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Chapter 49 Ranking Thirtieth?!

Li Jianjun was almost incoherent with excitement.

He was not over-excited since he was tortured too much by the disease.

He felt a dull pain when he drove usually. But once he walked instead of driving, it would be painful all the time.

Whatever he did, he just felt painful!

He consulted so many people, saw so many doctors and applied so many plasters, but there was no use. He was cured here today. How could he not be excited!

“That’s what I’m supposed to do,” said Fang Qiu with a smile.

Then he advised, “Be careful with your sitting posture afterward. Sit at the front third of the stool with your body straight. Be careful with your neck too and don’t keep your head down for too long, or failing that, you can change your job.”

Li Jianjun did not care about the job changing thing that Fang Qiu said but remembered the problem of sitting posture.

“What can I do besides the driver?

“Whatever I do is always manual work.

“Since it is manual work, how can I keep healthy.

“But now taxi business was not easy because of being affected by taxi-hailing apps.”

Li Jianjun hadn’t seen Fang Qiu prescribe medicine after waiting for a long time.

Two of them just looked at each other in consternation for a long time.

Finally, Li Jianjun couldn’t help reminding, “Dr. Xiao Fang, don’t you prescribe some medicine?”

“You have been cured. Why should I prescribe medicine?” asked Fang Qiu curiously.

Li Jianjun said tentatively.

“For example, prescribe some neurotrophic drugs as other doctors do.”

It was the first time for him to see a doctor who didn’t prescribe medicine.

Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “No need. Just be careful with rest and sitting posture.”

Li Jianjun found that Fang Qiu really neither prescribed medicine nor charged any consultation fee.

He was almost moved to tears immediately.

“After so many years of seeing doctors, I finally met a good doctor!

“Despite young, he is nice and has good medical skills!”

“Dr. Fang, thank you!”

Said Li Jianjun sincerely as he took a deep breath.

Fang Qiu smiled back.

Li Jianjun left the consulting room and walked quickly outward because he wanted to tell his friends outside.

“My disease is cured!

“Dr. Xiao Fang is nice!

“He has excellent medical skills!

“The important thing is that it’s really cheap!”

At the same time.

In the waiting hall.

“w.a.n.g Weimin.”

The nurse shouted immediately as she saw that the patients in each consulting room had been less.

“I’m here!”

A man in plain clothes stood up.

Mr. Jia quickly stood up and said to the nurse, “He also came for Dr. Xiao Fang.”

“Dr. Xiao Fang again?”

“Well, you lead him. Next one, Ma Jianguo.”

“I’m here!”

Mr. Jia glanced at the man who stood up and said to the nurse again, “He also came for Dr. Xiao Fang.”

“He also?”

The nurse looked at Mr. Jia in surprise.

She was also more confused.

“How good is this Dr. Xiao Fang’s medical skills that his patient could bring another three patients to see him on his first day of work?”

“All right, you also lead him together. Next one, Zhao Ping.”

“So does he. So does he.”

Said Mr. Jia with an embarra.s.sed smile.

The nurse was really curious and asked, “Who else come here to see Dr. Xiao Fang?”

Mr. Jia stretched out his hand, drew a circle among the crowd in the waiting hall, and said, “All of them.”

The nurse was stunned as she saw it.

“There are at least a dozen people.

“They all come here for Dr. Xiao Fang?

“This is his first day of seeing patients!

“The first day!

“Before, which new doctor didn’t eagerly look forward to seeing enough patients. Only when the word of mouth gradually spread out, the old patients would introduce new patients.

“Now, on Dr. Xiao Fang’s first day of work, an old patient introduced new ones!”

Thinking of Dr. Xiao Fang’s horribly young face, she felt again that the world had changed.

“It has become very strange!

“The hospital has changed too!

“It has changed so much that I can’t recognize it.

“Moreover, the patients have changed!

“They have become easy-going!”

“Check these casebooks and pick out the people brought by you. Lead them one by one to see Dr. Xiao Fang.”

The nurse put the casebooks on the nurse desk and said to Mr. Jia.

“That’s good!”

Mr. Jia laughed and picked out all the casebooks of his old buddies.

That pile of casebooks decreased by half immediately.

At this time, Li Jianjun came out from inside.

As Mr. Jia saw Li Jianjun wearing a relaxed smile, he hurriedly asked, “Jianjun, how is it going?”

The nurse also p.r.i.c.ked up her ears.

Including w.a.n.g Weimin who was just called.

“I’m cured! Totally cured! Dr. Xiao Fang is really a highly-skilled doctor!”

Said Li Jianjun happily and then he looked at Jia with grat.i.tude.

“Mr. Jia, thank you. I suspected before that you became a hospital scalper, but I did not expect that you really found a highly-skilled doctor!”

“F*ck! You suspected me before!”

Said Mr. Jia as he pretended to be angry.

But he was relieved in the heart and happy for his friend’s recovery.

“No, no. Just a little doubt. Despite the suspicion, I still come!” Li Jianjun hurriedly said.

Mr. Jia just cooled down as he heard this.

Both the nurse and w.a.n.g Weimin aside looked startled.

The nurse was surprised that Dr. Xiao Fang’s medical skill was really great.

w.a.n.g Weimin was more happily surprised.

“It seems that I don’t come to the wrong place this time!”

“There’s n.o.body inside. Hurry to get in!”

The nurse reminded Mr. Jia.

Hearing it, Mr. Jia hurried to take w.a.n.g Weimin inside and then asked Ma Jianguo to wait for a while.

After a continuous treatment of one and half an hour, Fang Qiu finally finished seeing all the patients brought by Mr. Jia and breathed a sigh of relief.

Although it’s a little tiring, he obviously felt that his bonesetting ability had been improved a lot.

He believed that he would soon reach the Friendly Realm in the long run.

Fang Qiu looked up at the clock on the wall. It was five forty. It was time to get off work.

He simply tidied up, returned the book to Cao Ze, and left the hospital.

Shortly, in the expert’s consulting room, Shen Chun was also relieved. “Finally I finished seeing the patients.”

With so many patients coming to him every day, he was stressed as well as tired.

“By the way, Xiao Cao, how is Fang Qiu today? Has he been familiar with the hospital? Today is his first day of work, he should see only few patients.”

Shen Chun, holding the cup, asked Cao Ze who was tidying up for him.

Cao Ze stopped what he was doing as he heard that and immediately smiled bitterly.


Seeing Cao Ze’s expression, Shen Chun immediately became curious.

“Mr. Shen, you guessed wrong. Fang Qiu saw twenty-one patients this afternoon!”

Said Cao Ze.

“So many!”

Shen Chun was so astonished that he even stopped drinking tea. He frowned and asked, “Could it be that there are many patients in the department today?”

In principle, if a new doctor could be allocated with twenty-one patients, the department was definitely full of patients.

“Almost the same as usual.”

Cao Ze smiled more wryly and said, “It was just Fang Qiu who had many patients. The first patient he treated in the afternoon brought him fifteen patients afterward!”


Shen Chun was so shocked that he even put down the teacup. He sat straight and asked, “It was really a patient bringing other patients?”

“On the first day of seeing patients, the first patient became an old patient and brought another fifteen patients the same day?

“This was definitely the first time for the hospital! ”

“Hm, I saw it with my own eyes.”

Although Cao Ze hated to admit it, he said the truth.

“Awesome! I did not expect that his first patient was conquered. He is awesome as expected!”

Shen Chun said happily.

He didn’t expect that Fang Qiu was so capable.

“The first patient was conquered by him and also brought a dozen patients. How awesome!

“Then the Director won’t say anything. Other people also won’t say that our recruitment doesn’t accord with a rule. Capability can explain everything!”

When Shen Chun got off work and pa.s.sed by the registration hall, he glanced at the ranking list of “Smiling Doctors” as usual on weekends and immediately nodded his head with satisfaction when he saw that he was ranked fifteenth.

Then he looked down, but he was in a daze when he saw the name of the doctor at the bottom.

“Fang Qiu!”

The whole ranking list only showed the top 30.

But Fang Qiu got on the list only after seeing patients the afternoon???

Shen Chun rubbed his eyes because he kind of doubted that he was dazed after seeing so many patients.

He opened his eyes and looked again.

“It’s clearly Fang Qiu!”

There were no photos, but the department showed behind was the Department of Orthopedic.

And there was only one person whose last name was Fang in the Department of Orthopedics. That was Fang Qiu!

Shen Chun gawked at the name of Fang Qiu at the bottom, extremely shocked.

“There are five hundred doctors in the whole hospital, among which, only thirty people could get on the list.”

“With the current doctor-patient relations.h.i.+p, it is unlikely that anyone would give a doctor a ‘Like’.

“If you prescribe much medicine, he will scold you.

“If you didn’t prescribe much medicine, he will also scold you.

“If you have a bad att.i.tude, he will scold you again.

“If you have a good att.i.tude but your ability is not good enough, he will still scold you.

“If you treat him respectfully, he will also scold you!

“Anyway, there is no favorable commment.”

To improve the doctor-patient relations.h.i.+p, the hospital leaders made a decision that doctors should start from themselves to smile at patients at least which would give patients the impression of the spring breeze.

Therefore, there was a ranking list of “Smiling Doctors”.

It was a live update and re-ranked every Monday.

The goal was to let the doctors get on the ranking list more so that they could care for the patients more.

It worked very well because it more than just got on the ranking list!

Getting on the ranking list meant honor, which made them proud in front of their colleagues!

Also, getting on the ranking list meant more patients. Because the ranking list was hung in the registration hall, all the patients who came to see doctors could see it.

The patient generally didn’t know what doctors they were, moreover, the medical skills of them.

Once they saw the ranking list, it would be self-explanatory. The smiling actually meant the patient’s satisfaction. No cure, no satisfaction.

So the patients would all register with the doctors who were on the ranking list.

With more patients, their income would naturally go up.

The doctors on the ranking list also became the star doctors in the hospital who would have income, welfare, and honor!

All the doctors tried their best to get on the ranking list, so all of them improved their relations.h.i.+p with the patients, hoping that the patients could only give them “Like” after the treatments.

But the doctors couldn’t say “Give me a ‘Like’” frankly. If so, it would be like they flattered the patients. And it would be awful if the patients also thought so. They would definitely pick holes and be restless. The point was that you had reminded him. If not, it would be better. Otherwise, they may secretly give the doctors some “Dislike”!

So they could only let the patients themselves choose with their sincere att.i.tudes.

The patients came to the hospital to see doctors, not to give “Like” at all. They all came and went in haste, so every doctor’s number of “Like” was not so many.

Some doctors had good medical skills, good att.i.tudes, and many patients, so their numbers of “Like” were naturally high.

The doctors on the ranking list became regular gradually.

But the highest number was only seventy-five.

It was for a week!

The ranking list of “Smiling Doctors” was re-ranked every week.

It had been a long time since a young doctor got on the ranking list.

It was an exception definitely that Fang Qiu could get on the ranking list with seventeen “Like” the afternoon!

At this time, more and more doctors pa.s.sed by the ranking list of “Smiling Doctors” after work, all looking at the ranking list curiously.

Actually, they didn’t have to look at it because there were always the same people on the list as usual.

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