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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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After a rather long while, she wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, the spirit slowly recovering in them, where a glint of hatred and viciousness gradually rose.

“Murong Yi Xuan, I did so much just for you. How could you let me down with just a word like this? I will not let you have it your way. You are destined to be mine!”

Highly different from what is was like in the Feng Residence, on another side of town in Feng Jiu’s courtyard, Old Patriarch Feng who had been brought back to the place was like a kid exploring a new place, looking everywhere around him in amazement as he asked inquisitively: “Little Feng, whose place is this? And you as well, why are you still wearing that veil over your face?”

He might be forgetful, but he has not lost his mind. Throughout the entire journey here, he had sensed that something was not normal, especially when his granddaughter, even when they had come into this private courtyard, still continued to wear that face veil, which made him feel that something was wrong.

Hence, a clear glint shone within his eyes and a mischievous grin came upon his face as with a flash, his hand raised up and he tugged the face veil off her face.

“This courtyard is…..”

Feng Jiu was stunned. Before she could finish her sentence, the face veil upon her face had been pulled off, revealing her disfigured face that was covered with scars.

“Whoa! What, what happened here?”

Old Patriarch Feng gasped, drawing in a deep breath, as he asked in rage.

He had just wanted to tease his precious granddaughter a little and he had tugged off her face veil to see why she kept wearing it over her face for. Never had he expected that he would find that her countenance had been disfigured into such a state.

[This was his dearest granddaughter, his most precious granddaughter! Who was it!? Who dared to inflict such harm upon her?]

Feng Jiu held her hands over her face, never having thought that he would suddenly pull off her face veil. That had been completely beyond what she could have expected as she had never wanted to let her Grandfather see her face that had been so horribly disfigured.

“Who was it? Tell your Grandfather. Who was responsible for causing such harm to your face?”

The Old Patriarch was feeling greatly pained and his eyes had involuntarily become red around the rims. Even his voice when he spoke sounded choked as he stared at the face that was covered all over with knife scars. He really could not imagine how his precious granddaughter had been able to bear through that pain.

[Who? Who could be so vicious that could disfigure a girl’s face to such an extent?]

Feng Jiu heart quivered as she looked at the red eyed Old Patriarch speaking with a highly choked voice and she lowered her eyes before she asked: “Seeing me like this, do you still think I am your granddaughter? Looking like this, can you still recognise whether I am really your granddaughter?”

Hearing those words, Old Patriarch Feng could finally hold his tears back no longer as those tears flowed down his aged face. He stepped forward to envelope Feng Jiu into his embrace and patted her gently on her head while he comforted her all choked up: “Little Feng, don’t be afraid, no need to be afraid! Grandfather will be able to recognise you, no matter how you change, Grandfather will still recognise you.”


Feng Jiu could not hold back and called out. That one word uttered, had come from deep inside her heart, filled with Feng Qing Ge’s love, and was also imbued with Feng Jiu’s feelings within.

Maybe, from the moment he had recognised her with that first glance, her heart had already acknowledged him as Feng Jiu’s Grandfather.

Old Patriarch Feng took a step back, his hands holding her shoulders as he said: “Little Feng, tell Grandfather. Did something happen in the period when Grandfather was in seclusion? Who was the one who disfigured your face?”

Feng Jiu was silent for a long while, and then she said: “There is a Feng Qing Ge in the Feng Residence.”


Old Patriarch Feng was taken aback as he said: “You are saying that there is an imposter back at home? That, that is not possible right? Your Father, my son is not that dense, how could he possibly not recognise his own daughter?”

Seeing her cast a glance his way, Old Patriarch Feng hurriedly waved his hand and said: “Grandfather is not doubting you, but….. just finding it rather incredulous. It’s not that bad if it was other people who had failed to detect it, but how can our own family members not sense anything?”