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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Two or three days pa.s.sed and Old Patriarch Feng did not come again. Feng Jiu had initially thought that her Grandfather might have thought that she was not the real one after going back to see the Feng Qing Ge in the Feng Residence but she began to feel doubtful over the past two days.

From Old Patriarch Feng’s demeanor and tone of voice then, even if it turned out that he thought that Feng Jiu was not the real deal, he would surely still at least come seek her out at least. But after waiting for two to three days and there was still no sign of him, she began to think it rather strange.

Hence, she went out of her room and looking towards the middle of the courtyard where Leng Shuang was cultivating seated in a lotus position, she said: “Leng Shuang, go find out whether anything had happened within the Feng Residence in these past two days.”

“Yes.” Although Leng Shuang was feeling a little puzzled, she did not probe but just got up to depart from the courtyard.

Feng Jiu then went out to sit down within the courtyard, to wait quietly for Leng Shuang to come back with a report. If the matter was not dealt with properly, she would not be able to quiet her heart down sufficiently to carry on with her cultivation. She had not intended to go back to the Feng Residence so quickly but the situation had unfolded in such a way…..

“Little Jiu, Mother Qing made some sweet soup. I got you a bowl for you to have a taste. It’s not bad.” Guan Xi Lin came walking over with a smile on his face, his hands holding a bowl of sweet dessert carefully.

“Thanks Big Brother.” She said as she grinned at him, getting up to accept the bowl.

Guan Xi Lin then sat himself down at the stone table before he said: “Little Jiu, I came over here to discuss something with you.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?” She asked as she sipped at the dessert.

He hesitated a moment before he said: “I am thinking that I want to go fight in the black market arena.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu’s brows creased up. “You want to earn money through it? There’s not much money to be made from that in the first place and if you happen to meet an opponent stronger than you who is brutal and merciless, you might not even get a chance to admit defeat in the match.”

“I am thinking in that way, besides being able to earn some money, I will be able to strengthen my combat skills at the same time. In my current situation, what I lack most, is actual combat experience and I thought this might help me acc.u.mulate some of that. I will then take part in the Sun Glory’s fighting selections that is held once every three years to become one of the top ten candidates putting my name on the Star List where I will them gain a chance to enroll into the Starry Cloud Academy to practice cultivation.”

“Starry Cloud Academy?”

She searched through her mind briefly before she said: “Is it that cultivation inst.i.tution that was graded as a seven starred academy? I remember that they are highly stringent in their selections and they only do it once every three years. For a tiny ninth grade country like this Sun Glory Country, it seems that not a single person had been able to gain a place in the Starry Cloud Academy for many years!”

“Mm. The Starry Cloud Academy had always been very strict in their selections of students and they are situated within the medium sixth grade Soaring Green Country. It will only be by becoming the Sun Glory Country’s top ten fighters will I then have the chance to go there to give it a try. Although I know it will be very difficult, I would still like to give it a go. Moreover, by moving out from the Sun Glory Country, I might be able to find my father in the future.”

Having heard Guan Xi Lin say that, she nodded in understanding. All that he said was true. For someone from a tiny ninth grade country wanting to go to a country with a higher grade, only people whose powers had been acknowledged would be allowed in. Otherwise, even if one was the prince of a country, one would just be denied entry right at the city’s gates if they went there.

Taking the case of Murong Yi Xuan as an example, he is a prince of the Sun Glory Country, and a proud son of the Heavens. He had initially had the opportunity to be admitted into the Starry Cloud Academy to practice cultivation but an unexpected incident three years ago had caused him to miss that chance, with that rare opportunity with the Starry Cloud Academy slipping right through his fingers. If he seeked to enroll into Starry Cloud once more, he would have to wait for the next selections that would happen three years later.

“Since your target is all set, then just go do it! But you must remember one thing. When exchanging blows, you must always be careful. If you encounter an opponent that is too powerful, you must quickly surrender. You must realise this. Losing one match is no shame, but if you lose your life, it will already be too late for regrets.”

“Mm. I know that.”

His mouth then split into a wide smile and then Leng Shuang came walking in.