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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Chapter 2014: Unbelievable

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He could feel that their combative effectiveness was worse the further back they went. He also noticed that some of their footsteps were unsteady. This was because they had been drugged?

“Yes, that’s what I was going earlier. They have inhaled colourless and odourless medicine, their combat power is now lost. Second uncle, we should join forces right now and kill them to eliminate a great evil! If we let them recover, we will no doubt die!”

While he was speaking, Chai Feng had already struggled free and rushed forward with his long sword in his hand. He hadn’t been drugged and his skills were good to begin with. At this point, he had already killed one of the members of the Scorpion Mercenary Group at an unpredictable speed.

“Sss ah!”

A shrill cry sounded and blood splattered all across the ground. That sharp scream brought everyone back to their senses instantly.

Upon seeing this scene, Chai Second Master was motivated and he shouted immediately: “Kill them! Eliminate evil from the Volcanic Forest!” As soon as he had spoken, he rushed forwards and slashed at the pale-faced Scorpion Mercenary Group members with his sword.

Previously, the Scorpion Mercenary Group had been eager to take the lives of their opponents. However, the situation of life and death had been reversed now and everyone’s mood had changed, there was excitement in the air.

At this moment, they didn’t feel fear, there was only killing intent, all they wanted to do was kill every single member of the Scorpion Mercenary Group in front of them! Only by killing them would they be safe!

As Feng Jiu watched on, her lips curled slightly and there was a glimmer of light in her eyes as she watched the killing in front of her. The sounds of swords colliding and blood splas.h.i.+ng, as well as the screams and shrill cries spread through the forest.

In front of her and around her, she saw shadows and glints of lights from the swords flas.h.i.+ng past. The Chai Family and Nebula Immortal Sect had taken advantage of the reversal of the life and death situation and taken the lives of the Scorpion Mercenary group mercenaries one by one until no one survived…

After the Scorpion Mercenary Group members had been slaughtered and they saw the ground was covered in blood and corpses, they stood there covered in blood with their swords and sabres pointing down to the ground, dripping blood, they came out of their daze.

“They’re, they’re all dead!”

“Yes, everyone from the Scorpion Mercenary Group is dead, everyone from the Scorpion Mercenary Group is dead! We actually killed them? We actually killed them!”

“Unbelievable… it’s unimaginable… we are still alive…”

Every one of them muttered as they held their sabres and swords. Only moments before they were facing impending death, but in the next moment the situation had reversed, and all this…”

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes fell on Chai Feng. Chai Feng who was standing in a daze however, was staring at the figure in azure with disbelief, shock and astonishment in his eyes.

He hadn’t expected it to work! He also hadn’t expected the outcome to be as he had said, he had really turned the situation around. He hadn’t expected that they would still be alive in the end and that it would be the members of the Scorpion Mercenary Group who died…

At this moment, no one knew how much shock and astonishment arose in his heart. It was just an idea, one bag of medicine, and it was able to destroy the brutal mercenary group that ran rampant in the Volcanic Forest…

It was just unbelievable, and if he hadn’t experienced it personally and seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed that it was true…