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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“Why are you staring at my divine self again! ?” The little fellow asked staring at her.

Feng Jiu smiled and suddenly turned to reach out her hand to pinch the tiny figure’s pink and fleshy cheeks saying: “I am growing to like you more and more, what am I to do?”

Hearing those words, the little Fire Phoenix’s eyes widened in surprise, his face with its exquisite features turning a bright red. He tried hard to put on an angry front, but his eyes were somewhat coy, the expression on his face a mix of shyness and awkwardness.

“You….. You don’t think just by saying these things, my divine self will look at you in a different light. You are just a fool! My divine self will never like you, and one more thing, do not keep being so touchy feely, it’s so indecent and not bit like what a woman should be doing!”

After finis.h.i.+ng what he wanted to say, he turned his eyes away proudly, refusing to look at her.

Feng Jiu smiled at him, feeling that the shy and coy little toddler was just too adorable.

“Little la.s.s, come, come here and let me take a good look at you.”

The booming and arrogant voice resounded once again and this time, when the voice reached them, it was accompanied by a suction force that sucked in Feng Jiu’s entire body further inside.

“Foolish woman!”

Having just finished the eggsh.e.l.ls and he was just wiping his hands off when he saw Feng Jiu being sucked in by a force whereby he gave out a worried scream and hurried to follow her inside.

Feng Jiu felt herself immobilised and she could not even scream, seemingly like it had just been a blink before she had been sucked inside, to come before a set of skeleton.

The next moment, a stream of power invaded into her meridians and under the invading power, she felt as if she was fully exposed, in pure nakedness under the sun’s rays, unable to hide any secrets at all.

And when the little Fire Phoenix caught up, he banged into a boundary barrier, isolated and kept out, unable to get near to Feng Jiu on the inside.

Seeing her standing completely motionless and unmoving before the skeleton, the little Fire Phoenix panicked and shouted loudly: “Foolish woman! Foolish woman! How are you feeling! ?”

“A Mystical Spirit body? It’s actually a Mystical Spirit body! ? Ha ha ha ha! Such an extremely rare Mystical Spirit body that is seldom seen once every millennium and it has fallen right before me, Chu Ba Tian! ? Ha ha ha! Heaven has truly not given up on me! Not given up on me! Ha ha ha ha…..”

Feng Jiu could only hear that excited and agitated voice laughing out maniacally, the power that restrained her suddenly retracted. Feng Jiu fell to the ground sitting weakly, all her strength drained out of her, looking directly at the skeleton before her.

As she had not detected any killing intent, nor any maliciousness from the ent.i.ty, but just that agitated excitement from his voice, Feng Jiu wasn’t really feeling too worried and she turned to the little Fire Phoenix outside the boundary barrier to say: “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

The two of them were afterall contracted through their souls and after the little Fire Phoenix calmed down, he was able to feel through the link that she was perfectly fine and he immediately humphed and retorted awkwardly: “Who is worried about you?” But his eyes were still involuntarily glancing in through the barrier inside, to check on her condition.

Knowing that the little Fire Phoenix did not mean what he was saying, Feng Jiu was not concerned about him but was focusing her attention on the skeleton before her, testing the waters by saying: “Senior?”

At that same moment, the skeleton projected an image out from him. It showed a middle aged man dressed in black robes as the image appeared in the air, his sharp and oppression filled gaze looking down at Feng Jiu below him.

“To possess a mystical spirit body, little girl, you’re no simpleton!”

Not only did she possess the so rarely encountered mystical spirit body, she was also the contracted owner of a divine Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix! In what way would a girl like this be possibly ordinary?

The Heavens were being kind, at the moment just before the last of his blood’s essence was about to completely be dispersed, they had sent such an incredibly prodigious cultivator, that would allow him to bequeath his wishes and carry it on…..