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Chapter 5 A Exclusive Big Secret


Jiang Miaoyu just understood the sentence “you are really beautiful” from the boy was not to praise her, but let her be in a daze in one moment to make all her muscles relax.

The boy in front of her was just using this moment for bonesetting.

She didn’t know what to say about the behavior of the boy in front of her.

Jiang Miaoyu tried to move the arm and was surprised to find that it was cured. Her arm’s uncomfortable feeling disappeared a lot.

“There should still be some pain, which is caused by the ligament strain. There is no way to make it quickly recover, you can only let it heal itself. Don’t overuse your left arm within one week.”

Fang Qiu advised her like an old doctor to his patient.

“Well, thank you!”

Jiang Miaoyu moved her arms while saying thanks sincerely.

“You’re welcome.”

Fang Qiu said with a smile.

Just then, the mobile phone near Jiang Miaoyu’s hand vibrated.

“Excuse me, I’ll take a call.”

Jiang Miaoyu said while picking up the phone embarra.s.sedly.

Fang Qiu beckoned her to help herself and continued to study the bone setting theory.

But at this time, the surrounding boys were quite furious.

Their G.o.ddess had been defiled!

There was a man grabbing her arm and holding her hand!

Although it was just a few seconds, this could not be tolerated!

The most unbearable thing was that their G.o.ddess smiled at that guy!



The boys in the whole library were almost heartbroken.

At this time, Jiang Miaoyu put down the phone and said shyly, “I’m going to leave. My roommate forgot to take her key. I have to go back and open the door for her.”

“Help yourself.”

Fang Qiu beckoned to her by stretching out his hands.

Jiang Miaoyu nodded and said, “Thank you again.”

“You’re welcome.” said Fang Qiu.

Jiang Miaoyu smiled faintly. Then she put away the needles as well as the books and left in a hurry.

She thought that Fang Qiu would stop her for her number, but he didn’t.

Fang Qiu ignored the jealous and murderous eyes around him. He continued to close his eyes and pick up the page, placing his left hand on the page again without distractions.

But the moment when he placed his arms on it, his eyes opened suddenly.

His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief again!


All the marks on it disappeared!

Fang Qiu quickly picked up the page and checked them for several times. Finally, he confirmed that.

It’s gone. It’s totally gone.

Now the page in his hand became a blank sheet of paper completely without any meaning.

“I have no idea who can do this. What a disposable item!”

Fang Qiu felt a little yearning for the talent who can make such a wonderful page. “How I wish I could meet him in person.

“Could it be the middle-aged man at the door?”

It suddenly occurred to him

If it was him, he must know what on it!

He decided to sound it out after thinking for a while.

Fang Qiu immediately put the useless page into the ancient book and put back the book in the distance. Then He took some modern books of orthopedics and went to the circulation desk at the door.

The reason why he took modern books was that he wanted to compare to know the difference between modern orthopedics and ancient orthopedics and drew on others’ successful experience.

Seeing several books brought by Fang Qiu, the middle-aged man could not help showing a trace of disappointment in his face. He asked, “Didn’t you find that ‘Traumatology Message’?”

“I did, but there was nothing strange as I looked through it. So I put it back.”

Fang Qiu replied, but he stared at the middle-aged man casually.

“Is there anything strange about this book?”

The middle-aged man shook his head and said as if to himself, “it seems that you can’t crack it as well.”

Hearing this, Fang Qiu shook his body and mind with his eyes lit up. Then he asked calmly, “What can’t be cracked?”


The middle-aged man answered coolly.

Then he quickly took statistics procedure for Fang Qiu, pushed forward the books together with the borrowing card and turned his back on Fang Qiu.

But Fang Qiu smiled faintly.

“It seems that you do not know the secret inside!

“Then you can’t be the talent!

“Who on earth is that talent?

“And who are you?”

Fang Qiu put the ancient books in the bag, picked up the borrowing card with a “thank you” and walked out of the door directly.

Looking at fang Qiu’s figure, the middle-aged man sighed in disappointment.

One of his seniors had told him that there was a big secret hiding in the book. But he had been here for ten years and had not found any secret at all.

He saw and knew a wonderful boy today, so he let him have a try.

But unfortunately, still nothing was found.

It seemed that what his senior said was not true!

The middle-aged man could not help thinking of it. However, he was not very concerned about this big secret because in his opinion, the secret of orthopedics was nothing more than secret recipes and plaster things. It was not a big deal if he did not know.

Just let the secret dissipate over time!

He did not know Fang Qiu had already gotten the big secret and had used it to the new school beauty.

As soon as Fang Qiu carried his schoolbag back to the dormitory, the three fellows in the dorm immediately surrounded him.

“The youngest, please teach me!” The third oldest Sun Hao asked directly.

“Please teach me!”

The oldest Zhu Benzheng and the fourth oldest Zhou Xiaotian asked in chorus.

“Teach what?”

Fang Qiu put down the schoolbag and asked doubtfully.

“About chasing after girls. Oh, no. I mean the method of playing the hand-flute, please!”

Sun Hao implored with a yearning look. He seemed to want to learn it immediately to show off.

“This is simple.”

Fang Qiu directly pulled up a chair, sat down and began to teach.

Three people were all in a daze for a moment. Obviously, they didn’t think Fang Qiu was so nice.

Then they pulled up their chairs ecstatically and started to learn.

Half an hour later, three of them lied on their beds with hopeless faces while Fang Qiu had already gone to the canteen for a meal.

“Guys, it’s a little difficult!” The fourth oldest Zhou Xiaotian said weakly as he looked at the white wall of the roof.

“It’s more than a little, it’s too much hard!”

Sun Hao also said weakly.

After a continuous play of half an hour, they didn’t learn anything. It made their heads oxygen-poor and made them see stars.

“Didn’t the youngest say? Persist and never give up. It took him several years to reach this level.” said the oldest Zhu Benzheng.

“After several years, I would have graduated from the university! How could I chase after girls! It seems that in the future, we can only live in the shadow of the youngest. Especially, this boy now has shown a sign of a straight-A student as he never stops reading even for one moment!”


The three people sighed together and continued lying on the bed like the dead.

After dinner, everyone went to evening self-study session together.

Today, the beautiful senior and cla.s.s teacher Liu Feifei said that there would be a cla.s.s meeting.

In the cla.s.s meeting, Liu Feifei praised Fang Qiu a lot.

Then everyone realized that the G.o.d of Justice that was discussed a lot in Campus BBS in the afternoon was Fang Qiu!

The cla.s.s immediately burst into a round of warm applause.

Other cla.s.ses were very confused after hearing this. “What is Cla.s.s Three doing? So noisy.”

And Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian looked paler. They looked at each other and smiled wryly.

“This shadow of the youngest is a little big!”

After the cla.s.s meeting, this group of people went back to their dormitory, washed and went to sleep.

Three o’clock early in the morning.

Fang Qiu sat up from the bed and got dressed quietly. Then he opened the door of the dormitory and jumped down directly from the fifth floor.

It was soundless when he landed.

Just then, he turned into a flas.h.i.+ng dark shadow and quickly flew toward Yaow.a.n.g Mountain in the university.

Three o’clock every morning was the time for him to start practicing kung fu.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, if 24 hours corresponded to the 24 solar terms of four seasons, then three o ‘clock in the morning corresponded to the Beginning of Spring when all things were generated. Practicing Kung Fu at this moment was in sync with the aura of the sky and the earth, which was undoubtedly the best.

The Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine was large, with dense vegetation and lush green.

“Yaow.a.n.g Mountain” was the Central Lake in the campus. Beside it, there was an artificial mountain, which was full of various Chinese herbs.

Unfortunately, these herbs were just only empty suits due to climate reasons, etc.

Once Fang Qiu stepped into Yaow.a.n.g Mountain, he heard a voice of “hey” and “ha”. He frowned slightly at once.

“Is there anyone else besides me?”

Fang Qiu had come to where the voice was as he made a quick movement. He stared blankly for a moment when he saw a man practicing sparring. Just then, he smiled slightly.

Chen Cong.

He was another one that the beautiful senior referred to, who was on behalf of their cla.s.s to put on a performance, which was a martial arts display!

Fang Qiu stood quietly under the tree, watching Chen Cong sparring.

His sparring was as dynamic as a tiger, strong and forceful.

It felt quite fierce and malicious.

His move was very violent.

But Fang Qiu shook his head. When he was going to leave after seeing for a while, he heard a loud roar suddenly.


Chen Cong immediately stopped sparring and looked warily in the direction of Fang Qiu.

The sweat trickled down from his forehead, it was either because of the sparring or an embarra.s.sment.

It was so careless of him not to notice that someone was watching beside.

But Fang Qiu walked out from the shadow of the tree with a slight smile. Just now, he revealed his figure on purpose. If Chen Cong did not find it, he would be very disappointed.

“Fang Qiu?”

As Chen Cong saw clearly the man’s face, he frowned slightly.

“It’s me. Good morning,” said Fang Qiu.

“What are you doing here?” Chen Cong took out a towel to wipe the sweat over his body, his expression relaxed obviously.

“I was just pa.s.sing by.”

Fang Qiu replied curtly.

“Pa.s.sing by?”

Chen Cong’s movements stopped and eyes s.h.i.+ned. “You pa.s.sed by at three o’clock early in the morning? Are you out for exercises as well? Also for kung fu practicing? You’re not going to tell me you’re here to study, are you?”

Fang Qiu did not answer.

At this time a leaf fell down from the tree. He stretched out his palm to let the leaf fall exactly on his palm and then looked at Chen Cong with a half-smile.

But Chen Cong ignored it and still stared at him, waiting for his answer.

Seeing this, Fang Qiu turned over his palm. The leaf slowly fell.

“I just can’t fall asleep so I come out to relax. But I did not expect to meet you. No more disturbing you. I will go first, you go on.”

After that, he nodded and left.

Chen Cong looked at the leaving figure of Fang Qiu and narrowed his eyes. Then he put on his clothes and quietly followed up.

Fang Qiu sensed someone was following him and smiled faintly.

If Chen Cong was really a beginner of martial arts, he must be aware of the powerful state behind his action of picking up the leaf by hand.

But he didn’t.

That meant he did even enter the realm of kung fu.

So, he had nothing to say with Chen Cong because their roads were different.

Fang Qiu sped up instantly. The whole person silently disappeared into the jungle.

Chen Cong followed up, but suddenly Fang Qiu was nowhere to be found.


This situation made him frown instantly.

With his talents, it was unlikely for him to be ditched by an ordinary student.

He looked around at once, but there was no sign of Fang Qiu.

Back to the original place, Chen Cong was lost in deep thought.

“Could Fang Qiu be an expert?”

Otherwise, it would not be so easy to get rid of his tracking so easily.

The speculation made him instantly excited. He clenched his fists.

“It seems that my way is not lonely. Finally, I found the person to practice with!

“However, it seems that this guy is not ready to expose himself, I must find a chance to sound out him.”

After the decision, Chen Cong took off his clothes and continued practicing Kung Fu.

At the same time.

Fang Qiu arrived at Central Lake. There was an island in the middle of Central Lake. Few people got there because there was no boat.

He was all ears to listen and made sure there was n.o.body around.

Internal Qi was filled through his entire body after he took a deep breath.

He silently walked forward.

He had one foot into the lake surface. An appalling scene occurred, he did not sink.

He stood on the lake surface impressively with his feet clung to the water surface as easily as though walking upon a level road!

Fang Qiu strode forward steadily, even more steadily than that on the flat ground. And it added a misty sense.

He walked faster and faster, finally feeling as flying up on the lake.

Qing Kung!

If someone saw this scene, he would certainly think of the Qing Kung from the swordsmen films on TV!

In this world, someone had the ability of Qing Kung. It completely violated Newton’s laws!

If this news got out, everyone in the world would be shocked definitely!

Fang Qiu jumped from the lake surface like a giant eagle and then landed lightly on the island. He sat cross-legged and started cultivating.

In the realm where he reached, moves were no longer important.

It was the internal Qi that should be focused on.

With the movement of internal Qi perfusion, every move implied the theory of kung fu, very powerful.

This was the real way to simplify like great wisdom appeared stupid.

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