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Chapter 6 A Fracture In the Military Training

Two hours later, Fang Qiu ended the practice in satisfaction.

Cultivating for two hours made his cultivation step forward.

After closing the practice, he jumped straight on the water surface, walked in the waves quickly and left Central Lake.

Once Fang Qiu was back to the dormitory, he directly woke up other three people and saw three unwilling faces.

Fang Qiu helplessly said, “Everyone, people get to bed at night and get up in the morning in the three months in summer. Five o’clock corresponds to Insects Awaken in the twenty-four solar terms. It’s the time for the generation of Yang Qi and the rebirth of all things. Not getting up at this time will strangle your Yang Qi and injure your kidney. Hurry up! We learn Chinese Medicine in order to practice!”

At the sound of the kidney injury, the three boys jumped up immediately.

While putting on clothes, the third oldest Sun Hao mumbled. “We have not started learning.”

“Yes, our kidneys are safe because of you,” The fourth oldest Zhou Xiaotian said.

After was.h.i.+ng themselves and eating breakfast, four people came to the playground. The military training would continue because it was not rainy today.

There were only three days before finis.h.i.+ng the military training. It was torturing to others but just was a piece of cake to Fang Qiu.

After breakfast, Chen Cong also came to the playground. After seeing Fang Qiu, he came right up. “Fang Qiu.”

Chen Cong shouted as he came up to Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu looked to Chen Cong. He knew Chen Cong was coming toward him in the beginning.

He also knew the purpose of Chen Cong. As long as Chen Cong was not a fool, he would definitely suspect and guess when he saw Fang Qiu disappear mysteriously.


“Some time, some contest?”

Chen Cong stared at Fang Qiu’s face, trying to find any expression as he suspected.

“Not interested,” said Fang Qiu directly.

“Don’t rush to refuse. Just simply compare notes. We’ll stop in time.” Chen Cong added.

“Still not interested,” said Fang Qiu.

Chen Cong became silent because he did not expect Fang Qiu refused so determinedly. In principle, if Fang Qiu was a kung fu pract.i.tioner, he should be very b.l.o.o.d.y and would directly accept a challenge. Unexpectedly he was not interested at all.

Could it be said that he was wrong?

He muttered. He stared at Fang Qiu’s eyes and asked, “Why did you suddenly disappear this morning? I was looking for you but I didn’t find you.”

“Well, I went back to my dorm to sleep,” said Fang Qiu.

Chen Cong still wanted to ask. At this moment, the drill master came and he immediately whistled for gathering.

He had to give up and got in formation.

He was going to look for another opportunity to test whether Fang Qiu was a kung Fu pract.i.tioner or not even if he would attack sneakily.

How could Chen Cong let off Fang Qiu when he finally found someone to practice with?

“All hands, look to the right! Look ahead!”

The drill master shouted. All the people in the line turned their heads neatly.


“At ease!

“Good! I want to tell everybody that the goose-step practice will start from today. First three platoons squat down! I will demonstrate everybody the standard action. Look carefully!”

The drill master quickly finished the demonstration and let everyone start training.

Although it rained all day yesterday, there was no feeling of coolness in the air today.

In the summer in September, the sun was s.h.i.+ning fiercely. All the students in platoons from Cla.s.s Three were parted by about one meter. They stood still with their right arms in front of the chests and left legs raised up.

This was the most tiring action in the entire military training.

Feet should be raised by strength with tiptoes taut and straight. Also, feet had to keep twenty-five centimeters from the ground and could not waggle at all.

Just a minute later, all the students in Cla.s.s Three couldn’t stand it anymore. Either their bodies or legs began to waggle.

Some even lay down and lifted up legs in a hurry because they could not bear to raise their legs.

Only Fang Qiu and Chen Cong steadily stood. Their moves were so standard that even their drill master could not say anything.

The drill master Gao Hu looked at these two people with satisfaction.

It was said that the superior wanted to recruit soldiers and let every drill master pay attention to any potential good candidate.

Before, he felt that how could the freshmen became good candidates after three-years of senior high school. But after a few days training recently, he found that these two people were good candidates whose physical qualities were unusually high, even higher than his.

However, Chen Cong was big and tall with taut muscles. He was not surprised that Chen Cong had such physical quality.

But it was really surprising that Fang Qiu who looked more like a delicate boy had such physical quality!

The drill master Gao Hu could not help smirking inwardly as he looked at these two people. He wanted to test how awesome these two people really were.

According to the usual training, everyone could not last for even one minute to change legs. But this time, he just did not command to change legs because he would like to see how long these two could last.

Another minute pa.s.sed.

Two of them still did not move at all.

The others in the cla.s.s could not lift up their legs anymore, all pointing to the ground. They desperately wanted to lift up but failed.

At this time, everyone noticed Fang Qiu and Chen Cong. They could not help admiring inwardly as they saw two people still standing straight and their legs and face even did not shake at all.

“Freaking awesome!”

After another minute, all of them stopped and found the drill master didn’t mind them at all. They let down their legs and kept looking at Chen Cong and Fang Qiu.

Chen Cong exerting all his strength to compete with Fang Qiu, but four minutes was almost his limitation.

He thought so was Fang Qiu’s.

Another thirty seconds later, Chen Cong’s left leg which lifted high began to shake violently.

He took a look at Fang Qiu who still stood straight like a sculpture and could not help feeling a little frustrated in the heart.

The drill master Gao Hu also noticed that Chen Cong had arrived at his limitation. He was surprised at the duration because Chen Cong did not specifically practice for this after all. So it was quite good of him to last until this time.

But it was Fang Qiu who surprised him most.

This guy had been taking it easy since the beginning.

Now still.

As if that was not his leg!

The drill master Gao Hu sighed inwardly. Fang Qiu won Chen Cong that he favored in the contest.

This guy was keeping his own counsel!

The other students in the cla.s.s also noticed that Chen Cong could hardly last another minute. They were surprised inwardly that Fang Qiu unexpectedly defeated Chen Cong who was big and tall. It was well known that Chen Cong could play kung fu, so it was out of their expectations when they saw Fang Qiu win.

Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, Zhou Xiaotian sighed more inwardly.

Bigger! The shadow was bigger again!

The drill master Gao Hu thought it would not make any sense to continue and commanded. “Two! Change legs!”

Everyone took a step forward quickly with their left legs down and right legs up.

The movements of others were very fl.u.s.tered. Only Fang Qiu took a step forward steadily with his right hand down and left arm up in front of his chest, and at the same time, right leg raised.

The action was firm and powerful, smoothly finished.

Seeing his movement, even the drill master had to praise it was perfect.

The training continued.

After the morning training, all the people had lunch and took a short break. The training continued in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, the burning sun was hot.

Everyone was biting the bullet listlessly in the hot sun.

Only Fang Qiu still looked quite relaxed.

At 3 p.m., here, the cla.s.s three Fang Qiu belonged to continued training while their opposite cla.s.ses from another school rioted.

It seemed that someone suddenly fell to the ground, holding the feet and screaming with pain.

Although there was a distance from Fang Qiu, he still keenly found that the student’s face was pale.

It didn’t look like a simple injury or a fake one.

The drill master Gao Hu let the students immediately rest on site and quickly ran to another cla.s.s for another drill master.

The military training was an army task. They had been sergeants for many years and they didn’t want their comrades-in-arms to be punished for leaving the barracks because of a military training accident.

The medical staff from the medical center also came fast at a short distance.

But it seemed no use.

When Fang Qiu was drinking water, he looked to the distant cla.s.s and saw that someone had dialed 120.

And the student was carried to the shade by others.

The student’s right shoe and sock had been taken off. As they carried him past Fang Qiu’s cla.s.s, Fang Qiu looked at the student’s right foot.

No obvious trauma.

No trauma but the foot was painful like this…

Fang Qiu thought of a symptom of fracture that he had read about in a modern orthopedic book last night.

Fatigue fracture!

This kind of fracture was mostly caused by long-term non-physiological stress of the skeletal system, which was more likely to occur in the tibia, metatarsal, and radius. These positions where stress concentrated were ones of the most common positions that injured by training. And most importantly, it had a high incidence in military training.

He had a sudden impulse to try and see if he was right at the thought of this.

Although he was now in the bone setting Controlling Realm, to improve to the Friendly Realm, he must practice more to reach the Friendly Realm because practice made perfect.

Therefore, if he wanted to improve, he must lose no time to seize every opportunity of practice, which did not always happen.

At this time, the drill master Gao Hu came over, whistling for gathering.

When everyone stood in line again, Gao Hu commanded. “Let’s continue.”


Suddenly, a sound of “Sir” rang out from the crowd.

“Go ahead!”

The drill master Gao Hu looked at Fang Qiu.

It seemed to be the first time to hear this guy calling “Sir” over the past week during the military training.

Others basically called “Sir” when they were itchy or dizzy or tired and so on. But this guy never did even once!

“Unprecedentedly, what was the boy going to do?”

He was curious.

“I want to see that student,” said Fang Qiu in a loud voice.

At the sound of this, the drill master and the whole cla.s.s were in a daze for a second.

They did not understand why Fang Qiu made this request.

“Your cla.s.smate? Or your friend?” asked the drill master.

“Sir, none! I know some medical knowledge and I want to care for the student!” Fang Qiu replied.

The whole cla.s.s was surprised after hearing that.

Before they were admitted to Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine, they all did not know much about Chinese Medicine. Now someone even said he knew some medical knowledge and wanted to have a look. The difference was so big?

Gao Hu glanced at Fang Qiu doubtfully. Although this request was a little strange, he agreed.

“Is five minutes enough?”

“Sir! It’s enough!”

“Good! Fall out!”

Fang Qiu trotted to the shade where the injured student was.

Apart from the students, there were only their drill officer and two medical staff.

“Sir! I am following my drill master’s order to see this student!”

Fang Qiu came up to the drill master, gave a standard salute and then told a white lie.

If he did not say so, he perhaps would be driven away and would not have a chance to approach the injured student.

The drill master also did not think much. He agreed with Fang Qiu’s visit.

Fang Qiu immediately came to the student, picked up his feet regardless of whether it was smelly or not and asked, “Where the pain?”

The student pointed at the top of his big toe on the instep with a bitter face.


This was where the fatigue fracture was most likely to occur.

Fang Qiu attached his left hand directly to the student’s instep while holding one side of the big toe and the sole of the foot by his right hand.

Slowly in his mind, a faint picture appeared in the position that was covered by the entire hands.

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