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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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She didn’t mention anything further, she just looked and him and coaxed: “Grandfather, you can go home and have a look, but I hope that you do not mention the matter of me being here to anyone else.”

When Old Patriarch Feng heard this, he was momentarily stunned. “You don’t intend to follow your Grandfather home? Are you worried that your Father wouldn’t believe you? Or that you do not believe in this old man?”

She shook her head in a resolute manner. “If you still feel that I’m your granddaughter after meeting the Feng Qing Ge who’s living in the mansion, I’ll follow you back.”

Old Patriarch Feng was in deep thoughts as he stroked his long white beard, being silent the entire time. “Since that’s the case, then Grandfather will first head back to see what’s happening back home. Don’t worry, you can rest a.s.sured that Grandfather will come back soon.”

He now radiated an imposing aura, his face was serious and no longer had that carefree expression from before. This was the domineering aura of one that led such a huge clan! His heart was shaking in anger as he vowed to himself: [If there really was an imposter back in the Feng Mension, that was most definitely the culprit who had did such a heinous deed to his beloved Granddaughter! He would not let her off easily!]

There was a cold glint that flashed in his eyes before he turned to Feng Jiu and guffawed. “Little Feng, do not be afraid, wait here for a moment, Grandfather will immediately go home to have a look. Don’t worry, Grandfather will come to pick you up!”

When she heard this, her heart was embraced in warmth as she revealed a smile and nodded. “Mmm.” Although she not not planned to return so soon, since her presence was known by him now, she would wait and see how things went!

After Old Patriarch Feng had promised her, he left swiftly and walked back towards the Feng Residence. In one of the back alleys near the residence, he met the person who was searching all over for him – his own son, Feng Xiao. When Feng Xiao saw him, he rushed towards him with both anxiety and relief.

“Father! Where did you go?! Why didn’t you bring anyone else along with you! I’ve already combed the entire city’s wine houses and still couldn’t find a trace of you!”

Old Patriarch Feng grabbed his hands and gave him a condescending glance as he grunted, with an obvious suppressed anger: “You better be prepared! Go back and I’ll show you what a muddled fool you are!”

Feng Xiao was taken aback, he didn’t know what he had done to have provoked the anger of his father, he was just about to ask when Old Patriarch Feng turned and walked briskly towards their residence as he barked out: “Go and tell everyone that Old Patriarch has been found! Get all of them back – now!”

“Yes.” The guard behind him replied and swiftly left to relay the message.

Feng Xiao took large strides to catch up to him while he asked: “Father, what happened? Who made you so angry?”

Old Patriarch Feng simply ignored him as he strode back in anger with a dark expression on. His eyes were filled with rage and his intimidating aura was stifling even for Feng Xiao who had on a thread of fear and couldn’t help but wonder what had happened in the end.

Once they entered the Feng Mansion, Old Patriarch Feng sat down on the main seat and slammed his fist heavily as he bellowed out: “Go and call that person over!”

The confused Feng Xiao quickly came forward and asked: “Father, who is that person you are referring to?”

“Of course it’s my precious granddaughter!” He said sharply and emphasized heavily on these words he had spat out in anger. His words were like a sharp sword that just had been unsheathed.

“Qing Ge?”

Feng Xiao was stumped once again as stole a quick look at his angry Father and cautiously asked: “Father, why are you looking for Qing Ge? What did she do to incur your wrath? But it’s not possible? After your closed door cultivation, you snuck out right away so she couldn’t have met you. It’s been a few months since the two of you last met, how could she possibly make you so angry?”


Old Patriarch Feng slammed his hand heavily against the table once again as he stood up and yelled, with his veins popping out: “I said, bring THAT person over!”