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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Senior Lin nodded his head and said: “That will then make sense. The Patriarch must have suffered some complications in his cultivation which caused him to become mentally deranged.”


Feng Xiao shouted out in shock. “You said he encountered some problems in his cultivation which made him become mentally deranged! ? How can that be possible? If something had gone wrong during his cultivation, then I think you might be saying he might have lost himself in obsession. But I had probed into it before and I had found his mystical energy to be completely normal which makes what you are saying impossible to manifest. Could you have diagnosed it wrongly?”

Hearing that, the old man frowned and said: “If the Master does not believe me, you can ask someone else to treat the Old Patriarch. But I would still tell you regardless who comes, it will be the same. Moreover, in view of the current situation, it would be best to have the Old Master locked up or when he reawakens, we won’t know whether he will still react like he did before. The Old Master is currently very dangerous and he won’t know what he is doing himself.”

“You….. You are saying that when Grandfather wakes up, he might very possibly come after me with a sword again?” Feng Qing Ge asked in a trembling voice, her face going pale.

Senior Lin nodded: “Mm. It’s highly possible he will do that.”

Hearing those words, Feng Xiao’s face darkened. He looked at his daughter who was struggling to suppress her panic before turning his eyes upon the unconscious old man lying upon the bed and he sighed helplessly. “We’ll get a few more physicians to come take a look at him first before we decide. Qing Ge, you go back to your courtyard first. Father will handle the things here.”


She lowered her eyes and nodded, thinking to herself that she should have guessed that her father would not want to locked the Old Master up so easily. Afterall, he had always had a close relations.h.i.+p with his father and he would not just decide to lock his own father up merely because of the words of a physician that claimed his father was mentally deranged.

But, no matter who he brought in, it would still be the same, as she would make him believe that the Old Master had come unhinged.


On another side of town, Feng Jiu was seated deep in thought with her head resting on one hand, with no one knowing what was going through her mind. Even when Leng Shuang returned, she did not even notice it.


“Hmm?” She snapped back to attention and seeing Leng Shuang standing beside her, she asked: “You guys are back? Did you manage to pick someone?”

“Yes, Young Master bought five of them and I am here to bring Mistress to the front courtyard.”

“Mm.” She then put on her face veil, and walked slowly to the front courtyard.

When Guan Xi Lin saw her, he dashed over in a hurry and said: “Little Jiu, you’re here. Come see. I’ve bought five of them and one of them is even a cook.” After saying that, he turned and said to the several people standing there: “All of you raise your heads to let my little sister have a look at you.”


They all chorused before the lifted up their heads nervously. When they saw the clean and spritely girl standing before their eyes, the several people were quickly mesmerized but they did not dare to impetuously stare at her too much and quickly lowered their eyes after glancing at her once.

Feng Jiu’s gaze swept over the group of people and after measuring them up, she asked: “What are your names?”

“As the Mistress’ servants, I implore for our Mistress to name us.” The slightly more elderly cook among them spoke. As they were sold into this household, they would henceforth belong to this Family and they would naturally not be able to use the names they had in the past.

“Then we’ll use Qing as the denomination and Ping, An, Ru, Yi to be chosen among yourselves. As for the cook, we’ll just call you Mother Qing!” [Translator’s Note: 平安如意 read as Ping, An, Ru, Yi is just a auspicious term loosely translated would mean: safe and smooth sailing.]

“We thank Mistress for giving us our names.” They all chorused curtsying slightly at the knees.

She nodded and then said to Guan Xi Lin beside her: “Big Brother, let Leng Shuang make the arrangements for their accommodations and explain to them about the rules. I am feeling a little tired after going out today and I’m going back to my room to rest.”

Alright, you just go ahead.” Guan Xi Lin nodded to watch her leave before he asked Leng Shuang to settle them in where he left by himself thereafter.

“All of you follow me.” Leng Shuang said to them, leading them further into the courtyard.