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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Chapter 2015: You Deserve It

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Ah Feng, come over here. What exactly happened? Tell me now.” Chai Second Master came out of his daze and suppressed the shock and called out to Chai Feng who was standing there dumbfounded.

At this moment, even Fan Yixiu and a few others looked at this awkward looking young man. He had actually reversed the situation and saved everyone’s lives?

“Ah Feng, you really scared me. I really thought that you had gone insane, but it was actually your plan after all! How did you come up with this plan? Why do you have such powerful medicine? Those people were Celestial Strong Exponents, and they were all rendered powerless.”

“Brother Ah Feng, you are amazing!”

“Brother Ah Feng, we are so fortunate to have you otherwise our plight would be so tragic.”

Exclamations of surprise and excitement pulled Feng Chai out of his daze. He glanced at Feng Jiu, then retracted his gaze and came to his second uncle’s side: “Second Uncle, this wasn’t my idea, the medicine wasn’t mine either. It was Little Jiu who saved everyone, not me.”

Chai Feng pointed to the young boy who was wiping his dagger: “It was Little Jiu’s idea and it was Little Jiu who gave me the bag of medicine. If it weren’t for him, I’m afraid we would all be dead.”

“It was Little Jiu?”

Everyone looked at the simple and honest looking boy in shock. This young boy was so inconspicuous, how could he…

When she saw everyone staring at her, Feng Jiu, who was wiping her dagger, smiled simply at everyone then lowered her head and continued wiping her dagger.

“Yes, it was Little Jiu. He was the one who gave me the medicine and the plan was his.” Feng Chai emphasized. He looked at his second uncle and said: “Little Jiu said that he would help everyone through this crisis but he wants everything those mercenaries have on their bodies.”

Upon hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded and their eyes fell on the young boy in azure. He wanted all their belongings? That meant they wouldn’t get any?

However, if it wasn’t for his plan and medicine, they would probably be dead right now. His request actually wasn’t too demanding. It wasn’t as if he wanted their belongings, it was just the mercenaries’ belongings that he had wanted.

Their lives had been saved by him, even though they knew that the Scorpion Mercenary Group mercenaries would have a lot of possessions, they wouldn’t expect to fight with this young boy over them. After all, since the young boy could come up with such a brilliant idea and possess such a powerful medicine, this was someone they would want to befriend and not make an enemy of.

“Brother Fan, what do you think?” Chai Second Uncle looked at Fan Yixiu and asked.

“We have no objection.” Fan Yixiu replied. He looked at the young boy in azure clothes: “If it weren’t for Little Jiu, we would be dead right now. We aren’t greedy people and we don’t need these items, they are what Little Jiu deserves.”

Chai Second Master nodded: “I think so too.” He ordered several people to gather the mercenaries’ cosmos sacks, s.p.a.ce rings and weapons, and put them into two piles.

“Little Jiu, thank you for saving us with your plan. You deserve all this.” Chai Second Master said. He gestured for him to put away all the items.

Feng Jiu glanced at everyone, then she smiled and walked forward slowly.