Suddenly, from within the secret palace, a deep timbred voice sounding wildly arrogant boomed out, and carried here together with that voice was a powerful oppressive aura that swirled in the air accompanying the booming voice.

What was strange though, even when those waves of powerful oppressive aura that were even visible to the naked eye swirled in the air before her, she did not feel the slightest discomfort coming from it.

[Was it because she was contracted with an Ancient Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix?]

When that thought came into her mind, she could not help but turned back and glanced at the little fellow crunching on the behind her.

And thought to herself: [The little pipsqueak didn’t look at all like he would be so useful!]